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3Yr old Shih Tzu male Urnination in house

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by Bubba Dog, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Bubba Dog

    Bubba Dog New Member

    My husband and I need help with our 3 yr old shih tzu, he's male and his name is Oscar, he is not nutered. We moved back in Oct and that's when the trouble started. We bought my husand's parent's house and Oscar was familar with the house. They moved into our apartment. We will take Oscar out to potty in the morning before we go to work. We then put him in his crate because we cannot leave him out he urinates on the floor or on the furniture. He is in his crate for about 8hrs and 20 mins mon thru fri. We then take him out to do his business when we get home from work and 2 more times after that. We keep him outside till he heads up the steps. I wil not bring him in if he hasn't peed at least 5 times. If we stop paying attention to him for 5 seconds he will get mad and pee on the floor. I am at ends with Idont' know what else to do. I love my dog to death but we get tired of cleaning up dog urnine. For his punishment we put him in his crate. Someone please help us!!!!!

    Thank you!
  2. Mockingcat

    Mockingcat New Member

    He could be marking his territory. Neutering him may help with the problem.
  3. duckling

    duckling New Member

    Have you already ruled out UTI and kidney failure? Stones and kidney problems are pretty common in his breed, and it sounds like he's urinating extremely frequently. I really don't think he's "getting mad" -- I think it's much more likely that he's either doing some testosterone-driven marking or has some medical issue that needs to be addressed.

    If his urinalysis/bloodwork comes back clear, I would suggest getting him neutered and remedial housebreaking (contain him when you can't supervise, keep him leashed to you, etc.). Is it possible to keep him in an ex-pen while you're at work? Maybe you can leave the crate door open and have puppy pads inside the pen. I'd be concerned that making him hold his urine for 8 hours might be contributing to urinary problems.

    Have you been using an enzymatic cleaner for urine spots?
  4. itmustbepuppylove

    itmustbepuppylove New Member

    i have a one year old shih tzu, he's about 15 lbs. he can hold his urine 10 hrs easy and does not act uncomfortable or rush to go potty right away. i doubt it's the 8 hrs, i'm not sure what it is, but i guess take him to the vet. i hope oscar's ok!
  5. Bubba Dog

    Bubba Dog New Member

    Thanks for all the input, I just found out today that Oscars vet is no longer with the office. We will have to find him a new vet. He has been doing very well latleywith not going to the bathroom in the house. He has been drinking more water and I'm very proud of him. He is now waking us up in the middle of the night to take him out to the potty. I hope this behavior continous. Oscar is a very jealous dog, especially when it comes to his dad. I go to give my husband a kiss goodnite and Oscar is right there. That's his dad and nobody else's. Again thanks for all the input I will keep ya posted if his behavior changes again!

  6. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    Try not to let this sort of behavior rule the roost. Oscar needs to learn that he must share his dad. :)

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