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Need some more input for puppy

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Mypuppy, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. Mypuppy

    Mypuppy New Member

    :) I would like to thank each one for there input on my puppy, Hope in getting her to stop biting and all...we have been kinda hollowing at her, and now I use a calm voice and got her some of those training treats, and she is now listening a little better....Also we started putting her in room by herself for time out, when she was biting and jumping in head...but we now got an kennel to put her in...for time out...

    Sam you say to put her in there everytime for 10 mins at a time....we cannot get her to go to it, she will run and jump at us and try to bite us...my husband and I both have back trouble and she now weighs about 30lbs or more to heavy for him to lift(he has had 6 back surgies) can we lure her in there or do you think best to get lease and take her to it.
    Also I have told my husband not to spank her with paper on butt anymore, to talk to her calm....spanking her she didn't pay any attention to it...just made her jump at him more....

    She is a angel at night like I said...just when someone comes in and when she wants things her way, she will start to jumping and biting.....
    I hope this kennel thing works good....

    We have cows in the yard next to us....someone eles's....and she just looks at them....I know she would love to get at them...lol...lol....
    Also no one has really answerd me, will she make a good house dog only....we are so attached to her and we do all we can for her, but if being a house dog is to confining for her, maybe we had better look into option's for someone who has some herding for her to do.....any input will be greatly appreaciated....

    =P~ Donna & Hope Frances... :love_y_t_much:
  2. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    leash her if you can. She's running the house hold, it seems!

    I would realy suggest getting some obediance training done right away!

    When company comes over, put her in her kennel. I would only take her out, ON LEASH, and if she behaves, allow her out, But the moment she acts up and doesn't listen to your commands, put her back in it.

    SHe's got to learn that your boss Try the NILIF training. GinaH and Jamiya can explain it in words better than I can.

    Heelers are this way. They learn a routine, and figure out a pattern in which to get away with it, and they'll continue to do it every time. Thats why so many end up in shelters. Also, they need a TON of exersize. DOes she chase a ball or play with anything in particular?
  3. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    Donna, I hope Jimiya read this, they have similar dogs athis type of dog is extremly high energy. I dont think she will make a good house dog, What i means is just being in the house all day and no run time/job to do. these types of dogs needs somthing to do, like a job, excessive play time, they are very driven, so if you do have some that can help her expend her energy

    Oh paging Jimiya
  4. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    She can be a house dog if you are willing to take the time to give her enough exercise and a "job" to do. Heck, you can probably even get into herding just for fun, if you have any stockdog trainers nearby and are willing to put in some time. Agility is also a fun outlet and rather addictive!

    I second Sams' opinion and would keep a leash on her. If she doesn't chew through it, I would leave one on her all the time and let her drag it ONLY if you are supervising, though. If you can't watch her, she should NOT drag a leash - it can be dangerous. Try confining her to the room you are in and crate her if you can't. And start working on those long downs.

    NILIF = nothing in life is free. Ask her to do a trick or command before she gets ANYTHING that she wants. It's dinner time - fill her bowl and ask her to sit. She MUST sit and wait for a release command (can be "okay" or "enough" or whatever you want it to be). If she doesn't - no food! You should be able to put the bowl on the ground and she will STILL stay sitting until you release her. (You will need to have a leash on her when you are teaching this, to control her.) Start with a short amount of time and gradually make it longer. Once she gets the idea, you can be tougher on her. Then start working on speed. Ask her to sit. If her butt isn't on the ground within 10 seconds, stash the bowl where she can't get to it and walk away. Forget about her for a couple of minutes. Then go get the bowl and try again. She'll eventually catch on. Make it harder as time goes on.

    Make her do something like this before ANYTHING she likes - before playing, going outside, going for a ride in the car, eating, etc. It doesn't have to always be sit - it can be down, shake, roll over, whatever she knows. Teach her new tricks all the time to keep her brain occupied. "The Power of Positive Dog Training" by Pat Miller has a nice week-by-week program of training.

    When our dog goes totally berserk, I try making soothing noises (always quiet, low voice) or making the shhhhhhhhh noise (long, not short bursts). Pet her with long, slow strokes. It doesn't work instantly but sometimes it helps. I also ask her to sit - sitting is easier than down for a dog that is out of control.

    Definitely find an obedience trainer or a behaviorist that uses positive methods and is familiar with cattle dogs. You MUST get her under control and learning to obey you or she will run your house. My Nala will get away with whatever we let her get away with. She is definitely calming down with age (she is 12 months old now, almost 13), but I notice a HUGE difference when I start being more lenient with her. It's not like she's in boot camp every day or anything, but she DOES sit before meals until I tell her she can eat, and she DOES sit before going outside. And now I am working on making her STOP playing with our other dog inside the house when I tell her "enough!"

  5. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    Jimiya, I went back to read Donnas posts, they are disaabled, so if there are any recommendations out there to help with excercises too that they could do is what I think she is looking for too.

  6. Mypuppy

    Mypuppy New Member

    Puppy in kennel

    :| Hope is not happy in her kennel by all means, and she whines and whines....she tries to bite us now putting her in there...

    I do exercise her daily...and also she has her own door to go outside into a fence area, she can go to bathroom and all and play out there..so it is not like she is house bound all day...she just about has the run...she is learning to sit when I tell her, and about the fifth time we put her in kennel today, she finally come out not jumping in my nieces head...

    I do want things to work out for her here, coz we love her and she is really smart...she just wants things her way...and if we had of kenneled her when we got her, I expect we wouldn't be going thru this....

    We had a dog for 15 yrs, and he was the joy of our life...we have no children...so we said we would never have another, but we couldn't stand the house without one..so my husband saw this one in a pound, and we didn't research anything on it, coz the lady at the pound just told us she would get to be about 40 to 50 lbs...and she would ok for a house dog...so that is all we knew about her...and we brought her home...we had to sign papers to have her spayed this month...so she will be operated on in about 2 weeks....I even asked the vet is there anything out there to give her to calm her down and she said maybe a benadryal...but I haven't tried that...don't know what it will do for her....

    I see Dr.FosterGrant has some calming treats...anyone ever tried them....

    So we will put her lease on to take her out and all...will try all info everyone has given....I appreciate it more than you will know...just want the baby to happy and safe....and we want to stay safe....lol....lol....no bites.... :cry:

    Thanks again....Donna & Hope Frances...... :mrgreen:
  7. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    You can try something like Rescue Remedy to calm her down, but it won't "fix" the problem. These dogs are just very high energy dogs. We have been struggling with Nala since last September. Things in our house are even tougher because we have cats that she likes to chase, which makes everything more difficult.

    It's good she has a doggie door. Does she go out and play by herself? Sometimes I found if I sat outside, Nala would stay out and play longer. If you can get her to fetch, perhaps that is something you can play with her without too much effort on your part.

    I can't imagine handling one of these dogs with a bad back. Nala has been extremely challenging. I even thought about giving her up, but I ended up sticking with it. I just couldn't do it.

    A second dog has made some things easier and some harder. I think Nala gets more exercise now because she and Bonnie tear around the yard all the time. But it also gets difficult when the two of them go at it in the house and I can't get Nala to listen to me. Also, I thought we would have to get another hyper dog to keep up with Nala, but thankfully that wasn't the case. Bonnie is very calm and in control, but when Nala gets her to play it turns out she is fast and can dish out as well as Nala can.

    It may seem like you are making very little progress, but if you keep being consistent, it should get better with time. As far as crying in the kennel goes - just ignore her. Try to wait until she is quiet to let her out - even if it is only for a few seconds at first. I know it's hard to do. Also, vary the amount of time you leave her in. If it's always the same, she will be able to anticipate it. Be firm and keep putting her back in until she calms down.

    Some people say rather than crating them, you should tether them where they can't get to you but they can still move around. Then you wait until they are sitting or lying down of their own decision before letting them off. Supposedly this will teach the dog how to get control. Holding a leash or putting them in a crate only teaches them how to be restrained. That being said, stepping on the leash is a wonderful way in an emergency to get them out of your hair - literally.

    I have also had some good results using homeopathy with Nala. I can give you the e-mail of the homeopath I am working with if you want it. She does consultations through e-mail. Nala has actually been calm for the past few days (well, calm for her - don't know if anyone else except Sams would call it calm) so I think we may have found the right remedy. Too early to tell.


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