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17 year old cat , diarrhea.

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Amber60, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Amber60

    Amber60 New Member

    [-o< My 17 year old cat is not well, I took her to vet paid about $225 and what they did for her did not do anything to help. They checked her stool, and even though it was like gravy, and it smelled terrible they said they could not find anything wrong. Well I have a feeling I know what wrongs and told the vet and they had no answer for me. She has become very picky on her food, she will not eat the same thing twice, she wants chicken, and then she doesn't then she wants liver then she does not, she wants cat food then she does not. I know sudden changes in your cats or dogs food cause diarrhea and vomiting. And this is the problem. I try and feed her just cat food, and she will not eat 2 days I fed her cat food she would not eat it. You know how they say they will eat it if they get hungry enough? Well with her she would rather do with out. It is that she will come every 20 minutes and ask me for food. One time I put 4 different kins of food and she would not eat it. She was taken Nutri-Cal for a while then she stopped. I have given her BM Tone -Up Gold for cats from Pet wellbeing and it helped, her stools were alright then I stopped cause I thought she was better and then it started all over again. Now I'm giving her Colloidal silver twice a day and the BM Tone-up gold again. There is 118 comments at the site on Pet Wellbeing on the page where this product(for cats) is and all give 5 stars, that is why I know it is good. I gave Colloidal silver to her before but only for 5 days when I should have gave it to her for 10 days. So now I'm starting over I also started giving her Denta-Sure 100% natural to clean her teeth her teeth is pretty dirty and one tooth is bad. The Vet wants to much to clean her teeth $200 and that does not include any extractions. I heard one vet wanted $781 to clean teeth on-line. So I'm not really sure a friend told me it was $200 about 8 years ago. I'm trying my best with her and it does not seem to work. I went to another cat website when I took her to the Vet a couple months ago. And these people would only tell me what to do about the Diarrhea, not about her picky eating habits. It was like they did not even read the whole thing I wrote, I know giving in to her is not helping her cause the food seems to go right through her. She only has the stools like that when she usually goes it is not constant. After giving her the BM Tone-Up gold for cats for about 3 days her stools should be okay. But that still does not do anything for her picky eating habit. Please has anyone ever had this same problem like I have with her and have some advice? Another thing I think she is un-balanced mentally. I had her since she was a kitten and when she was young she came in through the window and was hissing at nothing there was nothing there. She also is anti-social she will not come up to you and try to get you to pet her. But when I go up to her and pet her she always wants food. Then I have to do the same song and dance with her, trying and see what she wants to eat. I even tried mixing a little cooked chicken with her cat food, that would not be a sudden change in her diet but that does not work either. I even tried changing her can food gradually yet she will eat the new one for 2 days then she will not eat it. Please any advice? Signed frustrated in Los Angeles. :(
  2. Amber60

    Amber60 New Member

    I guess no one has any suggestions for me. What is wrong with this place? Glad I found out just how unfriendly this place is, I guess I will not come back to this place. I was going to tell my friend's about this place. I guess I will not. I'm new and I guess you do not like new people. Well I'm sorry I have busted your bubbles. I would never take any advice from a stuck up bunch of people anyways. Well God bless you anyways. You do need some prayers, cause evidently you know nothing about Hospitality, friendliness, helpfulness, etc. Good riddance....

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