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5 dogs , 2 rugs and a lot of poop

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by winnie, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. winnie

    winnie New Member

    I had such a bad day with the dogs yesterday. All 5 are normally very good in the house, no accidents for over a year. Im usually never gone from home for more then 4 hours at a time,but yesterday I was gone for almost 8 hours,i wasnt expecting that. So when I come home and walk through the front door the smell hits me and I know I was not going to be happy. I walk into the room the dogs were in and my huge area rug was literally covered with pee and poop, and not solid poop either! It was ruined, I knew there was no way of cleaning it,I had to roll it up and drag it outside. I was sooo angry but at the same time I know they arnt use to me being gone for more then 4 hours, so i kinda feel its my fault but I also feel that 5 adult dogs should be able to hold it for 7-8 hours,right?

    So after that we go to bed, all dogs sleep in the bedroom with me. In my sleep I heard a wimpering, but I didnt think anything of it cause I was half asleep, then I hear it! I turn on the lights and Lana had diarhea all over my rug in my bed room! Thats two rugs in less then 12 hours! I was so mad, but since it was diarhea and I heard a dog whimpering I figure Lana probley ate something that gave her an upset tummy, and becuase I didnt wake up to let her out, she held it as long as she could. So even though I was mad I cant be mad at her.

    It was just so frustrating cause as I said they have been so good for the longest time, i guess stuff happens, but I dont feel like i can ever leave them for more then 4 hours. I know Sydney pooped and peed on the rug when i was gone, and Lana probley did too but Lana was not feeling well. Im thinking I might buy one crate and crate just Sydney, but only when im gone a long time, but then i feel bad leaving her in her crate for a long time.

    I dont know what to do, right now they only have acess to half the house, the nice half is off limits to them. How can I teach them to hold it no matter how long Im gone? My too youngest dogs Bear and Hyde (1yr. and 1 1/2 yrs.) dont have accidents, that i have ever seen anyway. I know deifintly Syd does if left alone too long, and Winnie usually never has accidents. I dont know what to do, I thought we had gone past this.

    I do have a dog door but I dont feel my fence is secure enough to let them have access unsupervised, I rent so i cant fix the fence, at least not right now. I did ask my ex who lived with us if he could come over and let the dogs out on days when i knew I would be gone for longer then four hours, he said he would,but i dont think he will always be able to come when i need him to since he is in school.

    Is there anyway to train them to be fine for longer and longer periods of time? I hardly leave for longer then four hours, but i dont want what happened yesterday to happen agian.

    Any advice?

    You know i just had a thought, maybe they were so bad when i was gone cause i left shortly after we woke up in the morning and after i fed them, maybe i should have fed them later and not before i left, and maybe i should have given them more outside time before i left, they are use to more time to do there thing since it normally takes me forever to have coffee and start my day, yesterday was kinda a weird day.i dont know
  2. hermann muenster

    hermann muenster New Member

    Sorry to tell you this -- but the best way to train them to control themselves for longer periods of time is with the crate.

    Get a water bowl designed to be secured in a crate and leave them water if you will be gone more than 4 hours. Then put them in - one per crate! Tell them to be good "kids", lock up the house, and leave!

    If the crate is the right size you should come home to a nice clean house!

    It sounds tough - but remember - domesticated dogs evolved from cave dwelling dogs! The crate is their cave. Their safe place.

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