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A Breeder From Hell!

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by doggielover, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. doggielover

    doggielover New Member

    What a miserable day! I had spoken to my breeder yesterday and discussed about coming by to get my deposit receipt (I didn't get one at the time). She said sure but come in half and hour. I didn't think much of it until I got there. I got out of my car and the lady that lives in the upper storey of the house was outside, she told me that no one was home downstairs and no one really LIVES downstairs. She said their just a bunch of friends that hang out there and the pups are being kept there. The breeder does not stay with the pups at night. I was horrified, so I went to knock and of course no answer. I waited but the breeder didn't show up. I kept calling her from home and leaving messages. So this morning I got one of my friend's to call and see if she would answer, when my friend called to inquire about the pups she said she still had 4 available! That isn't true, they have all been spoken for (I know it's just a deposit, but it makes it your pup). So I called her this morning and without hesitation she said she would just like to give my deposit back and I said fine. I am really upset, I think I am cursed from ever having a pup! I have decided to wait for a while just because I don't think I can take anymore bad breeders!
  2. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    Sounds like you are just not having good luck! Have you considered a rescue or maybe a pound puppy. There are many rescue orginazations you can get a purebreed dog from but maybe not a puppy and there are always tons of wonderfull beautifull pups in shelters. If not I am sure you will find the right breeder and best of luck to you!
  3. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    I'm sorry this is happening.. but, I'm a bit confused. You posted the other day that you went to visit the puppies... where did you go to visit the puppies? Was it at the same location?

    Keep faith, there ARE reputable breeders out there... just take your time researching and you will find him/her :D
  4. doggielover

    doggielover New Member

    Thanks guys, I think I am definately going to consider an older rescue dog, there is nothing that will convince me to buy from a breeder again! I had visited the pups at a basement suite where I thought she lived but I think it's just rented by a bunch of friends or maybe by one of the friends but the breeder definately doesn't live there.
  5. ntengwall

    ntengwall New Member

    Been there, done that

    I can certainly understand your frustration! LOL I thought it was a bit shady when my "breeder from hell" offered to refund my deposit very fast too! But then she got her partner involved and she wasn't so quick to refund it (but I did get it back in the end).
    I am looking into a breeder right now and have already spoken to 1 woman who purchased 2 pups from her (this was NOT one of the 3 references the breeder gave me--instead I went to her guest book and found a woman there and e-mailed her). She had great things to say about the breeder. I am also going to check the other 3 she gave me but obviously she would only give ones out that she is sure would say good things about her :) She also gave me the # of her vet so I am going to call her now. I'll keep you posted.
    p.s. I feel like a private investigator these days ;)
  6. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    I think that women need to be turned in or something. She is lieing to people. The pups are not being cared for properly. You will find your pup. Many are in shelters and waiting.
  7. Blessed

    Blessed New Member

    Gosh... I'm sorry. I've been blessed to find only about 2 excellent breeders out of maybe 30. But I'm extremely picky! I'm also a research-a-holic! :roll:

    You may have to wait a little while by ordering on the intenet, but if you PM me, I'll let you know who the 2 great breeders are. I think you could certainly have one, though within a month if you act quickly.

    Let me know.

    And what kind of dog were you looking for? Did you have a preference? Let us know. Maybe others will see and can help as well. :)

    Hang in there.

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