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A couple question for you horse fans!

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by Nameless, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. I think another thing is it depends on where you live. Where I live, a girl I knew got an OTTB for $1000. She had great bloodlines, was well trained, beautiful, and was the sweetest thing so it really depends. :p The owner of the ranch I board at has a 9 year old quarter show horse with many points in some circuit of western pleasure, but he is the ugliest horse! And he is going for $9,000 which is a great deal for him. And I agree with all of you.
  2. black_beauty

    black_beauty New Member

    well i payed 19ooo for prince(prince of shadows)!
    he was pretty cheap :mrgreen:

    i dnt no how 2 put up pic's so if sum1 wnts 2 tell me i cn put 1 up :?:
  3. ChinookLover89

    ChinookLover89 New Member

    Kurt (Arabian gelding)
    He cost $ 5100.00

    Pheonix (Arabian gelding)
    He cost $ 8500.00

    Buckeye (TB Mare)
    Here she is in her summer coat and cleaned up
    She was $90.00 an adoption fee
  4. ya_gotta_luv_em

    ya_gotta_luv_em New Member

    I agree with Steph 'n' Del. Here in Australia, u can own a horse with not much money. I keep my mare @ an aggistment 10 mins away 4 $15 a week. There is no arena & there is mostly hills, but the local bush is @ tha back of the property 2 go trail riding in. And the owner gives her carrots evryday(spoilt rotten)

    O & Steph, I read the article you wrote bout Delta in horsewyse. I was a big fan of hers & I cryed heaps when i read the December issue.
    I hope Lewis is being a good boy 4 u & i look forward 2 hearing bout his adventures. Did Santa end up picking him 2 be a his horsedeer? I hope his head doesnt hurt 2 much.
  5. OTTB lvr

    OTTB lvr New Member

    Gangsta. $3000 after vetting, transport and purchase
    Mystique (on the left). Free, I rescued her from an abusive/neglective home, not through a rescue
    American Endeavor. $1500
    before I started him...
    and after 3 months training (Leadline division)
    Foxy. $900
  6. kate

    kate New Member

    well the most i paid up front for a horse is 2,500 cdn. but then adding a hernia surgery and a mysterious feaver that almost killed her... im not sure i really want to add up those vet bills + 30days professional training. The poin of this is some one mantioned that they coud buy a car for waht was spent on horses, my first truck cost me 1,000 certified and my new car was 500 certified. Up untill this post i never even thought about it like that.
    zoe 2,500
  7. meme

    meme New Member

    my horses Spirit and Gypisy

    wow thoses horses are exspensive. I am 12 and my parents certianly did not spined that much on me my mom has a horse and I have a horses mine, spirit cost 950 and my moms horse, gypisy cost 2000. and spirit is the better of the two. but we got him off an amoish.
    gypisy is a regestered Tennesse Walker mare and is chocolit with a flaxin mane and tail she is 10.
    Spirit is a Quarter Horse / Mustaing gelding and is a dun with a light mane and tail and as he gets older he is getting some white roanish color he is 5.
    I have no scaner so no pictures sorry but they are beautiful. :y_the_best:
  8. seaecho

    seaecho New Member

    Just bought a horse two months ago for $4500. Never thought I'd spend that on a horse. I'd had my $800 Arab for 15 yrs., retired him due to his hock arthritis, and now that I'm nearly 50, decided to look into gaited horses. I wasn't sorry! I tried Missouri Foxtrotters, Rocky Mountains, and ended up with a spotted (red and white tobiano) Tennessee Walker. How I ever endured all those years of a choppy trot, I'll never know. This guy is a Cadillac glide ride gaiting machine! I have never gotten sore riding him. Smooth as glass. He'd gait all day and all night if you let him. Forget walking - he wants to do a running walk! He's so sensitive and responsive that I'd never need whip or spurs - heck, not even my heels. All I have to do is use just a WHISPER of my calf on his side, and he's on it. Yet, he's not hot. Anyone who knows how to ride can ride him with ease. He's drop dead gorgeous, with a chiseled, dry, very unlike the usual Walker head, long, thick mane and tail and excellent ground manners. 16 hh and 1200 lbs. Very well trained, and super respectful. All I've ever wanted in a horse. And I waited 35 yrs. to get my first one! He just turned eight, by the way. He has a fantastic pedigree - for those who know Walkers, he has four World Grand Champions in the first four generations, with two lines to Merry Boy and one to Triple Threat. Bred for either show or trail. Its so cute - he's been shown in the past, and he still parks out when we're in the arena, without any prompting! OK, I'll stop bragging now. . .

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