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A new BUDGIE baby 2 days old

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by kathyshukrun, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. kathyshukrun

    kathyshukrun New Member

    :p First i have to say i am so excited and happy!!!
    I need some help and advice to try and recognize any problem so i won't loose the baby.

    I was about to take away the nest box when she started to lay eggs again so I had to put it back in, and she had 8 eggs this time, the first 3 were clear but the 4 and 5 were fertilized and 6,7,and 8 were not..... o.k to make a long story short yesterday night egg number 5 has hatched and the other, number 4 was dead in the egg so I removed it from the nest box.

    Now if you can give me some tips of what I need to do it will be a great help.

    I feed them a crushed boiled egg with dark bread and soft cooked veggies and some lettuce, the problem I have is that the male has freaked out and he does not go in the nest box and the female goes out to eat and I saw her (one time) trying to feed the baby when he is on his back.

    I still hear him chirping every 15-20 minutes so I think she is feeding him or he would be dead by now...no?

    please take some time to try and answer my questions and give me advice.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. lanena322

    lanena322 New Member

    I dont think u should worry if you dont see the male going in. when i had my first clutch of tiels i was worried the male wasnt playing his part. everytime i would check on them the female was always in the box and he was always eating. but if i checked early enough, or real late at night the male would be in and the female out.

    congrats on your new baby!

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