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Advice on New Puppy???

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Tonique, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Tonique

    Tonique New Member

    OK, my neighbors raise white german shepards and my husband and I are currently fencing in our yard in hopes to get a LARGE dog or a pair of LARGE dogs. all we know is we're looking for large, friendly, purebred(not for show), breed with few health complications and, inexpensive. Now I've done a little reserch and I know that germans tend towards hip problems in old age. I'd just like any and all helpfuf tips. This is a big decsion. Our neighbors are willing to give us a pup or two for free. I'm not set on Germans just yet. I kind of like the idea of a large hound dog, but that can get expensive. So...... What d'ya know?
  2. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    You do not wnat ot get 2 puppies together and especially if they are siblings, there are huge training and social issues occur when this is done. as for possible getting a dog (prebred) from your neighbor, I would make sure you have a history of the parents linage and that they have been tested for hips, eyes, etc, the list is long,the list has been posted here. I persojally would stay away buying a purbred white GS, because they are know to have huge health problems. why do you want a purebred? try looking at adopting rescue dog take look at petfinder.com there are so many dogs are there that need a home.
  3. Tonique

    Tonique New Member

    Thanks :) The pure bred thing is my husband as well as the whole two pups (something about Magnum PI and Zeus and Apalo) he thinks it's cool. Anyway I have apparently lost my offical vote on new pets because I bring home too many strays. (something about his house being a zoo) In my defence It's not like I don't find homes for most of them. I think its a sickness or something If I think there is the remotest chance they'll end up somewhere where they'll be put down I find them homes myself. If I started paying money to adopt strays I'd end up broke and divorced. So ......on to puppy choices if we get two at different times from different litters is that any better?
  4. Tonique

    Tonique New Member

    Any advice at all from anyone would be appreciated. Which breeds do you prefer, why, etc... THANKS :eek:
  5. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    I have only met one white GSD and I hated it! It was psycho dog, not mean or anything, but it couldn't settle down, it gave me stress headaches. It had serious problems, it needed alot of excercise and I don't know if anyone unless they had stuff to herd could hnadle 2 of that dog! But there is someone here who has GSD, but no white ones. Hopefully he'll see this and respond.
    Another thing about GSD, my brotheri.l. has an older black one who was like a drug dog or something, but now he has some sort of anal problem and his butt leaks, my sister says it is really gross.
    I wouldn't suggest getting 2 puppies at the same time, maybe wait until one is grown up some, especially with so many other (dogs or cats??) strays around. You first should stop bringing them home if you are brinign puppies home, bc maybe a stray has parvo and then gives it to your new puppies, unless you have seperate quarantine places (ask Sams about how hard it is with strays and keeping disease down and she even has quarantine areas) And what would be wronf with keeping one of those strays and not geting new dogs?
    Good Luck with whatever you decide, but make sure you really know what you are geting into before you get stuck with 2 new puupies
  6. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    As with all large breed dogs they are prone to hip and lower back problems when they get older this can usually be helped if the dog is kept on a strict diet and weight checked regularly they are usually fine.

    Pure white german shepherds can carry the deafness gene also they are known to have problems with there breathing and eyes.

    German shepherds are very hard work and need alot of excersise and there minds have to be occupied at all times otherwise they get bored.
    I own 4 now and they are very time consuming.
    Even though they are trained for all aspects of work Shepherds have a tendancy to be ignorant and will just look through you rather than at you.
    If they do not want to do something they will not do it they can test the patience of a saint.

    Owning 2puppies is double the work, double the training, double the amount of food , vet bills and so on.
    Trying to train 2 puppies is not as easy as training 1 since they will want to play rather than learn.

    Do alot of research into the breeds you like before making a decision.

    Also like others have mentioned there is alot of shelters out there with purebred dogs and puppies in looking for homes that would be a great place to start if you find the breed you like there most shelters do a trail period where you can see if that type of breed meets your lifestyle.

    Good luck in your decision....
  7. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    I personally like labs. If you can find smaller ones (our's our about 40-50 pounds) then i think you'll be ok. labs are more prone to hip problems, but like i said if oyu get smaller ones then you might be less likely to come up iwth these problems. and i got 2 puppies at the same time from different litters and it all turned out fiine. i trained both and i trained them seperatly, they would play with eachother and have a buddy, but when their leashes went on it was time to work. i moght have been lucky, i'm not sure.
  8. Tonique

    Tonique New Member

    Thanks thats alot of great info. So.... update right now I have less animals in my home that I think I've ever had. Just my personal baby Shasta (four year old Shi tzu that was given to me) I'll be keeping her she's my lapdog, and some fish. I found the last two cats homes a few weeks ago. So it's the best oppertunity I've had to get puppies. Like I said I can't bring more strays home, we don't want a lot of indoor animals anymore because we plan to have children and I don't want an entire house full of dander and fur. So just a couple of out door dogs. I need a breed that dosn't get jumpy or agrivated around people because the yard we're fencing in has my grill and kitchen I'm a chef (in training) and I host alot of church barbques and get togethers in that yard so I need dogs that like attention. ????????? What does anyone think of golden retrivers?
  9. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    I personally LOVE Goldens. Someday I will own one. They are usually quite soft dogs and therefore can be easier to train than some other breeds. They are smart and they love attention from people.

    They are also large and can be very energetic. How are you at playing fetch? The dog WILL bring you a constant stream of balls to be thrown. Personally I would LOVE a fetching dog because what could be easier than exercising a dog by standing in one place and hurling a ball for them to chase?? Because of the size, you do need to make sure you train well and consistently - things like not jumping up, not pulling on leash, etc. And Goldens SHED so if this is an issue for you, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

    If you buy from a breeder, take a look at the Stickies on this forum about finding a good one. You should also make sure any pup you buy has been checked for common health problems, such as hips. A good breeder should have a lifetime guarantee on the pup and take the dog back at any time in its life if you can't keep it for whatever reason.

    As far as getting two goes, I would get one, train it, and around 1-2 years old get a second pup. Once the second one is grown up, no one will be able to tell they are a different age. :)
  10. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    I like Goldens better than GSd (sorry Mike!), but watch out for hip problems and one that I knew had to have knee surgery when she was really young, under 1.5 years, but where are you located, bc today in the newspaper I saw a free desexed female golden, but she is 4. Good Luck!
  11. Dukesdad

    Dukesdad New Member

    Of course I am also a Lab person but Labs, like many breeds, really NEED to be an integral part of the family and not relegated to backyard duty. A Lab would be very unhappy being abandoned away from people and would probably eat your grill and patio furniture.
    Maybe someone here can recommend a breed that thrives outside all the time.
    Logically it would be a short hair durable breed. Many of the hounds might do well. I have also admired the Greman Shorthaired Pointer.
    See: http://www.akc.org/breeds/german_shorth ... /index.cfm
  12. Tonique

    Tonique New Member

    Great! The reason I sugest Goldens is that my favorite dog in the world is a golden she is my childhood best friend's dog. she has had three litters and i've been there for each and babysat the puppies I LOVE golden puppies. they've always offered me one at a good price. But Amber (their golden) is an indoor dog she's well trained but she has a happy tail thats leathel and can destroy the house without even trying. I wouldn't mind one -outside but I wasn't sure if they would be happy outside (thanks for that info dukes dad) I like small lapdog indoor dogs I have a Shi tzu so hair wise I vaccume every day any (no choice) I just don't want to compound it. I want a puppy that I can house train and they can live out side but come indoors often.(Is that unrealistic or are many dogs comfortable indoors and out) Ok so doesn't shed too much, happy outdoors most of the time but likes it inside, big dog, likes lots of people.
    I don't know, I don't want to be too picky but we need a dog that can be a part of the family.
  13. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    Have you thought about a couple of Rotts?? I know a lot of people who have got 2 pupps at the same time either from the same litter or different ones, just make sure you go to a good reputable breeder (not one of those backyard ones that are only in it for the money), make sure the temperemant is good and get as much genetic history as possible, i.e hip dysplasia in the parents, grandparents, they will need to be trained and socialization with people and other animals is critical, the training shouldnt be any harder than training just one dog, just takes a bit more time.
  14. Tonique

    Tonique New Member

    Yeah my mothers boyfriend owns rotties and I really like em but I'm afraid I've seen too many stoiers were their blood wins out over training in the end and they become violent. My husband said absoultly no dogs that can eat us in our sleep. He's pretty much vetoed my german shepard idea too. (violence in the blood)
  15. Sara

    Sara New Member

    I assume then that Boerboels are out of the question too...

    Can't beleive everything you read though... Pits two I assume... Those I would suggest one at a time though...and they LOVE people...
  16. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    I see that you're in Tennessee...have you concidered a Mountain Cur? Phenomenal dogs, easily available in your area, and not over bred. They have an independent nature, but are willing and happy to please. They're smart and trainable, sturdy enough to handle rough play, and grooming needs are minimal.
  17. Tonique

    Tonique New Member

    Alright well thanks for the ideas let me know if enything else comes to mind.
  18. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    Just a question, why do the dogs need to stay outside? you just don't want them to come inside? or do you need them for outside work? what about a medium dog? then maybe it can come inside or ouside? I don't think it is nice to leave a family dog outside. Is your shihtzu a mix? bc I thought they didn't shed? One downfall (I think often neglected with Goldens, even though I love them) is that they get dreads in their hair pretty easy, i think they need lots of groomin, I hung out with one this weekend and remembered out it! If they go like a week without being brushed they get dreads behind their ears, icky. I don't like the dreads/ What about a Pointer? I like those alot too.
  19. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Goldens would be a good breed, Though they do require grooming and attention. However, I have known goldens to become agressive to strangers and large gatherings. They can become protective and in that aspect I would always have an outdoor kennel to put them in when you have your "gatherings".

    A good dog that would work well outside, but like all others needs attention and human contact and companionship would be a bloodhound. Though their drive to hunt is strong it can be curbed with a LARGE yard. They are known for hip dis, and some ear infection problems. But witha good breeder, and love, care, and proper precautions they should be fine.

    I like the Rotts as well. the things you read are hogwash. Proper breeding, training and socialization in ANY animal will rid those problems. WITH every breed there are bad apples. and those apples are caused from people rotting the bloodlines and treating the animals poorly.

    Whatever you do, research the breed heavily. Just becuase they are going to be outside and my dogs are outside, they still need LOTS of human companionship.

    I HIGHLY reccomend that you do not get two puppies from the same litter. Socialization and training will become a problem.

    Its a rule, you can not work two siblings. I know with my ACD's its asking for problems and they just do not work well together.

    I would search a purebreed rescue organization. See if they can help you out as well.
  20. Tonique

    Tonique New Member

    lil, I had heard they don't shed either but we have her papers (AKC) and I vaccume EVERY day it's crazy how much she sheds long hairs everywhere they clog up my vaccuem. I'd never really thought of pointers I'll have to sugust it to my husband.

    Thanks for the golden info sam.

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