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Age of new Cockatiel

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by Jadzia, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. Jadzia

    Jadzia New Member


    I got a new cockatiel the other day that looks pretty young. However the shop couldn't tell me how old she/he is. I don't suppose anyone can give me an guestimate from this pic? The tail feathers are almost non existent and scraggy looking.

  2. ilovebirds

    ilovebirds New Member

    I have no idea what age s/he is but the bird is a cutie!
  3. Jadzia

    Jadzia New Member

    She (I hope!) is very cute. It took me a LONG time to tame my 1st and I am only just now game to snuggle up to him without losing skin. This one has bitten only when scared and other than that likes to snuggle up.
  4. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    HI he/she looks no older then 4-6months old if the bird is older than this and from the state on its feathers it may be ill have an avian vet give a check up just to make sure all is well.

    The problem with petstores is they sell unwell and young animals most of the time they dont know anything about the animals so its always best just to get the all clear from a vet.

    They can also give you a rough idea of the age and through a dna test can tell the sex of you bird but this can be expensive.

    Good luck and hope he/she gives you years of enjoyment.
    Mine are very noisey at times especially when they want your attention heheheh

  5. Jadzia

    Jadzia New Member

    Cool thanks, pretty much as I had thought - but being a fairly new tiel lover I'm not too sure I had it right.

    The place I got her from isn't exactly a petstore, more a country "everything" shop. They have a good reputation for their birds and there were 4 from the same nest all looking pretty much as straggly as each other. Charlie was the scraggiest of the lot and I figured the youngest. She is eating and pooping well and grooming so I figure she isn't sick. She is clumsy when she steps up which I attributed to being young as a friends hand reared tiel was the same when young.

    I am hoping that being younger she will be able to play with the kids more as our 1st tiel Rosie was a lot older when we got him and has bonded to me not the child he was bought for.
  6. lanena322

    lanena322 New Member

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