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An introduction for my smaller dogs

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by DogAndBigCatMomma, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. DogAndBigCatMomma

    DogAndBigCatMomma New Member

    They airn't exactly toy breeds but here is a bit about my three small dogs lol.

    Mouse- 8 year old male Welsh Corgi/Australian Shepherd mix. Mouse is deaf and partially blind. We got him 5 years ago from the shelter when my friend called asking if we had room for him. Because of his handicaps no one was interested he was also high energy and had no house training or leash manners. We took him in and today Mouse is a happy well adjusted member of the family. He is also a cub sitter.

    Until I get pics this is my best way to describe how Mouse looks. He's got the body type of Corgie long thick body short legs and the big upright Corgi ears. But he has a medium to long coat which is blue merle in color. People often ask if he a long haired Corgi but he isn't he just a mix. Also though he deaf and partially blind that doesent stop him from trying to herd us or the other dogs from time to time LOL.

    Rosie-5 year old female Basset Hound/ Shar Pei mix. Rosie was anouther special case where my friend from the rescue called me for a special favor. Rosie at the time was two years old and came from a home where she was kept in a dank dark basement with 14 other dogs. They were fed very little and so they turned on each other. She was one of the few healthy enough to try and rehome. But Rosie had severe dog and food aggression. She also had anxiety issues from living her first two years of life in a basement and knowing nothing else. But she was so sweet with people and my friend just saw something in her. And so she asked if I would be willing to try and help this sad dog. Three years later Rosie is a favorite member of my pack she has worked through all her issues and is a happy well adjusted dog.

    My best way to describe how Rosie looks in a short legged Shar Pei LOL. She had the long low body of a Basset hound but the wrinkles and muzzle of a Shar Pei. She is a dark fawn/red in color and has a wonderful bay kind of bark LOL. Her ears are also not as small as your typical Shar Pei's but they also are not long and floppy. People usually love how she looks lol.

    Airhead- 4 year old male Beagle/Dachshund. Airhead was actually supposed to just be a foster. When he was a year old he was turned into the shelter because he was "untrainable" and way too hyper. He was definately not meant for life in a cage at the shelter and drove himself crazy spinning in circles. He also barked constantly and just was not happy. And so we offered to foster him until the shelter found him the perfect home. But of course we fell in love with him and he loved us as well. He has acres and acres to run on and plenty of playmates. He also was no problem for us to housebreak or train. He is extremely smart but he is a mix of two high energy breeds and he just needed someone who could handle him.

    Airhead is our smallest dog and the closest I am to a toy dog. And even then he isn't tiny. He's got a long body like a Dachshund but his legs are more Beagle length so he isn't low to the ground. He has a head that mostly resembles a Daschunds but a bit more of a beagles muzzle and eyes. He's a deep red in color and is often mistaken for a bigger Doxie. But Doxie owners usually know right away he's a mix. A fine looking mix but a mix.

    So tell me abit about your dogs :).
  2. rosesmom

    rosesmom New Member

    Hi I just joined also. Your pups sound adorable. I have a Yorkie female pup although she's not a pup any longer. She still acts like one and goes with me everywhere.
  3. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Dogandbigcatmomma, nice to see you post again your pack sounds adorable!! good descriptions :mrgreen:
  4. Chezza

    Chezza New Member

    Welcome to the boards. :y_the_best:
    I have 2 bull terrier cross staff, one female one male..
    Zeppy is the male black and white and sabby the female tan.. :D



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