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Animal Emergenct law

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by JKKsEuro Dobermans, May 5, 2004.

  1. JKKsEuro Dobermans

    JKKsEuro Dobermans New Member

    8) TITLE: Animal Emergency Law
    SUMMARY: The Animal Emergency Law should be instituted for the well-being
    of all animals.

    Click here to sign the petition:
    http://www.PetitionPetition.com/cgi/pet ... gi?id=6988

    Message from "Barbara Bagley":
    Did you know that if your animal were to suffer an extreme "emergency",
    most veterinarians will not lift a finger to help your animal unless you
    can pay UPFRONT, the FULL cost of your animal's visit? These veterinarians
    will not even consider allowing you to create an account with them so that
    you can make monthly payments, until the account is paid off. Not every
    pet owner is so financially well-off to pay the full cost upfront.
    Please read and sign this petition in support of an "Animal Emergency Law"
    that will prohibit veterinarians from turning away any animal in need of
    emergency care due to the owner's inability to pay UPFRONT and IN-FULL the
    cost of that visit, and will enable the owner to create an account in which
    to make monthly payments to pay off that visit.
    {Please, spread the word about this petition}

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