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Annie is acting weird

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by someday, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. someday

    someday New Member

    As you all know, Annie is the most people friendly dog I can imagine...it's almost embarrassing how she will just about turn herself inside out to meet a person. Her dad just took her out for a run, and I heard her barking in the hall outside the front door. At first it was excited barking, but then I heard one of her "I don't like this" barks. So I of course tore out of the house and said "what's going on out here?" Annie's dad was dragging her down the stairs away from our new neighboor that was peering overthe staircase at her. All of Annie's hair was up and one of her eyes was starting to get bloodshot, I assume from pulling since he just had her flat collar on since she's been doing well on it. Her dad just shrugged at me and gave me a look that said "I don't know what her problem is but I'm trying not to make a big deal about it" So , they just went out running after I made her sit for me and calm down. I was trying to figure out what she didn't like about the guy. He was black, but she's seen black people. I made a point to introduce her to quite a few when she was younger. But I think I just figured it out, see if this could be the reason. The guy that used to live in the apartment, he just moved out about 2 weeks ago, was Annie's good friend. He's always came and saw her and loved on her. And Annie would stand in the window and wait for him to get home from work everyday(I wish all my neightboors liked her as much as he did.) I think Annie thought this guy was breaking in to her friend's house. This is the first time she's seen him and she knows he doesn't belong in that house. Hopefully we can have a better introduction at a later time.
  2. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    I think your right in that this being the first time Annie has seen the guy it may have been a protective thing....did the guy 'surprize her' when he leaned over the stairs? Is there any chance that he 'stared her down' or tried to, some people get a kick out of doing that.
    I remember a large German Shepherd that came into the hospital after almost losing a leg when another dog attacked it, we had her up on the table, she never gave us any problems, no growling and considering the injury she was very alert and responsive, I was holding on to her, wed already put an IV catheter in her front leg, 2 other techs had been petting her, looking at her leg, one was a guy then the idiot relief vet stood in front of her, a few feet away, I wasnt watching him I was watching the dog, she suddenly started this very low growl, he was trying to stare her down....he did this with quite a few of the dogs, like its a power trip or something. But I know that it is the quickest easiest way to get that kind of reaction from a dog even one that has never shown aggression to people before. More submissive dogs will usually 'slope off' away from the person staring at them. Id be really careful because her first experience with him wasnt good, whatever the reason, maybe if you can all get onto some neutral ground outside the building and start the re-introduction more casually.....but I would be really careful, more so if he is now fearful of her.
  3. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    I think she sensed something wanst right, this person was above her, therefor out of her comfort zone (territory) so she may felt threatend because the position on stairs being above her.
  4. goob

    goob New Member

    Sounds like you're on the right track, introducing her to him. I don't think she's too old now to be still going through one of those funky teen dog fear stages, so that may even be contributing. Just be sure to keep socializing her to all kinds of people and situations, and keep all her experiences as positive as possible. It's also possible that she just doesn't like the guy for some reason or other... I'd be concerned if it became habit, but occasionally I can't stand someone, so I guess even dogs can be the same. Obviously it's not ideal, and hopefully they'll be able to meet and make friends, but as long as it's an isolated incident, I wouldn't be too worried. Good luck with her, I've been looking at the pics you posted of her, and she's cute as ever!
  5. StormyMoon

    StormyMoon New Member

    I agree I think she thought something was out of wack wanted to make sure everyone else knew this.

    I have been working with mystical my neighbors worry cause she barks at kids if we are out front with her , they running down the street but I have been watching her body language she bows when she barks like she is saying come play come play with me and is verbal.

    So I try the treats when she dont bark she gets one and when she barks she has to sit in place.

    Its an excited to see you bark but still the same people don't like it.
    Its very important to me to that she be social with all.

    In time she will be....
  6. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    just wondering if theres been any progress with your new neighbour? Hope everything is okay.
  7. someday

    someday New Member

    oh yes, I forgot to update this post. We tried again to introduce her, and he was very nice, and she decided he wasn;t so bad after all. He must have just suprised her or something that day, or she didn;t trust him. But after I introduced them she loved all over him with lots of kisses. Since then she hasn't given him a second glance out the window. So, everyone is happy now. :eek:
  8. rottweiler_inc

    rottweiler_inc New Member

    good to hear that she is ok with the person now!
  9. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    Thats great news then. Thanks for letting us know :eek:
  10. Killerbee2

    Killerbee2 New Member

    Your geuss someday is probely the best. She knows that guy is not subose to be in that house so she wants to let other people know. Well, she was just letting you guys know that that guy was not in his right place 8) .

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