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Anouther newbie

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by CockatielCrazy87, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. CockatielCrazy87

    CockatielCrazy87 New Member

    Well today I rode Venus again (yay) and got to start mounting Aragorn a bit today very very fun stuff. Im soooooo happy with the progress i am making with those two. And now since both of them are advancing we give them each only an hour.

    I finally got a good ride in with Topic my Arabian. i man I have been working all who can be ridden but they have been short little jonts around the ring. He and i took a two hour trail ride which was so fun :D . Monday we're going to introduce Venus and Aragorn to they others and try to get them out in the pasture. Since by then both should be ready. Im thinking about introducing Aragorn to Treat or Skittles so he can get used to anouther horse after time and has a friend going out in the pasture. But i think Aragorn will be just fine because his holding corral is right up next to the big pasture and he does stand and tocuh noses with the other horses. We actually moved Venus into his corral with him yesterday so they can spend time together and so they can go out int the pasture together. Excited for that day lol.

    Anyways to my topic. On Wenesday James our trainer called us and said he has a orphan week old colt. Now with the money that is coming in from the dog we are baording here for a friend we have come into extra money and decided as a family we can take of this foal for the four years we're in for and then adopt it out. So he got here last night a tiny little guy almost he size of a pony. He's a little Irish Hunter blue roan with a black/blue mane and tale and a brown and wall eye. He's got a large black Beauty like star, he's got three black stockings and one white stocking and black Ermine Marks on them, three blue hooves, and a white hoof. So yes thats him as best as i can describe him. He is staying in our house stall ( a stall connected to the side of our hosue instead of the barn) its heated and enclosed at night with a mini corral for him. JAmes said he has been an orphane since 1 hour after his birth and had been bottle fed since then and so he takes it pretty well surprisingly enough. I got the joy of getting to name to him and so I named him Hurricane ( based on his coat) and he has quite the personality for such alittle guy.

    Hi story is this simple Jame's neigbor breeds and shows some really nice Irish Hunters. Well a first mom named Sally's Lil Old Coop aka Sky. Sky was having a rather difficult pregnancy with lots of issues but in the end she seemed to be much better and their vet said that she would be just fine to have the foal :roll: . Hurricane was 2 1/2 weeks early but the family though nothing of foals can come a bit early or late its normal. But seemed like once Hurricane hit the ground Sky went into convulsions as if she would through up and seemed to be sufficating. The family called James and he called his vet to come out. Like I said an hour after Hurricanes birth they lost Sky to a heart attack. Sky was young and new to the farm the people knew little of her medical past and was foun she was born with a hear defecniencey but the people who sold her to the people failed to tell them and were using her as a eventer when the family had shown interest in her. They told James to just take the foal that he would be to much trouble and they don't have the time for a small weak foal. More angry they they had put so much money into a defective mare then that they had lost her or had a momless foal. James also does not have the time to take care of an orphane foal and so after a week of work thats when James gave us the call.

    So far it has been draining but we all take turns feeding him and takeing care of him. Of course this is mainly me but im not complaining. Yet anouther horse in our life.

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