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anybodys lfs as bad as mine?

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by tski22, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. tski22

    tski22 New Member

    ok so i went to my lfs today searching for something nice to start off my new 15 gallon custom thats been aclimating for 2 weeks now.. right. all levels are good so i go in the store and start talking to the employee (he owns the store) about my new tank, and begina sking him questions to see if he knows what hes talking about. now keep in mind he OWNS this fish store. the first thing he points out to me is a tank full of bala sharks and says get 2 or 3 of these there max size.. (3inches) i laughed and told him otherwise and he disagreed with me lol. its kind of sad to go to that store though. he has a 2 foot pacu in a tank and it can barely turn around, he has 5 12 inch irridescents in a 500 gallon along with some big oscars! idk about these local fish stores nowadays, anyone got any good stories? -tl
  2. Sipesh

    Sipesh New Member

    I was in a store here last week waiting for help and one of the guys that works there was helping some man who wanted a pleco. The fish store employee asked what size tank the man had and what else was in it. Guess what? He had a 30 gal with TWO OSCARS in it. The fish store kid smiles and says that that's okay and fished out this 8 inch pleco for the guy. Then the man askes about a cat fish in the same tank and the kid bags it up as well, never bothering to mention to the guy that he was getting a channel cat that will grow over 4 feet long. I wasn't real impressed with either of these two fools, needless to say.
    Of course, then the kid comes to help me after getting Mr. Crowded tank his fish and asks me what I want. I point to the frontosas that I had my eye on and the kid gives me the third degree about my set up and if I knew how to take care of cichlids... jeez. I almost laughed and told him that yeah, I planned on cramming them into a 30 with several other large fish but held my tongue ;)
  3. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    Oh boy I'm all fired up now.

    Ok today at lunch I'm at the mall so I decided, why not take a look in the LFS. Hmm, what could possibly happen with just a look?

    I'm all the way at the back with this little boy and his mother and they're going to get a fish. So they're over looking at the betta's beside me and the little boy takes his mother over to a tank of tiger oscars (small ones, maybe a couple inches) and aks his mother if he can get one. She then asks one of the guys about it ( while I'm standing off to the side looking @ the platy's) and the guy asks what size tank and she says about 10 gallons?!?! Then the guy (who obviously doesn't know a fishes head from it's tail) says sure it should be fine it'll only grow a little more!

    This guy was a real MORON because just across the isle on the other wall is a tank 3 full grown Oscars.

    So I, being the ever so confrontational one (wanting to prove this guy wrong) butt myself in and ask in the cutest possible voice "So how big do these guys actually get" and he tells me someting like 5 inches, then I act all stupid and say "well the label on this tank says Tiger Oscar and it says it on that tank there with those huge fish."

    You should have seen the guy's face :)shock: and :oops: ) ! The mother then said "No Thanks" and walked out of the store.

    I've also seen one LFS with tanks and tanks of platy's and swordtails with ich, dead guppies on the botton of the guppy tank, and the ever popular dead fish floating on top of most of the tanks one time or another.

    Also, recently when my mom's friend's teenage son went to buy fish for his 20G he was so 2 oscars, a bala shark, and a pacu. Obviously all the fish were returned!
  4. 3_second_memory

    3_second_memory New Member

    oh god, you can almost laugh at the irresponsible numb skulls they employ as a sales assistant,not a perswasion assistant!

    In the UK, a big chain store called Fishy Business opperates in many places near us, and the staff in them are always rude and they have this sign on some tanks that says, quarentined, we dont sell our fish untill they are 100% healthy!

    and i the tank next to it is like 4 dead guppies that are being eaten by the corries!

    Nice, and funnily enough all the fish from fishy business die! every last one!

    our LFS's as we have a variation all seem to have rude staff!

    fishy business say if you keep your reciept on a fish and it dies and you ring them straight away and brig it in the next day at the latest they will refund you.

    Now i was rather unearved that i had to put my dead fish in the freezer, and go up there, when i was due elsewhere, and he still faught that theres no proof he died from an illness! and i said i know, the ram you sold me a few days ago killed it, even tho you asured me the ram would be fine. So he says well they usually are and just stares, and i say well, you have just sold mean agressive one, so he reluctently gave me another gurami just so the ram wd eat that 1 also, so i gave the ram away, but how annoying does it get?

    i watched them serve the wrong thing and no one stops thm unless i but in and say, im pretty sure a betta wont like afully filtered tank as much as a stale one!

  5. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    LOL, the stare! The sign of a true LFS numbskull!
  6. jeff9373

    jeff9373 New Member

    the best part about all this is the people who know what there talking about and hearing these lfs employees that dont know a thing and just making them look like total morons right in front of the customer there trying to help but the only ones I feel sorry for are the helpless fish becouse if you are planning on getting a pet then you should do some research not just ask the store you are buying from becouse some places will say anything to make a sale
  7. tski22

    tski22 New Member

    right on, you should definantley always research it because only a select few lfs employees will tell the dead honest truth about there sales. So many fish must die that way because people always believe what they say -tl
  8. 3_second_memory

    3_second_memory New Member

    I have an interview for a job at my LFS, so if i get the job, my customers will be in safe hands!
  9. OneWolvesDream

    OneWolvesDream New Member

    Mine is a little bit better then that in the combination of fish and tank size though that is because they got people in to do all of that for them. Though ever since the people left they havnt been taking good enough care of the fish. All the tanks have ich, not one fish does not have it. They restock daily due to the high death rate. Also i have tested them once in awhile, so far out of 10 people only one knew what he was doing. The rest said a nice combo would be a small oscar and a bunch of platties. He said they wouldnt eat eachother even when the oscar is full grown....he said it could be in a 10 gal.... that is about as bad as it gets.
  10. Roo

    Roo New Member

    OK i am thouroghly annoyed w/ my lfs well technically local fish chain. Maybe u have heard of them PEtsmart. My friend after watching "finding Nemo" decided he wanted fish. After convincing him not to go saltwater (not that i have a problem with it iits just his first fish tank) he went cold freshwater. I told him he might be ok MAYBE w/2 orandos in his 20 gallon aquarium decided he didn't like that answer so he asked the petsmart sales associate who always argues w/ me about fish how many goldfish he could get .she said as she fished out his orandos, "oh about 10 and some koi to" so when he told me this i said, "why would you trust her over me" he said, '' well they would have needed to gone to college to get that job" :shock: :roll: :x

    So the next day guess where he wnet again. To Petsmart
    he got 3 more orandos and a koi


    P.S. his tank is now infested with ick less than a week later :x :shock: :x :shock: :x
  11. tyler_medeiros

    tyler_medeiros New Member

    I have a good story. I am just starting out and I did alot of shopping around looking for a good deal. I found one store that was cheaper for almost everything. I bought a 5 gollon plastic tank to start off and i was very interested in the Iridecent sharks. The manager of livestock and fish in that store sold me 2 id sharks and 2 platies to go in my 5 gallon tank. After bringing this home i set up the tank let it cycle and put the fish in it. The next morning 1 of the platies was missing and the other covered in this white foamy algea stuff. I brought the fish back becasue of a warentee on all of there fish but before i did that i did some research on the id shark. I then decided the 5 gal was to small for the 2 of them so i returned everything and told the owner I would do my business somewheres else.
  12. dude412

    dude412 New Member

    thats nuttin at my one lfs (pet valu) you have to be 18 or older to buy fish they have horrible setups they have like 20 diff barbs mainly tigers and cherrys with a ton of long finned blue danios the tiger barb is the most tropical thig there its horrible i oly go there to buy replacment filters
  13. grnlemonade

    grnlemonade New Member

    this thread reminds me....at one fishstore is tumbled across and went in, that had a silver arrowanna i would have to say about 2-2 1/2' long in a tank that had to be about 3' long and i would say 1' wide and 3 feet tall........it was pathetic, the poor fish coudl barely even move.

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