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Apparently size does matter

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by luvmyangels, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. luvmyangels

    luvmyangels New Member

    Someone forgot to tell Buster that Saint Bernards make worthless guard dogs, they're typically too friendly for the job. This was totally unexpected of him, especially at only 5 months old. He normally greets everyone (family, friend...total strange he's never seen before) with a full body wag, my boy hasnt learned to wag JUST his tail.

    A few nights ago I was taking him out for his bedtime potty walk. Right around 10pm I put Buster on his 20' leash and we start to head out the door...just like we do every single night. Buster froze just inside the back door, completely refused to budge an inch, which is anything but normal. So I look to figure out what the heck his problem is and theres someone in my yard! Male, late teens-early 20s, out near our vehicles. He must have heard the door open and started walking towards the house. Instead of his full body wag, Buster is standing completely still, head and tail held high, looking very alert. The guy catches sight of the puppy and takes off at a dead run, his buddy that was standing just out of my line of sight joined him.

    Lucky for me no one told these guys Saint Bernard PUPPIES typically make worthless guard dogs!

    This wasnt a matter of him feeding off my fear/emotions. I thought the guy in the yard was my brother in law...I really need new glasses. I couldnt say what Buster would have done had the guy come all the way to the door, Ive never seen him react to someone this way...its ALWAYS the full body wag. Buster didnt show any aggression, no noise either (not unusual, he's a very quiet puppy), he simply stood completely still and alert...he made no move to give chase when the guys ran off either.
  2. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Awesome! Thats one thing i love about giant dogs. Wether or not they actually would defend you, they are definately a deterrant for unwanted people and would be theives!
  3. Sara

    Sara New Member

    True true... Datvi would defend but I'm happy as a clam knowing that she would likely not have to do anything aside from hackles and barking etc... Just the littlest bark from her usually gets houseguests quite riled. My sis lived with us for about a month while she looked for a place and even at the end of her stay...datvi would go barking about something outside and my sis would say, "well one more year off my life if small heart attacks count"... Doesn't take much with the big ones to deter even pretty determined "brave" criminals/people.


  4. luvmyangels

    luvmyangels New Member

    To make matters even more amusing, Buster is teething...the guys not only ran from a 5 month old puppy, but a 5 month old puppy that doesnt even have all of his teeth!

    I love that his size is enough to make people 2nd guess their intentions, I hope we never have to test weather or not he'll defend.

    A couple more Buster stories from the weekend...

    Sunday night he alerted my brother in law and I to the presence of an opossum on the neighbors back step. Buster is normally a VERY quiet puppy (barking is reserved for playtime normally) and he thinks nothing of chasing rabbits out of the yard at every potty walk. Sunday he was playing in the yard while Norm and I were talking. Next thing we know the pup is barking...3 barks, we responded and he went back to being quiet...Norm walked over to see what Buster was barking about and told me "its an opossum, keep him back". No problem, Buster had no interest in chasing...he stood in the yard very alert but kept the leash completely loose.

    Norm is dealing with blood clots in his leg...ever try to convince a 45 year old man he needs medical attention? Last night Buster walked up to him and gently mouthed the sore leg from mid thigh all the way down to his foot. I wouldnt call biting, it was more he'd place his open mouth around Norms leg and apply very gentle pressure...as sore as this leg is, Buster did not increase pain levels. He was VERY interested in that leg. When Norm offered him the other leg (no pain, swelling or discoloration), he mouthed it a couple times, gave it a good sniff and walked away!

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