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Aragorn's adoption prospect is Coming!

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by CockatielCrazy87, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. CockatielCrazy87

    CockatielCrazy87 New Member

    Aragorn still can't be adopted out for a while longer as he is still go through training but he's progressing nicely. A man is wanting to adopt Aragorn for a barral and pole horse for his daughter. So their coming out this Saterday to see him and i will work him as like I said he is still going through training and will be anouther month or so before he can go for sure. If they like him they will be alowed to come out and watch Aragorns progress and when I feel he is ready for some one other then myself or Ty or my Cousin on him I will alow the daughter who is 14 on him and see how they work together. If they are real seriouse about this she will have to help in the end training so she can bond with him the transition will be easier.

    They were originally interested in Venus or Mercury. But I informed them Venus is'nt anywhere near ready to go and still needs alot work as she is alot more stand offish then Aragorn and still needs to work on some trust issues and join ups are a almost daily releif for her. I then told them Mercury will not be even considered for adoption until she is three years old and fully trained.

    Anyways cross your fingers and toes that these people like Aragorn and plan on adopting him the future!

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