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Are my parakeets boy or girls?

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by fozdude, May 3, 2004.

  1. fozdude

    fozdude New Member

    Ok I bought my two parakeets at the petshop a couple days ago, but they didn't tell me how old they were. How do i know if its a boy or girl? At the moment both have a light blue cere. Can anyone help?
  2. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    Males usually have blue ceres while females have cere's that are white, light beige, or brown.
  3. kathy5

    kathy5 New Member

  4. lilest Budgie

    lilest Budgie New Member


    Yes they are males because there cere is blue. I just got a male too! If tere are alot of lines extending to his beak means he is young (as in picture in kathys link) If it seems that his forhead has no lines means he is older. Also a longer tail means older, shorter-younger. Also the size of his body, if it big or not depends on age.

    P.S. I just got a picture of Angel up! 2 the left. :)
  5. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi 2 of my females had a light blue cere until they were 8months old and then changed to a light tan.

    So depending on the age, Colour of the birds it will be hard to tell without a picture of the birds.
    Chances are you have males but all young birds resemble the females until after there first molt when there adult feathers come through and this is when the cere changes colour.

  6. beautfulmine

    beautfulmine New Member

    hey how are your parkket is doing? did you find out about your sex of your bird if not look at my parkket they are male and fmale

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