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arthritis and this product

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by yogi, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. yogi

    yogi New Member

    I used it on back to back treatments for my eldest Min Pin. It was ok but once back on prednisone he is 50% better than when he was on the liquid. Granted with the prod he was able to get up and walk around on his own but with prednisone he actually is able to run and tries to play with the younger ones. Granted with his legs it really isn't running but it is much faster gait than before. In my case, I will keep Jack on prednisone.
  2. yogi

    yogi New Member

    sorry for dupe post...

    senior moment and did not have my glasses on....
  3. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    Which product?
  4. yogi

    yogi New Member

    sorry, my mistake re:

  5. seaecho

    seaecho New Member

    Maybe I'm mistaken, but isn't Flexicose an OTC med? If so, its obviously not prescription strength, and naturally wouldn't normally be as effective as Pred. Prednisolone is a cortico-steroid. . . and its potent. Very potent. It has a long list of possible side effects, some of them serious. Bone marrow supression is one of them. It lowers a dog's immunity, can cause various organ damage, and causes bloating if used for longer than a short period of time. Granted, for an old, very arthritic dog, its use is often necessary to prolong the animal's life. In these circumstances, many vets prescribe it. But the risks and benefits must be weighed carefully before starting it on any dog or other animal. Its been called a "miracle drug" because it does seem to truly do miraculous things. It has many uses, and is also very effective for asthma. But like I said, its definitely not warranted in all situations. I find that using MSM powder (made for horses) does a great job with SOME animals on arthritis. (Like people, not all animals respond to it). Then, when the situation gets to the point to where the animal is in obvious pain and can hardly walk, Prednisolone might be in order. Your vet, of course, is the best judge of this.
  6. yogi

    yogi New Member

    prednisone and other arthritic med

    the fact is that humans are the ones who if take steroids for any length of time can develop the side effects you describe. I have had animals on prednisone nearly their entire lives with no side effects what so ever. Fact is the dogs and more so cats have an extemely high tolerance to steroids. Even my vets for the past 20 plus years have continued to point this out and I know of no case where it was proven to be wrong. One of my regular vets had a 10 year old German Shepherd in with dispasia so bad the dog could no longer use his hind legs. He was given a cordisone injection and 10 day prescription of prednisone. After the second day the dog was up and by the third day he was running. After the 10th day and no more prednisone it took just 2 days and he could no longer walk again. For the next 6 years the dog was on daily prednisone. No organ damage, no side effects. He passed away at 16 of old age.
    As for Flexicose being an over the counter. I only know that it was prescribed by my vet and after to trial periods it's results were no where near what prednisone has done for Jack. At 14 1/2 he is actually able to run and play which on flexicose he was just able to get up and walk for short distance.
  7. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    According to vets Ive worked with, the biggest problems with using Pred on dogs is liver problems (when used long term or regular periods of taking a course), and gastric ulcers, we usually give something like Tagamet with the Pred.....and Ive seen a variety of 'responses' when it hasnt been tapered down correctly, more commonly agitation.
    Cats seem to be able to tolerate it musch better and I know of quite a few that have been on a low dose indefinately with no obvious side effects.
  8. yogi

    yogi New Member

    arthritis in humans and

    me being one who has arthritis and if you have been diagnosed with it the first procedure normally is cortisone injection then prednisone for 5 days. At that time blood work up is done. Nearly all meds designed to eliviate pain in humans with arthritis require regular blood work up due to liver and kidney issues. Again though between Jack and a dog I had on prednisone for 12 years due to displasia (hip arthritis) showed no effects what so ever outside of the benefit of a full healthy life.

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