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attacked by 2 dogs

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by FMgurl43, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    well my cat chyanne was attacked by 2 dogs last night i heard a noise like someone was trying to get the garage door opened so i went outside and seen a big brown dog and a lil black dog i thought they were fighting so i tried to shoo them away then i seen the brown dog w/ chyannes neck in her mouth dragging her from under the garage door so i grabbed the brown dog and threw it up against the wall and went running to chyanne by then the black dog had her and pulled her out and then the brown dog ran past me and grabbed her again so i grabbed the big brown dog and was trying to pull it off my cat i got her off and was holding it yelling 4 my dad to come help well chyanne ran to the backyard and tried to jump the fence the dog got out of my arms and ran back there the lil dog culdnt reach her so the brown dog jumped up and pulled her back off the fence... i was screaming 4 someone to help me and my neighboor ran out and thought i was being attacked so she called 911 and my dad ran out and grabbed a 2x4 these dogs were just taking turns at my cat i wuld get one off her and theother one would get her my dad started hitting the dogs w/ the board and they still refused to give up on her sooo i just kept pulling dogs ioff one after another and the brown dog had chyanne by the neck sliging her around and my dad went to hit that dog and i knew he was gonna hit chyanne so i jumped in front of him and i ended up getting hit well they started to let up on my cat so i went to pick her up and both dogs came back and knocked me on top of her and one of them bit my arm so my dad hit them again they finally went to run off we fought w/ those dogs 4 an hour b4 they gave up and i was able to grab chyanne the brown dog was in my neighboors yard and the lil black one was in our driveway well my mom came out w/ 911 on the phone and the lil black dog came after my mom growling so my dad hit it and it ended up killing the dog... i was sitting on the front pourch holding chyanne she was bleeding all over me and it was comming from her mouth so i was flippin out her tounge was hanging out and she was panting i was screaming and crying going crazy yelling 4 someone to call the vet...well the emergency vet wanted $300 up front to even see her cause they had 3 emergencies b4 us so my sister in law who is an animal control officer called the vet that she works w/ and he looked over her and said that shes just in shock to wait till the moring to take her to the vet... well we had my sister in law and another animal ontrol officer out here that had to take statements from me my dad my mom and neighboor and then one of the lil girls next door told me the dogs belonged to a guy that lives 4 houses down from us so the officers went down there and they guy tried to say no it wasnt his dogs till the officer said that the black one was dead then he admited that he seen his dogs got loose but didnt think they would ever do that that they r not aggressive so they went to look at his dogs in the backyard he had 2 big brown dogs and one had blood all over it they guy tried to say that that dog didnt get lose and then admited it when they said aniaml control said they had to take the dog.... well anyways make a long story KINDA short the guy got fined $700 they took the big brown dog in to the shelter and took the black dog but gave him 10 days to get his 3rd dog that was still locked up to get up to date on its shots.... none of his animals have ever been to the vet no shots no nothing... he got fined 4 that and his aniamls running lose etc... but now he also has to pay 4 my doc bill which the bite :cry: :cry: :cry: on my arm isnt to deep so i just have to get a tech. shot until monday when they get results back on the dogs to find out if i have to get the series of rabies shots .. the guy had to go pick up his dog today (the big brown one) and take it to the vet and then bring it back to the shelter... the lil black dog is the one they were upset about they asked why my dad couldnt go down and beat up the owner instead of killing his dog....but his dog was attacking my cat and went after my mom and i dont know it if was that black bosten terrier or the sharpei, huskey, chow mix brown dog that bit me... anyways i felt horrible 4 what happened to his dogs but they would of killed my cat if we didnt do anything and i wasnt gonna sit back and just watch them use my cat as their chew toy i was in the middle of the fight and got bit but i wasnt gonna let my cat get killed.... shes overweight sooo she really coudlnt fight back she just rolled on her back and laied there when they were attacking her then when they let up she would try and run.... she neevr once slapped them dogs...but i took her to the vet this morning and she has is 21 bite lacerations a tooth missing and her tounge was almost ripped off... sooo vet said she should be ok just really sore he said she waas extreamly lucky.... the owner of the dogs has to pay 4 everything her vet bill my doc bill.. her vet bill was $215 today and she has to go back in 3 days to get checked again and make sure they dont get infected but she has ate a lil of the juice from the wet cat food and drank ALOT of water but shes to weak to get in the litter box she will get in there and fall over sooo hopefully she will go b4 10 pm tonight or she has to go back to the vet tonight.... what gets me is the guy came to my house today and said he was sorry bout what his dogs did but he didnt think they did all we said they did but never once asked how my cat was doing or me and he refused to pay the bills when i handed him a copy of the vet bill he just tore it up but aniaml services are handling that right now i mean her bill is already paid we paid it but he has to pay us back...i feel horrible about the whole situation but he said last night that he knew the dogs were out but didnt think it was a problem its the law in this town #1 to have ur aniaml on a leash if they outside... my cat was in our garage and how they knew she was there i dunno....the garage door was open at the bottom like 3 inches cause my mom couldnt shut it all the way earlier that day cause it got stuck...but the owner of the dog also told me today he heard some dogs fighting last night after his got out but he just thought it was nothing to do w/ his dogs he thought it was the ppl across the street...but never got up to look....but still i feel awfull for his dogs....as much as i try not to be i just dobut if i didnt pay any attention to that noise chyanne would be dead right now.. now its making me think thats what has hapened to my cat bubba that has disapeared (chyannes brother ) and then teddy bear to i think they might of got hold of them cause chyanne was running towards the woods behind our house when they pulled her off the fence sooo.....i think that might of even been what happened to garfeild cause like the vet said about him that time hes lucky if he was hit by a car cause normally it would have been worse that he thinks my cat garfield must have just fallen from something that they can easily break their pelvis by fallin off a fence etc... sooooo i dunno this whole thing is driving me crazy....
  2. Heather&Nicole

    Heather&Nicole New Member

    OMG :shock: Thank you for sharing that incredible story. I hope that you get every penny PLUS INTEREST from that jerk! You definatly are entitled to it. It was GROSS NEGLIGENCE on his part not to keep an eye on HIS dogs. Good luck hun! Please keep us informed.

    I hope your cat has a full recovery!
  3. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    I am sorry this had to happen to your cat and I'm sorry these dogs are also suffering due to the negligence of their owner...I just hope this person doesn't try to press charges against your father.

    See this is one of those things that could have been prevented by everyone involved...dogs aren't supposed to be loose but it's okay for cats to be - and that's where the trouble starts. I know you don't want (or need) a lecture but I don't understand why the laws state why it's okay for cats to be wandering all over the place while dogs can't yet if a cat that is outside wandering around gets hurt by a dog it's always gotta be the dogs fault. This perplexes me as many things in life do...wish I had the answers.

    I hope your kitty will be okay and I also feel badly for the 2 dogs as obviously their owner just didn't give a damn about them.
  4. vene

    vene New Member

    I'm so sorry about your awful ordeal! :( I never sued anyone and I hope I may never do even though I may have threatened to sue in anger. I don't like lawsuits and most lawyers in general (my cousin-in-law is a lawyer and I'm not sure if I like him or not) but in this case if you don't take your neighbor to court, you'll never get refunded. You may not need the money but it's for the integrity of the matter. Guys like this should never get away with letting their dogs loose and he should be taught a lesson and be banned from owning pets which are neglicted and maybe abused. Lots of hugs your way.
  5. nern

    nern New Member

    I'm so sorry...what a horrible ordeal. I'm sorry for the dog that was killed and for you and your cat getting injured. :cry: :cry:
  6. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    thankx everyone... the guy cannot press charges on my dad b/c my cat was in our garage when the dogs got ahold of them she was laying agaisnt the door when they were pulling her out.... the law here is that NO ANIMAL is to run at large not even cats if my cat had been running loose then things might have been different but since garfeild got hurt months ago my cats have been indoors unless they sneek out....they can go anywhere in the house the rooms the garage whereever.... if the garage door hadnt of been stuck they would of never gotten her out....but there is nothing the guy can do to us...he already asked if he can press charges against my dad 4 killing the dog....
  7. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    I wish we'd have a law like that here...our neighbors lose cats every year to wildlife (which also keeps the wildlife around looking for more food) and the next spring they get another free kitten to start over again - I hate that. disposable cats.
  8. GinaH

    GinaH New Member

    I am so glad your cat is OK that sort of experience is terrifying. I had a similar occurrence a few weeks ago with the neighbors dog but unfortunately I was unable to save my cat. The dog came right upon our porch and grab Freddie by the neck and took him into the yard my kids were sitting at the patio table having breakfast when the dog grabbed Freddie so they witnessed the whole thing. My son ran into the house to get me but by the time I got to Freddie it was to late the dog had already killed him and had ran off.
  9. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    yea my neighboors across the street do that but its more like they get adog or cat from somewhere and then they let it run loose and dont feed it or spay/neuter it so they go get in ppls garbage etc...i hate that sooo then aniaml services get called to get their aniamls and take them they get fined and then in a few days they have another kitten or puppy....i dunno how ppl can be that way like my cats/dogs/birds r my babies and like w/ chyanne ill do whatever it takes not to lose any of them....that guy that owns those dogs didnt really care about the big brown dog but all he kept saying was we r soo upset b/c of our lil bosten terrier she was our baby and was so sweet and kind i dunno why yall r sayi9ng she had anything to do w/ that cause i just cant see her doing something like that he said the brown one was friendly to but was upset about the bosten he wont even go down and get his brown dog outta the shelter he says he dont care if she gets put down that he just wants to save money....and if he gets her out that it will be $100 more then what he already has to pay in fines.... thats sick to me i would pay whatever price it took... but meanwhile he still has a chihuhua and another sharpei/husky/chow mix.... i dont understand it..... he knept mentioning that the boston terrier just had a litter of puppies not to long ago that he made some money off of that he was gonna breed her again this weekend but now he cant.... first off the dog has never had any shots and she is almost 2 years old no papers tags nothing soooo that tells me my personal opinion that he just cared about the dog b/c she made him money and thats it.... cause the other dog was a mix and he dont care what happens to her weather she gets outta the shelter or not sooo....i dunno....

    but on the brighter side chyanne ate dinner tonight and a couple of cats treats and she took her meds w/ no problem and is starting to be herself again shes not hiding as much she comes out to eat and love on everyone... her cuts r still bleeding every now and then and 1 is runny w/ like a puss and blood mixture sooo i might have to bring her back tomarrow about that she has went pee but she didnt go #2 she tried and then she feel over sooo i guess she gave up....
  10. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    thats horrible im sorry to hear about ur cat...
  11. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    FMGurl, I am so sorry about what happened. :( I'm just glad you and your kitty will be okay. That's too bad the other dog passed away. I have not seen you around here much lately and I was wondering how you were doing. You poor thing, you have so many sad things happen to your fur animals. :(
  12. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    thankx i havent been on here much b/c my computer crashed 2x in 3 months sooo ive stayed off of it a lil bit but its fixed now sooo...i think thats what happened to my cats that have disappeared b4 bubba and teddy bear and i hate to think of that happening to them aftre what i went though w/ chyanne and the dogs... that must have been awfull... but at least we know that those dogs wont be messing w/ any other animals around here anymore.... my neighboors dog is missing now to its a min. greyhound just a puppy and shes starting to wonder also now....
  13. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    well today chyanne is almost back to her normal self.. she hid all morning it took me an hour to find her and after i gave her her pain med and antibiotic a few hours later she was eating, drinking and walking ALOT better she dosent lose her balance anymore shes back to her talking self and meowing at me everytime i walk by tonight she came out and loved on everyone and was begging 4 her dinner... soooo....as for the second dog the big brown sharpei mix dog hes still in the shelter doing good hes nice towards ppl and other dogs but attacked a cat at the shelter today soooo but if the owner dosent come back to get her they r gonna put her up 4 adoption w/ an owner that has some land and NO CATS.....
  14. KittyTales

    KittyTales New Member

    You were extremely brave to go in and save your cat :eek:
  15. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    thankx... i just couldnt sit back and watch them kill her she was not defending herself at all soooo i knw she had no chance at all unless i helped...and thankx to my dad i dont think those dogs would of ever let go till she was dead....i didnt think they were ever gonna give up.... but even after all that tonight she tried to get out the door.....thats my girl though stubborn and hard headed...lol but she has to go back to the vet friday 4 a check up but now i dunno when she will be able to be seen cause we have a hurricaine commin...its never ending around here.....
  16. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    That's great that Chyanne is doing better today. That was a close call. I'm glad you were able to save her.
  17. vene

    vene New Member

    I'm so happy that your furbaby is doing better. I hope that dog gets adopted out to a good owner. It's natural for some dogs to go after cats. I've seen a decapitated cat. Luckily you were around when your cat was attacked. How are you feeling now?
  18. Annie

    Annie New Member

    OMG what an awful ordeal for all involved, bless you for everything you did to save your kitty you are very brave and clearly a very responsible pet owner unlike Mr down the road :x I have to be very careful with my dogs, I know that one of them has the potential to hurt other animals he got out recently and within seconds attacked one of my hens, he is OK with our own cats but I am pretty sure he would attack a strange cat. He thought he could take on a cow once...............

    Fortunately we live in the countryside with neighbours a distance away and my dogs are securely fenced in, it would be human error if they got out and that's where the responsibility really comes in to play!!! We have laws about leashes and fouling and so on in the UK but things aren't as strict for us as they are where you live. That would be no excuse however for allowing something bad to happen!

    I hope that your kitty, you and your folks make a full recovery.

  19. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    well we r all ok.... i havent been able to get on since thursday cause we had a hurricaine hit us friday and wejust got power back but strangly enough we went and stayed at animal services all day friday 4 the storm cause we couldnt take my cats,dog, and birds to any shelters w/ us soo my sister in law and brother and his kids were up there my sis in law had to work sooo the workers just stayed there 4 the storm and my bro told us to come up there to cause i was NOT leaving w/o my animals .... well i got to know everyone up there and now i might just be working at animal services myself....funny how things all work out....

    anyways chyanne is doing great she was a lil infected on one of her bite wounds but thats cleared up now they still havent all cleared up yet (the big bite marks anyways) and she has plenty of scars from the ones that have... she is giving me no problem what so ever about going back and fourth to the vets and taking her meds 2x a day shes being soo good though it all when we were at the shelter my other cats were flippin out chyanne was just sitting patentiely waiting to go home and now that we r home and shes feeling better she is eating like a pig and doing her business in the litter box etc....today is the first day we have had power and she has stayed under the beds since friday night only comming out when uits time to eat and then she gets lovin and goes back under but now we have power and a.c. shes back to hanging out on her pillow on the bed.....

    as far as the guys dog its still at the shelter being watched they should have all the results back on if the dogs have anything by tomarrow or tuesday.... the owner still refuses to get his dog out and im almost 100% sure now that he wont after this storm just came though.. lets just hope he put his other big dog inside when it came though and didnt leave it outside....i would have to hurt that man if i found out he did that but i havent seen and loose animals running around soooo.....
  20. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Hi FMGurl. I'm glad you and your animals are all okay after the hurricane. :D

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