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blackmasked lovebird vs. peachface mutation?

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by FMgurl43, May 18, 2004.

  1. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    i have a blackmasked lovebird now that i would love to get a friend 4 not to mate w/ just a buddy i have been offered 5 peachface mutations lovebirds at a very good price all different colors....i am looking to put one of the females w/ my blackmasked woudl they get along or should i stick w/ another blackmasked??? mine is sooo lonely.....my blackmasked is also a female would this work???
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi lovebirds need to be male female as fighting can happen.
    There is no reason to have the same coloured birds together if you are not planning on breeding you could try placing your black masked lovebird next to the peach faces and see how they get along you may find that they all get along well and all want to be together.

    If your able to allow them all to fly together in a safe secure room this is even better then you can see how the react together.

    Providing all is well i dont see why you could not put them all together and allow them to live out the rest of there lives together.

  3. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    thank u :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: im so glad to hear that i guess i will be getting the peachfaced now.... i just want mine to be happy that i have now she is sooo lonely and i have 2 parakeets also that she just watches them all the time in their cage and its liek she is wondering why they r together and she is alone....i feel bad 4 her her recent owners didnt care not one bit about her soo....i love lovebirds they r my fav bird of all birds i like the other ones but lovebirds r my all fav.i am gonna put her in w/ only one of the peachfaced but as u mentioned im gonna let them fly around in the bathroom first and put the cages together at first to see how it goes and if they get along then ill put them together.... and still have 4 more peachfaced that i might breed....the guy that is selling them to me used them 4 breeding well 2 of the birds anyways and the other 3 were all in seperate cages alone sooo.. i had a lovebird 4 a couple of years that was my baby (i miss her so much0 tweey was a standered peachfaced lovebird that i had 4ever and got ate by my neighboors cat sooo i have been wanting to get another bird that looks like her soo i will have 1 that looks like her and thn theer r 2 blues andi cant remember what he said the others were hes gonna e-mail me some pix and ill post them on here.....
  4. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi i agree lovebirds are beautiful birds and the sound they make when they are happy is sweet not like the noise parakeets and cockatiels make heheheheh.

    Good luck and i hope all works out i cant wait to see piccy's


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