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blue water at petsmart?

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by tuttifrutti, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. tuttifrutti

    tuttifrutti New Member

    ok, i just bought a new female beta to maintain the balance in the tank, since i had to take an overly aggressive female out. anyway, why exactly does petsmart keep all of their betas in blue water? i have heard that it was for color, but i personally hate the blue water because i have a nigh on impossible time of distinguishing the color of the fish. obviously i choose first on personality, but when i find several of different colors who have good personalities, i try to pick one that has a vibrant color and who would be a different color from my other betas. anyway, what purpose does this blue water serve?
  2. Alasse

    Alasse New Member

    The water has medication in it......they may be using it as a preventative
  3. kc5gvn

    kc5gvn New Member

    H tuttifrutti, It is common for shops to use Methlyn Blue in the water for Bettas. It is used as a prophylaxis to keep them from developing fungus especially fin and tail rot.
  4. tuttifrutti

    tuttifrutti New Member

    ah, ok. thank you. that makes me feel much better about continuing to purchase my betas there.

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