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Booger has begun eating her litter ACKKKKK!

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Cassie, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    Why would she begin doing this all of a sudden? She literally licks and eats her litter all of a sudden.

    My biggest concern is that it's a clumping litter and will cause an intestine blockage.

    I'm going to switch to a different litter to keep on the safe side. But why would she all of a sudden start eating her litter?
  2. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Hi. You may want to take her to the vet for a blood test. Adult cats that eat litter often have anemia. Often that's just a symptom for something else like FeLV FIV.
  3. vene

    vene New Member

    I hope she will be alright.
  4. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    We're going to take her today. I'll let you all know how it turns out.
  5. halaroo

    halaroo New Member

    Yikes. Keep us posted!
  6. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    We just got back from the vet. Her Kidney numbers were on the high side and she is anemic. They are keeping her for three days to give fluids and such.
  7. halaroo

    halaroo New Member

    Sending hugs your way. Can you visit her?
  8. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    They said that I can phone and check on her any time I want. It's so strange not having her home :(
  9. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    I'm sorry about being so short on my post. I'm more upset than I expected to be and am not good company right now.

    I didn't expect the vet to want to hospitalize her for a few days. Booger and I are constant companions. She cries when I'm not home. And she never goes out so right now she's in a totally different environment and away from me and with strangers.

    She was so frightened and scared during the trip there (she was literally trembling) and the exam (the first time I ever heard her hiss and growl. And I was the one holding her in place while she was going through this.

    I feel just horrible. But I know that I did the absolute right thing. I'm just crushed thinking about how scared she must be feeling right now away from me and home.

    I've been crying on and off all night.
  10. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Hi Cassie. I understand how sad you are feeling right now. I have been there too. It's okay to cry and be sad. I'm sure she misses you too and soon she will be home. I'm sorry she is not well. You did the right thing by taking her to the vet.
  11. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    Thanks for the kind post Chessmind.

    I phoned the vet's office this morning and her fever has broken so she is responding well to the antibiotics. They said that she's not eating much but after I told them that she never liked canned food, they said that they have the kidney-helping food in dry so they'll try that on her. I'm sure she'll eat fine once they switch her over to dry.

    They said that she cries now and then but she meows at them for attention when they walk by and she allows them to pet and play with her (until she's had enough LOL). So it sounds like she's doing fine and I felt a lot better after the call.

    I was soooo tempted to go and visit her today but I don't want to put her through the separation anxiety again needlessly just because I want to feel better. I can't wait to pick her up Monday.

    And geeze, I knew that I would miss her, but I never knew just how much! The house seems so empty without her.
  12. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    It's almost Monday. I hope both of you are hanging in there. Three days can seem so long when you are away from the furball you love.
  13. vene

    vene New Member

    Thinking of you and Booger. 3 days is an awful long wait for the both of you. Big hugs.
  14. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    If all is well, I should be able to bring her home tomorrow and I can't wait :eek:

    I hope she forgives me for putting her through this.
  15. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Hi Cassie. I think she'll just be so happy to be back home with you. Let us know what the vet said.
  16. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    I talked to the vet this morning. She said that Booger's kidney levels have come down but they are still on the high side of the normal range. She wants to keep her on fluids for a few more hours but I can pick her up around 4pm. She'll be coming home with some antibiotics and kidney diet food. I'll have to bring her back in next week for some more tests.

    I'm so excited to see her. I can't wait! I'm just sitting here clock-watching and it's driving me crazy! Hubby is so upset that he can't be here when she comes home, he's phoned me about 10 times already today LOL :mrgreen:
  17. halaroo

    halaroo New Member

    Awww... Booger is so loved! I'm sure she'll be just as happy to see you as you are to see her.
  18. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    I'm glad she's coming home soon. I hope the vet finds out what is wrong with her.
  19. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    I'm so sorry Booger is having problems and I hope she will be fine. I know she will be so happy to be back home with you. I understand how much you must miss her being away from home.

    Please keep us posted on how she is.
  20. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    I've got some problems...Booger is fine but I'm really not happy with this vet for several reasons.

    However, Boo is home and seems to be doing fine. She was a bit weirded out when she first got home (confused and frightened) but within a few hours, she seemed almost back to normal. She's sleeping now.

    On Friday during the exam, the vet picked up Booger's carrier (Boo was in it, hiding) and briskly walked out of the room saying to me over her shoulder that they'll go and do the blood work now. She literally whisked her away and told me to wait. That was the last time I saw Boo until today. It was very unsettling for me. The last time I saw her, she was trembling and cowering in her carrier.

    On Friday when the vet told me the results of Boo's blood studies, she said that Boo needed to stay over night to get fluids. I asked her how much would that cost and she went off to get me a print out of the expenses. Meanwhile I went outside to tell hubby what she had said. When I went back in to talk to her, all of a sudden, one night turned into 3.

    Also, when I left her there Friday, I was told that I could call any time day or night to check on her. I got through fine on Sat, but when I tried to call on Sun, all I got was an answering machine.

    When I got there to pick her up this afternoon, the vet came out to say that they just removed the IV and her paw is a little swollen so I had to wait while they wrapped it. The vet said I could remove the wrap tomorrow but 10 min later an aide said that I could remove it in a few hours and warned that she may limp a bit. This made no sense to me. I've had tons of IV's and never swelled or was so sore that I had to favor that hand. But every time I talked to the vet, she would mumble an instruction to me and walk away. Several times, I had to stop her from walking away to ask a question.

    At home, Booger was really uncomfortable hopping around on the wrap so I removed it a few hours after getting home and she sat and licked her paw for 15 min straight. I used a laser pointer to distract her and got her to stop.

    She licked it a lot but I don't know if it's because it's sore or because she feels strange about her fur having been shaved in that spot. When I removed the bandage, the cotton gauze under it looked like it had a mix of puss and blood on it. I'll keep an eye on it for infection. Her paw does look a little puffy but she's not limping.

    Also, when I picked her up the vet handed me a bag with six cans of Hill's Prescription Diet k/d food. I had told them three times that Boo will only eat dry food. When I phoned Saturday morning and talked to the aide, she mentioned that Boo was barely eating and I told her to switch to dry. She said (in a hushed tone) 'I'll open a bag of the dry and they'll probably give it to you when you pick her up'. She ate fine after that.

    Well, when the vet put the bag of canned food on the counter this afternoon, I asked her to switch them for the bag of dry. She went into the back and came back saying that they only had a 10 lb bag. I asked how much it was and she said $30. I said 'No way'. The vet said to hang on while she went back into the back area and came out with the 4lb bag that they had been feeding Booger from.

    I paid for the amoxi drops and left. I had already made up my mind that Booger will never return to this place again. When I got home and looked at the bill, they charged me $15 for the 4lb bag of dry on top of the amoxi drops and they didn't credit me the $7 that I had paid for the can food. Pretty shoddy service since I paid the entire bill in full of over $400 on Friday.

    Oh, and another thing, every time anyone there talked about Booger, they referred to her as 'he'. Even right up to the last minute.

    I'm seriously not comfortable with this new vet. They want me to bring her back next week for a follow-up but hubby and I have already decided to take her to her old vet for it. We don't care if it's an hour drive. We both just have a bad feeling about this place.

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