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Breeding my cockatiels...., I think my males instinct is off

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by Jwatkins, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. Jwatkins

    Jwatkins New Member

    I have a pair of cockatiels, that I am trying to get to breed. Yet, there seems to be a problem. My male does try to mate, but he tends to get on her back, and for somereason, he isn't making it anywhere else but the wing of my female pearl cockatiel. Can I do anything to help him actually mate with her, or am I stuck with a cockatiel the gets nothing but wing?
  2. Jwatkins

    Jwatkins New Member

    ......, ummm, am I alone here....

    ........, has anyone else had this problem?
  3. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi does he manage to press his tail feathers under her tail?

    How old are they as young males take some time to get the hang of things.

    Have you got everything prepared incase she starts laying eggs, Like extra cuttlefish bone and mineral block in there cage.
    Nest box,
    Introducing them to soft foods such as boiled eggs mashed up with there shell, boiled brown rice, boiled pasta, wholewheat bread.

  4. Chezza

    Chezza New Member

    Well said Mike..Please make sure they have extra feed for them, and all the essentials they need, as egg laying can take it out of them, and mating too..Mikes advice is just about it.. :y_the_best:
  5. Jwatkins

    Jwatkins New Member

    thnx a lot guys..., but...

    Yes, I have all the extras, I've modified their diet, and such, and she should be ready. She is about 19 months old, and he is about 26 months old. He doesn't try to press his tail under hers or anything. He just gets on top of her, and mates with her wing. From what I have heard from the lady I got him from, he has bred before. But what is he doing now? Either she wasn't sure and had the wrong bird, and he hasn't bred before, or hes forgotten how. Is there anything I could do tat might show him how, or will I have to wait longer...
  6. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    They never forget you may just have a female that not sure about him.
    Give them time and they will get it. there is nothing you can do do to make him get it right.

    he does sound like a novice bird but he could be an over keen.


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