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Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by vinomer, May 4, 2006.

  1. vinomer

    vinomer New Member

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    My problem is that i baught a bird about two weeks ago, baught everything they needed, food, toys, millet, cage, 8 in 1 flea killers, flea killer spray, vitamins EVERYTHING...Two days after that I brought it a friend, they were from the same petstore so they shared the same cage there, so they got along great. The second I put it in the cage both of them started chirping and chattering, i would usually let them out and they'd fly across the room one following the other and chirping as if playing marco polo. They'd groom eachother and feed one another and even sleep side by side by eachother. Well, last night I went outside (So they'd be in the sun more than being inside all day and just in case they had fleas) to change their tray and clean the bottom, taking out the trash rearranging their toys. When I went in I decided to pet the one I baught first because S/He'd gotten used to me a little bit, plus I started petting his neck area because he wouldnt move away like he/she used to. Well the other one jumped away so the one i was petting got scared and went through the cage door and flew away into the darkness. I was wondering if it would be okay or normal to introduce another parakeet perferrabely one that is opposite sex of the one that's in the cage. I dont care about them breeding, Id want them to breed so I can hand raise the little ones, im ready for it i guess. Im going to get them a nest box not just for breeding but for privacy or if one of them wants to get away after a fight lol. Anyway, the store just got some rares all white with spots of gray and thats what I wanted to get but the opposite sex of the one i already have. Since the rares are new they never got in contact with the one i have now, it'll be fun to see how they turn out.
    P.S lesson learned from a dummie, CLIP YOUR BIRDS WINGS, you'll save money and it will make things easier if you want to take your bird.
  2. vinomer

    vinomer New Member

    Oh and also, when i first got the birds they didnt have any marking on their faces except the little black spots on each side of the beak. But recently they both had a blue marking on their cheeks, is that any sign. and their feathers have gone from a darker color to a light color with blue all around its bottom. When i first got it the bird was yellow and green only and it somehow has a blue color to it. Also id like to clip the wings of the bird i have left myself buw ive never done it before, i know which ones to clip and how to do it but do you think its a good idea. Finally, for the first time the bird i have left let me rub its head and back but still trying to bite if i get too close to its face, is this a sign that it can trust me or begin to at least?
  3. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    It may be hard for the pet store to guarentee a definate sex of a young budgie, but 2 males or 2 females will get along as well as 2 of the opposite sex. With a new bird (especially one that has never been in contact with your bird) you'll want to quarentine the new bird in a seperate cage for a month to make sure it has no diseases that it can pass on to your bird.

    With wing clipping you'll probably want to get an avian vet to show you how. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it but I find it's much easier to do it if you've been shown how to do it properly. Just a word of caution, even a bird that has clipped wings can still fly a great distance outside, wing clipping doesn't completely inhibit a birds ability to fly.

    As far as breeding, you should wait until your birds are atleast 2 years of age before attempting to breed them. I wouldn't add a breeding box until they are around that age as it may encourage a female to begin to lay eggs. If you really want to hand raise babies, I would use the next few years to do as much research as you possibly can. Hand raising is very tedious and there are a number of problems that can arise if you don't know how to feed a baby properly.
  4. drab911

    drab911 New Member

    You had better not buy another bird until you grow up and learn how to properly take care of the birds.. you dont seem to care that the bird which flew away is probably dead now because of YOU and now all YOU can think about is getting another one, to make babies which will give you a hand raised one??
    Come on.. treat the birds you have like your children..
    Your comments have made me sick to my stomach!
  5. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Ok so i will probably offend here.

    Firstly the bird that flew away is your fault as the cage door should not have been opened when there is doors or windows in the house open.

    Getting a new bird of the opposite sex and not being bothered if they breed is irrisponsible (sp).

    Birds do not need a nest box for privacy this will only make the female lay eggs and this canbe a problem in itself.

    Do you know anything about breeding and handfeeding birds?
    Do you know how old birds should be before breeding?
    Do you know what foods and things the female needs before breeding season?
    Do you know what you should feed her during the breeding season and while she has chicks in the nest?
    Do you know how many eggs the average female parakeet lays?
    Do you know how long the incubation period is?
    Do you know the signs of egg binding in the female?
    Do you actually know what egg binding is and what it can do to the female?
    Do you know how many clutches the female should have before giving her a break?
    Do you know when she is in breeding condition?
    Can you tell the difference between te male and the female?
    Do you know wether you should remove the male to another cage while the female raises the babies or not?
    Do you know how to tell if the eggs are fertile or not?

    These are just some of the questions you need to answer and if you cant then sorry you need to stop and think before putting these poor birds through the trauma of mistakes which could have easily been avoided.

    Never ever give a pair of birds a nest they do not need one unless breeding and in mu opinion you are not ready to do so and you would only cause problems.

    Sorry if i have offened anyone or come across to strong but as a bird breeder it annys me when people think breeding animals is easy and you just put them both together and thats it, Without years of research and preperation

  6. vinomer

    vinomer New Member

    First, I didnt come here to start an arguement or offend anyone, I take care of my pets so please dont write me telling me I dont know how to care for them. Second, I do care about what happened to the one that flew away, that was the bird I knew I wanted when I saw it in the first place. What happened to it is completely my fault and Im sorry but I'm reading and learning something new about parakeets every day
    The only reason I mentioned another bird was because when Im at work I dont want him to be lonely and depressed. All I wanted was an opinion on whether it was a good Idea to introduce another bird but since you all gave me a rude and loud NO then I guess Im the only friend Buddy has (Named him buddy). When I mentioned breeding I didn't mean right there and then so dont think my whole purpose of buying this bird is to breed it, it would be nice to have baby parakeets but I guess I didn't write what I was trying to say exactily how I was thinking of the situation, it just came out in a desperate way but thats not really what I meant. I've wanted a parakeet for a very long time but with a lot of moving it was hard for me to do so. I used to take care of baby kittens until they were big enough and able to eat hard food and were house trained and then give them to families I know would take care of them but im very new to the bird world. Back to the parakeet, I did get his wings clipped and the thing with a warm towel I read on another thread worked well, it calmed him down real easy and the process was really simple. Also, since his wings have been clipped he's a lot more used to human hands then when i first got him, he's a lot more calm when I put my hand inside his cage to change the water or food. What I've learned is that he'll go to the bottom of the cage or inside his happy hut if he's uncomfterable with me being in there and then he'll screech loudly if he defenately wants me out of there.
    He'll wake me up every morning by chirping a lot or when he sees other birds fly by or he'll be at the floor of the cage and run from side to side really fast over and over again. Time to learn something Im guessing.
  7. Zeppy`s mom

    Zeppy`s mom New Member

    I thought you said that your bird flew away? You didn`t say anything about that! :?: :0010: Well you could of , but I didn `t see anything about it . By the way I am not tryin to offend you at all.

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