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building hamster cage and need advice/help

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by xgacktx, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. xgacktx

    xgacktx New Member

    let me start off by saying i'm a 16 year old girl and i love to build with wood. in the past i acquired a hamster and loved it but the cage was junk. it broke everytime i cleaned it. well as all hamsters do mine died. *tear tear* it's been about a year or two and i decided i would like another hamster. problem is i don't want another junk cage. i've build cages before for other animals but never a hamster i want to build my own but the only thing i can think to build with is wood. and we all know hamsters would chew it up. so someone suggested to me to build a cage entirely out of plexiglass but i'm not sure how 2 do that. i have a design and everything but how should i go about attaching the plexiglass to other plexiglass? some people are telling me it's impossible and it would brake and stuff. i also had the suggestion of a wire cage but (me being a blonde ^_^) can't figure out how to make a wire cage? i don't get how i could do that without making a structure but i can only do that out of wood. lol. plz help a poor blonde teen who wants to make a cage.

    (also whatever you suggest please make sure it would be easy to do because most of my designs are complexe and i need to be able to build it up with lots of attaching going on. so if it would take me a week to just put 3 sides together please don't bother with the suggestion. although it is apperciated i need something that will be time efficent. i have a job and i am doing summer courses to get ahead in school so i don't have all summer to mess around with time acquireing methods.)

    Thankz ALL! ^_^

  2. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    For plexiglass I believe you would have to use non-toxic silicone.

    I think the easiest cage solution for a hamster would be an aquarium. A standard 20 gallon would be great for a Syrian (Teddy Bear Hamster) or a 10 gallon for a dwarf hamster and it's fairly inexpensive to just get the glass aquarium. You can also pick up an inexpensive mesh top for the aquarium or make one yourself out of wood and mesh (As long as the hamster can't reach the wood frame of the top).

    The glass aquarium would be much easier to clean than plexiglass. Syrian hamsters don't need all of the tubes and unless you make them yourself (which would probably take a great deal of time), most of the store bought tubes are designed for dwarf hamsters and are too small for a full grown Syrian.
  3. xgacktx

    xgacktx New Member

    hi just wanted every1 to know my sister (this is her account but i'm on it 2 post a question i have) is doing fine with her hamsters. not sure what kind of hamsters she got or how she made the cage but i know her hamsters are doing well. 1 even had babies that are doing extremely well! ^_^ she asked me 2 tell you all that everything is going fine and thankz 4 the advice.

    ps go check out my question if you have the time! it deals with frogs. (what can i say, we are a big pet family ^_^ owned almost anything you can think of)

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