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Bullmastiff Pitbull Mix

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by angie0923, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. angie0923

    angie0923 New Member

    Hello - I have a beautiful Bullmastiff Pitbull Mix and I'm trying to see if anyone else does. There was a board on this subject but it expired and I wasn't able to comment. Thanks.
  2. Freedom

    Freedom New Member

    I had one when he was a puppy, his name was Sebastian and he was an absolute sweetheart. I had pictures of him on my old comp. but unfortunately it crashed and we had to get a new one. He was a beautiful puppy, brown coloring with a black overlay. As far as his looks go, he looked like a bullmastiff minus all the massive wrinkles and drool. He was quite stunning, I just wish I could have kept him :(
  3. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Here is one full grown

    a friend also had one, he was so cute, was marked and resembled a bullmastiff, but was the same as above minus the drool/wrinkles.
  4. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    A good friend of ours has one. He looks more like a pit bull than a bullmastiff though. I'll post a pic as soon as I find one.
  5. angie0923

    angie0923 New Member

    Thank you everyone.
  6. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

  7. angie0923

    angie0923 New Member

    Thanks again. I would attach his picture if I could figure out how :cry:
  8. angie0923

    angie0923 New Member

  9. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    It says error url not found. You can just post a link to your picture trail album and we can view your dog there.
  10. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit New Member

    Hey True!

    That guy looks like a tiger! He's beautiful! But it does illustrate the point that those "big 'n bully" pits ARE probably mastff crosses. ..
    Nevertheless, I would be proud to own a dog like that!
  11. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Yeah he does. The big dogs generally are mixed to get them "big n bully". I wouldn't mind owning a dog like him except I don't like big dogs...lol But if they were all that nice looking as whopper I might consider one, but dogs down from him some are very ugly! Would be a proud owner, but never proud to call it an APBT, plain n simply I'd call it an APBT/Mastiff cross because thats what it is and I'd be proud of my cross bred dog. Like any other bandog owner.

    One thing I can say is a plus is he does look like a mastiff, has the marks, build, powerfull look but doesn't have the excess wrinkles or drooling.
  12. amelendez611

    amelendez611 New Member

    my baby is a mix too

    we got a bullmastiff ptbull mix 3 months ago. and let me just say he has been the best addition to our family. we have 3 kids, 3 cats, 2 chis and now tyson. he has been very easy to train verbal and hand commands. lovable in every way. i was worried however that he was going to be too friendly with everyone and not know to protect the house. we got best of both worlds. he has already proven he can love all but try to break in well he is there to save us.
  13. Rogner2000

    Rogner2000 New Member

    Bull Mastiff/ Pit mix

    I have a 9y/o Bull Mastiff Pit mix. With his colors, he more than anything looks like a small short hair st. banard...lol. Best dog in the world. I'm currently looking to find a female of same mix to breed with my dog. I only want a puppy or two out of the litter. This dog has one of the best temperments.
  14. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Rogner2000, Why do you want to breed this dog?
    Just because your dog has a great temperment does not mean that this will pass on to his offspring as there could be some issues of agression down the line somewhere.

    The thing with most crossbreeds or mongrels as i call them is that you do not know the full history of the blood line.

    Breeding just so can keep a puppy or two is no reason to breed.
    There is more involved than putting two dogs together and hoping they will produce a litter.

    Sorry to have ranted but it does anoy me a little bit when people breed crosses.

  15. Rogner2000

    Rogner2000 New Member

    reply to charmedagain's post

    I love my cross bred dog. Also I do know where the blood lines have came from on my dog. It would be the possiable blood line from the other that would be the concern. I want a pup from my dog because i want one with his blood line in it. And it also goes the same for pure breds, and some pure bred breeds are known for there inbreeding in there lines.
    Also health wise. There is no proof that a pure bred is any better than a mix breed.
  16. MuddPrincess

    MuddPrincess New Member

    I too have a mastiff / Pitty cross, he is the 2nd one I've had, they are sweet dogs, very loyal!!!

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