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Buster is now 2 years old!

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by luvmyangels, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. luvmyangels

    luvmyangels New Member

    Life has changed forever, I cant imagine life without my precious Bussy Bear.

    Ive been asked, usually with a look of horror in the persons eyes, so many times "How can you allow a dog that big to live inside?!". Buster is a very easy dog to live with. Inside he's a quiet, mellow boy content to hang out close to his people and snooze all while keeping a very close eye on what we're up to. Outside he's all puppy silliness, play bows & laps around the yard, his big nose buried as deep into the snow as he can get it, forever curious about the world he lives in.

    He's growing up into a nice, confident dog. Always willing to greet a guest, more than one sales person has been caught off guard when Bus has poked his head around me or Rob to see who's come to visit him...much like a young child, his world revolves around him. Each afternoon when the alarm on my cell phone goes off Buster gets excited since that sound means its time to walk up to the bus stop & get the girls. He loves everyone but especially adores little kids.

    Health wise, he's doing well. Over the last couple years we've discovered he's allergic to grains. Corn and wheat are also contact allergens, corn (specifically the corn based deodorizers in Febreze) triggers staph infections while wheat causes hives (discovered after bathing him with a shampoo made for dogs with sensitive skin). Ingesting grains triggers all sorts of gastro. upset along with the worst ear infections Ive ever seen (yeast & bacteria combined to do a number on my poor boy). Through it all, he's stayed the sweet, gentle puppy I fell in love with. Spoiled? Yes I am!

    Someone PLEASE come play with me before I die of boredom!

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