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can anyone help me with a problem with aggression?

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by dustnbones, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. dustnbones

    dustnbones New Member


    I'm hoping someone here has experience with curbing aggression between two dogs.

    I have a 5 year old Shepherd Mix named Frisco who is a sweetheart. Three weeks ago, I got a 12 week old Doberman for his companion. I live alone and work long hours and I was feeling pretty badly about leaving him alone all of that time 5 days a week.

    When I brought Sadie home, he was pretty mean to her for a few days. He's a bit spoiled and didn't want to share his toys or house. He's also a bit food aggressive with her. He was like that with me when he was young, but we corrected that issue.

    They now get along wonderfully inside of the house (I still feed them separately). They play all of the time. Frisco gives Sadie a bath and cleans her ears and Sadie follows Frisco everywhere and has to do everything Frisco does. It all seems great... until we go outside.

    Once outside, Sadie turns into a little demon. She plays very rough, which would be okay except it always ends in a fight. They were like that in the house at first, but I corrected that behavior; which was much easier because they don't have an acre to run around on and I could grab one of them easily. Now, she's almost submissive to Frisco inside, they play very well together. Outside, she's aggressive with him and will NOT stop. She grabs his neck and won't let go, she growls and shows her teeth. She's a completely different dog. I used to be able to just yell NO in a loud voice and it would stop her. That doesn't work anymore.

    I don't know if it's a matter of her learning how to play or if it's dominance? it used to be triggered when my older dog would fall and roll over on his back which she perceived as submission, but now, it's really every time they play regardless of how Frisco acts. My yard is too big to stop them. I can't run anywhere near as fast as they can.

    The guy I got her from said she was a bully. He fosters a lot of dogs in his home and he said he had to put her with the big dogs to kind of put her in her place.

    I'd let them work it out, but she's going to be a big dog and I'm afraid that she'll hurt Frisco if she's still like that when she's bigger. I also don't want her to be aggressive toward other dogs.

    She's an absolute sweetheart other than that one issue. She's loveable and adores Frisco until they play outside. She'll fight with him and then two seconds later, follow him everywhere he goes like his little shadow. I can tell she is attached to him, I just can't figure out why this one problem keeps happening and how to stop it.

    Has anyone else dealt with this and have any suggestions on how to curb this behavior? I'd be very grateful for any input.


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