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Can anyone please help me!

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by 4K, May 23, 2004.

  1. 4K

    4K New Member

    Momma cat died a couple of days ago, leaving us to take her 4, 2week old kittens. They were all doing great, eating great, etc.. Until last night when one of the kittens was just lifeless.. did not respond to anything! His eyes were dilated, wouldnt respond to being blown on, or touching! Well at 5 in the morning he 'woke up' like nothin happend. He ate pretty good, and was VERY playful! Now around 6:30 he is doing it again. I fed the kittens before this, and he didnt eat it, the little he did eat he pucked it up! Now he is completely not responding again! I DONT GET IT! I dont get what i am doing wrong, i really do not want him to die as he is my favorite! PLEASE tell me what this might be.. Thank you
  2. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    how did momma cat die?

    do a google search on Fading Kitten Syndrome see if that might be similar to what is going on.
  3. nern

    nern New Member

  4. russianbluefanatic

    russianbluefanatic New Member

    i wonder if the kitten has had some kinf of seizure of something.
    i think you are best to see a vet with the little one as soon as you can.
  5. 4K

    4K New Member

    Thanks for the advise! He woke up out of alot more faster than he did the first time. He didn't really want to eat that much last night.. But this morning he was VERY hungry, which is good! If he does it again, we are taking him to the vet. We would of tooken him today, but he is eating, going to the potty and being a normal kitten, so hopefully he will stay that way. I will get pictures for you to see when i have the time!

  6. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    i know you are in the midst of crisis for the kitty, but i just wanted to let you know how sorry i am about the momma kitty dying. please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. i am sorry for your loss.
  7. 4K

    4K New Member

    Well I am glad to say he has been himself for now 3days, and nothing has happend! :eek: Every kittens is doing so good, we even got a real little litter box, and put in the box with them. They actully use it, and are going on 3weeks! I have even started taking them outside, as they can walk very good.. part of me thinks they are a little older but then part of me doesnt. Im not sure.

    We do not know how Momma cat died, the night before we found the kittens we had heard kittens crying outside. It was to dark to go out there and see where they were(we love kittens) and if we turned on the light the bugs were all swermin around. So i told mom i would go check the next morning. So, it was around 8am, and i went to check under the deck and there they where. I seen momma cats tail, and said "Oh hey momma" And she didnt do anything. She was laying on her stomack sorrda like she went peacfully in her sleep maybe. There were 2 kittens by her and the other 2 where a little further on a towel (we have towels under the deck for the cats) Actully it was a old sleeping bag that they were laying on.
    But they are doing great, and hopefully they will all grow up and get great indoor homes :D
  8. nern

    nern New Member

    How sad that their mom died. I'm glad they are doing well.
  9. vene

    vene New Member

    I'm so sad about momma kitty. Enjoy the little ones. I'm pleased they are doing well!
  10. 4K

    4K New Member

    Around 12:30 the white kitten had passed on :cry: I am very sad about it, as he was not very well the day before.. But i am happy the kitten is in a good place. Then around 1 today, the black and white kitten passed too. The kitten was also not looking or doing good, he finally passed on too. Now the tiger kitten doesnt look very good, and hopefully the kittenw will make it through. The black kitten is very healthy and eating good.. I miss the other 2 kittens though! And we dont know how they died
  11. dolly

    dolly New Member

    :( I'm sorry to hear about the kittens, they are with their mommy now.
  12. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    Take them to the vet. Don't just wait around and hope they don't die. Or take them to a shelter or somewhere they can get care.
  13. fleafly

    fleafly New Member

    Even with the best of care orphaned kittens don't have a high survival rate. Usually it is 50% or so. They get infections very easily. You should probably visit a vet, the two surviving kittens may need antibiotics.

    With a momma cat raising them the survival rate for a litter of kittens is 30%. Don't feel bad about them dying, there was nothing you could do about it.
  14. vene

    vene New Member

    I'm so sorry about your loss. :cry:
  15. 4K

    4K New Member

    The tiger kitten is still alive, he ate some today! He is very dehidrated though. It is sunday and no vets are open and then Monday is memorial day and they are not opend then either. Can we do anything to make the dehidration go away? Also the tiger kitten has some crust around his eyes, and when ever we get it off, there is still soft stuff on his eye.. Anything we can do to clear it?
  16. fleafly

    fleafly New Member

    Clean his eye with a warm washcloth. He probably needs some eye cream from the vet. There isn't really anything over the counter for kitten's eyes, so for now just keep it clean.

    For the dehydration, make sure they get plenty of water. Cats need 1 cc of water per lb per hour. A cc is the same as a ml. Also you can give them pedialyte either straight or mixed with water. Pedialyte will help restore their electrolytes if they are dehydrated. Any grocery or drug store will have it.
  17. 4K

    4K New Member

    There poop is not runny anymore.. The tiger kitten's is a orange/yellow color and is curly.. The black ones is dark, more poo looking color and the same shape. Normal? They are starting to go longer on feeding times. We will take them to the vet tomarrow, so hopefully we will know if anything is wrong with any of them soon! We just cant pay for high vet bills.
  18. PilotKitten

    PilotKitten New Member

    It might be a sign of a respitory infection (the eye goopy stuff) ...my kittens had that when I got them from the pound. One just needed a small shot and the other needed eye medication (it was like a gel I had to put on and sorta massage in)....it wasn't that expensive. And I'm a poor college student so I know what it's like not to have any money.

    It'll be alright, you're taking them to the vet and it sounds like everything will work out. Good Luck. :y_the_best:
  19. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    i dont feel qualified to give you info on hydration for a kitten, but i know alot of people on this forum will probably reply. you may want to go back through the past topics, because i know i have read information there about hydrating young kittens. also the internet can give you info if you type the key words in. good luck. i feel very sad about the little ones.
  20. 4K

    4K New Member

    Both are still alive and kickin :D We are taking them to the vet tomarrow at 7, mom has been VERY busy with her dog stuff, painting, shipping etc.. And so i finally got her to call the vet today and they go in 2marrow. I will tell you how it goes.. Thanks for all the info

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