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Cat bites my Pit

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by StormyMoon, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. StormyMoon

    StormyMoon New Member

    Piper is very beautiful infact that is exactly what mystical looks like only solid black!

    What is your pit ranked under??
    Am staff
    American pit terrier or what?
    Just wondering

    Reason I ask is because the people who gave her to us where unfortanatly back yard breeders and do not have papers on their pits but I knew if I didnt take her she would be used for breeding more or much worse pit fighting.
    I took her in after studing about her breed as much as I could on line,
    before bringing her into my house full of kids and my other pet.

    The Dr was amazed that she was extreemly dosile that she was not agressive not even one bit she let him give her all her shots with out one ounce of a complaint and even kissed him after.
    She is my love child I call her she is everything to me not because she is a breed but because she is my baby...
    My Rottie Queeny is not full blood rottie she is mixed
    but knowing as much about mystical is important to me.
    Any ways I was wanting to register her under the UKC would I be able to even though I dont have those papers or proof?
    just wondering...
  2. Piper's Mom

    Piper's Mom New Member

    I'm glad to hear the vet's visit was positive. It is unfortunate that he did not give you more of his attention, in my opinion. Maybe there is another vet you could visit the next time there is a problem?

    Piper is a registered American Pit Bull Terrier. However, she came from a BYB - I attribute her health issues with this. Unfortunately, I did not do enough homework before I picked my puppy - BUT, I would not trade this sweet baby for the world!

    Piper is very good at the vet's office. She had to have 3 staples in her cheek two weeks ago and never flinched. She had been good about getting her shots and skin scrapings, as well. APBT's are very loving, affectionate dogs, contrary to popular belief.

    I do not know the registration rules. I know it has been discussed before in this forum, so maybe you can do a search or even begin a new thread asking that particular question.

    Good luck to you and to Mystical ... you are lucky to have each other!
  3. StormyMoon

    StormyMoon New Member

    You know the vet argued with me but i let him have his say i was not going to fight this man on it he said she apeard to be a charpe lol but as you can see from her pictures she dont look like a charpe she looks pit she did lose some weight due to stress of itching i did my best to make her as comfortable as possible till the vet could see her.
    I gave her oat meal baths to sooth itching I loved on her pampered her.
    she scared me a bit at first because i was worried that she would just give up and not thrive to live and I love her so much.
    He did find demo on her... but as far as why he said she was charpe i have no clue other than when she lost weight her face wrinkled more but not on the body just around her face.

    [​IMG]<< thats her before treatment and here is after
    much better so now she is putting weight back on and looking healthy fur is growing back he gave me 8 surenges of medication to give her everyother day she has 3 more to go
  4. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    I dont think she looks like a Sharpei, I think like you said with the demodex and the hair loss her face is a little wrinkled and on the pics youve posted it looks like her ears might be a little shorter than the average Pit but I wouldnt have thought Sharpei....looks like a Pit to me. And a very cute one too. :)
  5. Piper's Mom

    Piper's Mom New Member

    I'm happy to hear she is feeling and looking much better!
  6. StormyMoon

    StormyMoon New Member

    Funny lol i always thought her ears were huge

    this is her as a puppy

    I need to get a 35MM and get some pictures while at the dog park because she is black its really hard to catch all her features as we see them here in person she is such a goof ball really but extreemly smart I dont think I have ever had a dog that was as smart as her.

    She can open our bed room doors now she has taught her self this she is very good at not jumping the fence which I am impressed with because I have a rott wieler who will always jump the fence if no one has their eyes on her.

    I am just a proud mummy lol

    but I brag about her and baby her as if she were one of my kids last nite was her first full nite in the crate I felt so bad about that i usualy sneak her out so that she can sleep on my pillow but she is getting to where she barks at the window which is right by my head I dont want to discourage her from barking when she hears something but at the same time i dont want to be frightend out of my sleep lol cause she is very loud very vocal.

    Since she has been on the Ivomec I have noticed she has 2 times had a breathing issue during nite hours.
    They said just keep an eye on her they cant see anything right now but it was like she was having an azma attack made deep in through nose sound and out through the mouth and her neck would get hard so the other nite was very scarry for me last nite she was fine so i dont know if it just got to stuffy for her in my room it was hot I am in texas so the room did get a bit hot I took her for a small walk let her walk it off and then the rest of the nite we slept with the window open.

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