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cat obsessed with bacon bits, is there a healthy alternate?

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by blaklilac, May 27, 2004.

  1. blaklilac

    blaklilac New Member

    Yeah, Wolverine LUVS bacon bits, chips, any meat product he can get his teeth into, well, basically anything in the kitchen. I know this isn't good for him, but he can't go cold turkey cause he steals food an that's even worse. so, are there any good snacks out there meant for kitties? If i can divert his attention away from what we eat, my family (cats and humans) will live a happier life. he's got plenty of meal-time food, but it's the snacks that really drive him crazy. we can't even open the refridgerator door without him trying to jump in or sitting in front and eyeing the shelves as if he's deciding on the selection. unfortunately, he was already accustomed to human food when we got him (probably from digging in trash cans) *sigh* Thanx a bunch.
  2. nern

    nern New Member

    Maybe you could try a freeze dried meat treat such as Liv-a-Littles or the Old West meat treats which come in lamb, beef, shrimp or salmon. My cats went nuts over the chicken Liv-a-Littles and Bean really liked the Old West shrimp treats. You can probably find the Old West treats in most major pet supply shops.
  3. vene

    vene New Member

    Hello Black Lilac. Do you have a pic of Wolverine? How did you come up with the name and how old is he? Was it from X-Men by any chance? My Pooky and Venus used hop in the frige all the time. They outgrew it after 1 year old. Pooky on the other hand would knock over our foods, especially cold cuts. Cold cuts are not good for them as someone else pointed out in another post. I don't think it's good for humans either- too much nitrates, salts, preservatives, etc. But we gave in to Pooky. We gave him cold cuts every now and then to satisfy him. After we switched foods from Iams to Wellness etc., my cats are less inclined to beg for treats. I wonder if your Wolverine will like the healthy cat treats that they sell in specialty pet food shops? Does he like catnip and other toys? Have you tried distracting him with them at mealtimes or when the refrigerator is opened?
  4. fleafly

    fleafly New Member

    Most bacon bits don't actually have bacon in them. Most of them are made from textured vegetable protein. Unless you get the ones that are actually advertised as having bacon, they probably don't have any bacon in them.

    I agree with nern about the cat treats.
  5. blaklilac

    blaklilac New Member

    LOL, Vene, you got me..we actually took him off the street last summer, and it just so happened that I had seen X2 the day before. anyways, I don't know how to post pics :( , but despite the name, he's really the friendliest cat we have. I think he was around a year then, so he should be close to 2 years old now. We feed him Purina for a healthy urinary tract, and he does like to play alot, however, i don't ever recall him getting into the catnip that much. I will check out petstores and look at those cat treats..I have to do something! already I caught him munching down with his head burrowed in a potato chip bag. (thanx to my brother) and then I caught him again drinking coke out of a cup. (thanx to my brother again)..he is cute as a button when he's begging for food though!! ;)

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