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Cat w/ possible UTI?

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by zarate, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. zarate

    zarate New Member

    Around 4 mos. ago I had my cat to the vet to rule out a urinary tract infection and the results were clear and he had not infection. Well, lately he's been scratching around the carpet in my room as if he's trying to cover something, then when I check there is nothing there. Well this morning he was doing that, and when I told him "no" he would meow like he was disgusted. He did that each time he scratched and I told him no (it was 5:30 this morning mind you) so finally he went outside my door and started and when I got up that time to see, he had just urinated on the floor. Right outside the room where his litter box is. So I checked to see he in fact had access to his box, which he did. So then I asked my husband if he cleaned the litter box like he was supposed to, and he said not yet that he forgot (he's also got 2 jobs, not an excuse....but he's only 1 person and I can't change his box as I am pregnant.) So I don't know if he did that because his box was dirty and he didn't like that, or if the vet could have made a mistake and he infact does have a UTI? What other signs should I be looking for while I wait? I've been calling the vet all afternoon and there is no answer as I need to make an appointment for my dog, and may as well take the cat as well. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. footsie

    footsie New Member

    It it is a UTI, its probably a new one, I don't think a cat could go 4 months without showing more symptoms.

    Have you seen him trying to go, but not being able to pass the urine? Does he seem overly tired or out of sorts? Does he seem to be in pain? Is he drinking and eating? Is he squating to go everywhere, or just scratching? A UTI can be very serious. Worse, if he has a urine blockage it could kill him! (My cat had a blockage about a year ago)

    In any case he should to to the vet as soon as possible. If you suspect a blockage or that he has a fever, then he needs to go to the vet NOW! An emergancy vet or a vetrinary clinic will usually take cats without an appointment. Its very strange to me that the vet's office wouldn't answer their phone.
  3. vene

    vene New Member

    I agree. Have your cat checked ASAP. Congrats on your pregnancy. You can still scoop and clean the litter box provided that you wear disposable gloves and a good mask. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. You run a higher risk of catching toxoplasmosis from handling raw meats than dealing with litterboxes from indoor kitties. I had to scoop litter often when I was pregnant with both my babies because my huband worked frequent overnight shifts and very long hours. I hope your kitty is just protesting his litter not being changed often and not from an UTI.


  4. zarate

    zarate New Member

    Thanks for the replies. I gave up calling the vet and just took him in, unfortunately when I got there they weren't even open. I then took him to my parents house to visit for awhile (where he grew up) and he acted fine, tortured my parents dog as usual and did his normal walk through of the house to check out any "changes". I haven't noticed him acting any different lately, he seems normal. He eats and drinks fine, and he is passing urine as there was a nice size puddle on the carpet where he went this morning and there was urine in his box. He wasn't squating, only scratching. I haven't noticed him giong to his box excessively either. I'm really hoping he was acting like that this morning cuz of his litter box. But I'm gonna try the vet again tomorrow, it's very unusual they were closed today, but then again it's a very small clinic in a small town. If I can't get ahold of the vet tomorrow I'll just take him elsewhere and follow up at my vet. I don't think he's got crystals or is blocked. My brothers cat was blocked about 7 years ago (these 2 cats are the same age, and we got them a month apart, so they grew up together....they are now 8) and he had to have emergency surgery, and he hasn't had any problems since. My cat never had that problem before, and I'm hoping he won't have any blockage problems as he's on a low pH food as was suggested for my brothers cat when this happened. Anyways thanks again for your help!
  5. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    I might switch his litter if I were you. I changed to an unscented, non-clumping litter and both cats prefer it. I only switched one box first and Copper started using it exclusively. But Sabrina also chose that box so now I switched all of them. And have you thought about adding another box? I also spread the boxes out around my house. Not ideal, but it has helped.

    Good Luck to you, I feel your pain. :wink:
  6. zarate

    zarate New Member

    Well he doesn't have a UTI. It must have been because of his litter box. I think I'll get a second one as someone recommended. Where should I put the second box? Next to his other one, or in a totally separate area? We're sort of limited on space to put a box, but if it will prevent "accidents" on the carpet I won't hesitate to get another box. Also another had mentioned switching litter. I've had him on the same litter for 8 years and he has never seemed to dislike it, should I still try to switch it? I could go for cheaper litter that would be wonderful! Is there a certain brand you recommend, which do you use? Thanks for all the suggestions.
  7. vene

    vene New Member



    Sounds like you may have to do trial and error with different locations and types of litter. Personally I like Dr. Elsey's Ultra Precious multi cat litter. I like Arm & Hammer too, but it's a little costly and has more dust than Dr. Elsey's litter.
  8. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    I buy Publix's brand unscented, non-clumping litter. That's the only unscented I could fine and it's $2.59 for a 25#bag. I also moved one of the boxes to the guest room. That's the one my problem child prefers. I have to dump the whole box about every 2 days and refil. But I think I still come out cheaper. I've also started trying to remove the used litter with a garden trowel because you can't sift this kind.

    I had used the same clumping litter for years too. Who knows why they decide they don't like it anymore??
  9. zarate

    zarate New Member

    Because they are cats....need I say more? LOL
    I will try the second litter box and an unscented litter.
    Thank you all for your help! We appreciate it.
  10. luna

    luna New Member

    my male cat buster has had uranary track infection 2 and almost died the second time. you might want to swich his food to dads uranary tract formula or purinas uranary track infection. you also might want to get your vet to check for christalists, male cats are twice as likely to get them as females. if you see blood in your cats urine you want him at the vet as soon as posible because that means he has UTI also trying to go and nothing comes out means that he has chrystalilsts and he needs them removed pronto.

    sometimes my cats try to cover stuff up and they make a funny face. nothings wrong with that, it doesnt mean they need new litter it just means they dont like the smell

    hope you find out whats up.

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