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CBBers meet here and check in

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by APBTsRock, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. pattyk9

    pattyk9 New Member

    sorry I think my picture is too big.. will need help getting it to the right size.. sorry.. :cry:
  2. wavesnbreezes

    wavesnbreezes New Member

    How do I add my picture?

    How do I add my picture on here? Also, is there a signature line that goes from post to post like on the AOL Boards? Thanks!
  3. wavesnbreezes

    wavesnbreezes New Member

    Re: How do I add my picture?

    Testing signature line.
  4. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Not sure where people went...Think alot are still around life got pretty busy for alot of them...It's always good to have new people show up to bring older forums back to life....
  5. octanecwc

    octanecwc New Member

    Re: How do I add my picture?

    To add the avatar it has to be a certain size from photobucket.
  6. upjoey

    upjoey New Member

    Back in the USA

    Back in the USA....jet-lagged this morning....just trying to remember and set into my ossified grey matter how this forum works.

    Has my star rating gone up yet ?? Tee hee
  7. pattyk9

    pattyk9 New Member

    Re: How do I add my picture?

    Yes -But I forgot how !!!! (CRS) !!!! HAAA
    I think if you go into your profile, there is a place for a URL ... I used a picture I had in photobucket.. I think it is too big. and yes there is a way to put a signature line in.. again I THINK it is in the profile ..
  8. wavesnbreezes

    wavesnbreezes New Member

    Re: How do I add my picture?

    I figured out the signature line, but I don't have any pics in photobucket. I'll have to work on that next. Thanks!
  9. Av8nmom

    Av8nmom New Member

    I finally made it!

    Had to have a bit of an attitude adjustment with the Lo In but we have finally come to an agreement. :wink
    Gonna take me a while to figure all this out.
    In the mean time..."HI" Everyone!
    For those that aren't from the CBB:
    I'm Jeannie. I have waaaay too many dogs. Work in rescue, ( hence too many dogs) and am very happy to be here.
    Now off to work on a siggie.
  10. Av8nmom

    Av8nmom New Member

    WHOA!! That's just waaaay too big. Sorry everyone!
  11. Av8nmom

    Av8nmom New Member

    Yaaaay. Now it's a good size. It was actually bigger than Little Man is in real life, before. LOL!
  12. wavesnbreezes

    wavesnbreezes New Member

    I'm going crazy on here!!!

    I uploaded my photo(s) to Photobucket and I can't get either one to be my avatar on here. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I'm going crazy!!! LOL! Help!
  13. Rmenard520

    Rmenard520 New Member

    Hey I think I made it!! :eek: Thanks again Jeannie for the link.

    In case you are wondering this is Robin, from Vermont. I will try later to get my pictures of Cosmo and Penny on here.
  14. llkidney

    llkidney New Member

    Is this where CBB is going or is there another new board.....so confused here :)
  15. APBTsRock

    APBTsRock New Member

    Re: I'm going crazy on here!!!

    Hey Pamela ... later tonight I'll try to explain it to you (unless someone helps you sooner) I'm at work.

    Glad you made it Robin! :y_the_best:
  16. Tray8386

    Tray8386 New Member

    Waving Hello! :eek:
  17. APBTsRock

    APBTsRock New Member

    Hi Tracey .... Jeannie. Pamela, sorry I havent sent you instructions its been a rough week. Soon "K", unless someone can tell her how to size down pics in photobucket?
    Good night ladies ... sleepy time
  18. octanecwc

    octanecwc New Member

    Hey peoples! Its Heather with the corigs. More folks have made it!
  19. Dogstar716

    Dogstar716 New Member

    Checking in. I think?
  20. suzspots

    suzspots New Member

    Hello everybody! I'm Here!!

    ...I was waiting patiently for an invitation with the link...but had to crash the party instead! tee hee hee!

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