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Cockatiels for adoption - Free to good home

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by Neil, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Neil

    Neil New Member

    I have to give my 2 lovely cockatiels up for adoption. I am moving across the country and the Canadian Government will not allow me to transport my 2 domestic birds from Vancouver to Halifax. They think that their is potential for the newly discovered "Avian Flu" to be transported to Hailfax. I live no where even close to the so called "hot zone". The birds are healthy and have been with me for 2 years in my apartment. The migratory birds that frequent the effected area would be much more likely to catch something and spread it, than my birds at home a 50 miles away. But the government doesn't think so. We have ran out of time as no one will help with our effort to fly them safely to Halifax. We have exhausted every avenue in hopes of keeping them, but we cannot.

    One is male (2yrs), white and yellow, other is female (6yrs), grey and white. They have a wooden cage with toys that comes with it. They are somewhat hand friendly, but I do not think that they would be kid friendly. They have great, fun loving personalities and need a loving, understanding home. So if you would like to adopt these little critters, please contact me at: n_campbell@telus.net

    Neil :cry:
  2. scootergirl

    scootergirl New Member

    (((neil))) I am so sorry! Wish I could help w/the adoption but can't. Hopefully someone will be able to give them as good of a home as you have. So sad.....
  3. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    I wish I could help too but I doubt that since you can't get them to Halifax you probably won't be able to get them to Toronto either.

    Best of luck in finding them a home!
  4. ilovebirds

    ilovebirds New Member

    OH darn it,I live in Halifax/dartmouth and I first misread it.I was all excited,I would have taken them in a heartbeat.

    Hope you find a good home for them!
  5. ilovebirds

    ilovebirds New Member

    I know driving is very far,but is there away they could be transported that way safely? I know its a far fetched question....
  6. beautfulmine

    beautfulmine New Member

    hey were you from?
    i have brid at home and i dont mine haveing more bird :p
    im in atlanta ga how far?

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