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Cocker eats stool in the yard

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Sue, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Sue

    Sue New Member

    How can I stop my 7 year-old Cocker from eating her own and my other dog's stool in the yard? I can't keep ahead of them in picking up, esp. at night. I've tried every product, incl. MSG. I can't lock the doggy door because of the other dog. Please help! Her breath is so bad, I can't stand to have her near me, but I do love my dog!
  2. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Sue did you ever get this resolved? You might want to do a web search on this. I can't put the link in here yet because I am new to the board. It is not uncommon and is called Coprophagia (Stool-Eating).
    My boxer/lab does this too but I don't have a yard so I have to go out with him and watch to make sure that he doesn't do this gross habit.
    Good luck to you
  3. Sue

    Sue New Member

    All I can do is lock the doggy door and go out with her myse

  4. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Sue all I saw was what you typed in the subject line did you say anything else after you go out with her yourself? Type in the box next to the emoticons that way we can see everything that you typed.
    If that was it well that's ok to that's what I have to do with Buster oh well we do what we got to do right?
  5. AC from TO

    AC from TO New Member

    While I have never had this problem with my own dog....it is very common and I have helped many owners of dogs I've trained through this. It really simplifies the problem since you can control the diet of the dog's who's stool he's eating.

    Add a teaspoon of crushed pineapple to their food daily. This makes it taste bad for your dog. (don't really know how it tasted good in the first place) It doesn't work right away but you should see results soon.

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