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Community of animal cruelty

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by indica, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. indica

    indica New Member

    My name is natasha, and i recently posted a topic called protection. I was trying to learn how to teach my dog to protect herself when what i should have bin posting was this.
    I live in a small community (researve) on the out parts of vancouver island. It is an area only accessable by boats or planes and houses about 400 people. The problem i have is with the animals that live here. There are about two or three dogs to every one person that is out here, and much more to come. None of the dogs are spayed or nudered and about 8 months ago a littler of all females was born so you could just imagine what is on the way. Not only that but the people out here make me sick.
    I have lived here for about a year and within a year i have seen more dead cats and dogs then i thought i would ever have to see in my entire life. Every time i go out i see some form of abuse towards animals wether its physical, environmental, ect...
    there is no vet out here, or pound. there is one cop that dose nothing but shoot the dog that is the problem at the time.
    Ive seen a dog hit in the head with a macheddie cut wide open and nothing was done about it.
    a person has walked up onto someones porch and shot a dog infront of its owners and kids. and nothing was done about it.
    Kids get puppies and throw them in ditches and bushes. They take them onto trampolines and see how high they can bounce them.
    I have even heard of a kid admitting to putting rat poison in a sandwitch and feeding it to a little puppy. And that isnt even the extent of it. The environment that all these animals are living in is enough to make any animal lover sick. There is garbage everywhere, because most of the animals are strays or have owners that dont do anything for their dog they just want to have one with their name on it to make them feel special i guess. But anyways their not fed so their all digging in the garbage for whatever they can get. The dogs arent bathed or brushed, and some of them have mats so bad that they look like mops. one dog was helped by another lady that i have a small aquaintance with who cares a little bit. she took him in and cut all his mats off. it was so bad he had big lumps and sores all over his body. and the mats were so bad that thats all he was. so now he is just a little bald dog.
    The worst that i have found is that the cop can only think to shoot whatever dog is the problem. if a dog is hurt lets shoot it. if a dog is aggressive lets shoot it. things like that and he never thinks that maybe its not the dog he should be shooting but the "owners".
    I say if someone owns a dog then its their responsability and if they screw up then why dont they pay for it. why should the dog suffer?
    I take care of my animals and am a very big animal lover. I have books about animal care and i am constantly phoning and posting messages for help because i have animals brought to me that are dieing, from eithor malnutrition, poisoning, being beaten by people and other animals, and whatever else you can think of. I have only bin able to help one animal that has bin brought to me because the people dont care enough to notice something is wrong until the animal is already about to die so all i provide is a nice comfertable warm place to rest their heads till then.
    It is really upsetting to me to constantly be exposed to this sort of behavior and i really want to do something about it.
    I just dont know how or what i can do about it. i would move but there would be no way to pay the bills if it did, and all that would do would just take me away from the animals. instead of staying here and trying to find help for them.
    please help me out in any ways that you can. anything would be appreceated.
    natasha and mocha
  2. nern

    nern New Member

  3. Nik

    Nik New Member

    I've read articles where people over there get much harsher punishments for animal abuse than they do here, so the fact that this kind of thing goes on is disturbing.

    I think you're problem is the "only one cop who does nothing". It kinda goes to show that when left to their own devices humans end up acting barbaric. People don't have to pay for their actions where you live and concious morals seem to have gone out the window.

    I wouldn't last 5 minutes living there and I feel sorry for you having to.

    Good luck.
  4. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    This cop has to have a boss somewhere. Who does he work for? I would start with finding out those things. Maybe if you track down a highter authority they will be able to help you. Are there any shelters off the island? Maybe they can help, any Animal Control or Humane society. They may have the power to come in and investigate. Are there any vets there who can help?
  5. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    Here is a link I found for law enforcement on Vancouver Island. If it does not work, I did a google search and found it

    http://listingsca.com/British-Columbia/ ... forcement/

    Which part do you live in, B/C I found some Animal Control links but am not going to post them all cause I dont know which town you are in. Let me know and I will keep digging.
  6. Natasha, I'm so sorry about the way I treated you in your last post :( I just couldn't believe this place was for real! In that last post someone gave you some real good tips on what you could do. Go back and look at it again. Those people that live there sound like they are from the dark ages :x and that cop sounds horrid! but like what was posted, he has to have a boss somewhere, and documenting everything is such a good idea! I would contact every animal agency you can find! Someone somewhere will do something, just keep plugging away until you find what you need.

    I'll be praying for you!

  7. indica

    indica New Member

    thankyou all for your help
    i talked to my aunt that works in the spca in campbell river BC on vancouver island and she said that there is pretty much one option that i have and that is to take pictures and document everything that happens. the names, where and what. that kind of thing. do like a big project on the whole thing. the only problem is, is that the worst things that i see wont even be at all usefull for me because i dont know exactly what happened in some cases or i dont know the names of the people and no one is going to co operate once they find out what is going on.
    i dont mean to sound racest or anything but this place is a researve and it is full of native amaricans. And they all seem to think their right and they alllllllllllllllllllll are "related". So i make one mad and everyone knows about it and has their input in the matter.
    the fact that i am not native isnt going to work for me eithor.
    well ill look into those links that you guys gave me.
    keep in touch.
  8. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    Maybe a stupid question?

    But what have you actually witnessed and what has been told to you by other people? I am sure from what you are saying terrible things are happening, but in smal towns and such quite often something starts off small, ie someone said jane hit her dog(relatively) then gets blown to i swear i saw it myself janethrew her dog against the wall kicked him .... etc. I just think that someone somewhere that would have come into the reserve would also have a heart and want to do something about it. But that is terrible to be in such a situation! I hope things get better for you.
  9. klf

    klf New Member


  10. Jules

    Jules New Member

    This place sounds bizarre and awful... I have never heard anything like it. I can't believe you would need ALL that info, such as names and such. Can't you take some photos or video footage and send it to the media? I don't know if this is a good idea or even a possible idea... it's hard to know what to do when we only have a tiny glimpse of the whole situation. I have seen people on TV over here for doing bad stuff to dogs, you couldn't get away with that kind of stuff here- people would be absolutely appalled.
    Can you contact some other welfare organisations and get their advice on this? You need to contact anyone and everyone that may be able to help. I can't believe this stuff can go on and nobody can do anything about it until they get all that info from you which seems impossible. What are you supposed to do- you see someone acting cruel towards a dog and you ask "What's your name?" Get real!! As if they are going to tell you!
    This sounds like a scary place to live. If people can be this violent towards dogs then they are obviously lacking a great deal of compassion and would not surprise me if these people acted violent towards other people. When I hear about stuff like this I get so angry. Humans are supposed to be an intelligent species, yet we are the most destructive. I am a bit of a pessimist when it comes to the human race- I just can't believe the amount of death and devastation we cause, not to mention ruining the environment we live in. It's like trashing our own backyard.
    ANYway... is there any one members here could email or send letters to to get them to look at this situation? Your council or shire or whatever it's called over there? Maybe you could come up with some general points that need to be covered if people would like to write these letters.
    Do you have any friends there? Any one else with time and devotion to help? What about your husband- will he help?
    Keep us posted.
  11. indica

    indica New Member

    Thankyou guys very much for caring
    And yes im sure that raising money for the spca would help out. Im sure if they had the money to spend on getting out here and dealing with the dogs then they would.
    Also the one about them being violent to other people. well that just happened. three young boys murdered a young girl out here just this past week. They were all under the age of 16. So i guess you could just imagine. All of the stuff that i have talked about happening here i have actually whitnessed.
    wound from macheddie in dogs head
    was next door when dog was shot on porch
    whitnessed kids bouncing their new puppy as high as they can on the trampoline while the dog cried and thought it was funny, while parents did nothing.
    small dog so matted up that you wouldnt even know it was a dog
    stopped some small kids from throwing puppies over this small cliff into the bushes below. (my dog was one of them before i got her)
    i see dogs everytime i go out eithor limping, starved, or beaten up.
    ive hear kids bragging about how they put rat poison in a sandwich and fed it to a puppy. i had that puppy die in my room at 4 in the morning.
    dogs that are a problem or a nucence are taken up the hill, tied to a tree, and shot.
    I think that anything you guys can do to help would be awsome.
    for the nice lady that messaged me privatly
    im sorry that you had to deal with that too. i think its awful. But i dont see my problem getting solved the same way yours did. Money isnt really the issue out here. people just dont care. even the people in charge.
    here is a good example about how much they care. this is with their own kids education. There was a job opening and i was told by the band manager that i was the best qualified for the job. I was also the ONLY one to put in a resume. Soooooooo they waited till the last minute and called this drunken guy that dosnt do anything and tells him to bring his in. then they dont give eithor of us an interview and they hire that guy. he isnt even allowed on the sub list. and this is the people that run the place.
    well that should give you an idea. they dont even care about their own kids so why would they care about their animals. its almost like the only reason why they get animals is to make their kids happy for ten minutes until the dog is starved or beaten to death. or it just becomes another stray.
    well keep in touch with me.
    natasha and mocha
    / \
    II 0 0 II
    II (''*')II
    \ ^/
  12. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    Sounds like a problem you can get help with in your national government .I mean ,go get the big guys to straighten this mess out .
  13. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    Hi Natasha:
    I am sorry things are so bad out there. I live in Alberta, and some of the reserves here have some pretty sombre stories aswell. The unfortunate thing, is hardly anything is ever put on the media, because there is so much discrimination on Natives.

    I hope you do get in contact with the media. There is so much child neglect and abuse, that goes on, it is so sad that some of these kids aren't even worse. the youth group I hold every week has some native youth in it, and they are the sweetest boys ever. Hopefully, if people like you keep making the public see how awful some of these places are, things may change.

    Please keep us posted.
  14. Dukesdad

    Dukesdad New Member

    Your story reads like a Stephen King novel. It's terrifying. You have received some good advice but I would stress contacting a television news room. If you can get an investigative reporter interested in this story then you will also receive the attention of government authorities.
    Good luck and do keep us all posted.
  15. klf

    klf New Member

  16. indica

    indica New Member

    Hey you guys thankyou again
    Klf i appreceate your great help if you need some information here it is
    Kyuquot B.C.
    its on Vancouver Island
    when i get a dig camera then i will start taking some pictures so that i have some better evidence on the situation. I emailed an organization the other day and they havent answered me yet. I kinda think they are thinking im a joke or something. so i might need to take some pictures to make them believe me better.
    what is that media group going to do do you have any idea?
    if you need any more information just ask me and ill let you know.
    natasha and mocha
    you can also give them my email so they can get in touch with me
    please no spam
  17. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    MY $.02

    Ok the other post is locked so I am posting this here while I think what I have to say is important to this topic. I just have to say my two cents here. Ok now she is doing something but she had been to this board and the cat board and the fish board before she posted this stuff(she has been a member since April 22). Here is a quote from her, "I have lived here for about a year and within a year i have seen more dead cats and dogs then i thought i would ever have to see in my entire life. Every time i go out i see some form of abuse towards animals whether its physical, environmental, ect... "
    I don’t understand why one day it clicked in her head the abuse was bad when it has always been bad. I personally feel that the remark she made about the native Americans and that all of them are related, "i dont mean to sound racest or anything but this place is a researve and it is full of native amaricans. And they all seem to think their right and they alllllllllllllllllllll are "related" is what was said but I feel that is a bit racist and maybe she also holds a grudge against the people she lives around. It has been a while since I have read the posts but something’s struck me as being odd. And don’t get me wrong while reading this I am the biggest pacifist and animal lover there is, I am right beside PETA in all its actions, I only eat meat when I know that it came from a safe place I have never laid a hand on a animal and I would never want anyone else to hurt any animal. But getting back to why I don’t think she has much of case (she does have a case of animal abuse but hard to prove) Ok she says seen has seen a dog with a wound from a machete (SP?) but really she didn’t see the dog get hit with the machete. She has seen and heard only the after effects she hasn’t actually witnessed any of the abuse. This is a small town and rumors get started people say stupid things. Like in my town there once was a story where Jimmy(21 yrs old) wanted to train his pit bull to be a fighting dog so he would get David(12yrs. old) to steal peoples puppies (as the pit bull got older the dogs also got bigger) Jimmy would give David marijuana for doing this. This went around for a while. This police were called many times on this same thing bc people were so outraged. But what really happened is that one time Jimmy and David were at someone else’s house getting high and his pit bull attacked a neighbors puppy, the puppy died from this attack. So this is an example of how things get started and shifted into some random direction.
    Anyway back to my point, I feel that she doesn’t know everything that is going on and that is one reason why she hadn’t gone to anyone about this problem.
    Also I just remembered another point as to why this all isn’t adding up to me. In one post she said she got her dog for protection from these people, which I think has been edited but it was something to the effect of I am a small 19 yr. old I had to get my dog for protection, but that is not a quote only what I remember it to say. But then later she said she rescued this dog from being thrown off a cliff or something, here is one quote from a post in which someone is getting a dog named Sadie, "i think it could happen i have a dog that looks exactly like that but all chocolate brown colours not black. when she was a puppy i would go pick her up from the yard she was at and bring her over to my husband every time we walked by it. and eventually he started to get attached. now i have her and he just loves having her. he thinks she is the best pet that we own. . "ok now here is the one from animal cruelty or whatever, "stopped some small kids from throwing puppies over this small cliff into the bushes below. (my dog was one of them before i got her) "
    So I think this girl is not very nice as she is stereotyping inbreeding (people) in small towns and she is being racist towards the native American people and this abuse fuels her anger and hatred towards them. I am really sorry if I sound mean when I write these things or not making any sense, but I just don't believe things are as she says. I think there is definitely abuse going on as there is everywhere, we all have to do our part in trying to stop it. She didn’t care until some little kid (when I read that I think he is somewhere between 3-5) kicked her dog. That is not the way to do things. I also think that when someone can’t stand up for themselves should not have an animal. If I were to have a 10 year old I wouldn't let him walk our German shepherd through the projects. It is the same thing(i think)Ok anyway I have rambled on for long enough here. I hope the animals do get help and I hope that actually helping the animals really becomes a priority and not pushed to the back burner. I hope all those dogs and cats get taken out of that place and neutered and spayed and the works. But I think this girl doesn’t go to the proper authorities not because she doesn’t have money for the pics but because all this is rumors in a small town. I may add more on later but right now I can’t think straight because this whole situation angers me so. Really why didn’t she care about the dogs until her dog was attacked by a 4 year old.
  18. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    I do agree with you on some parts. I just want to clarify some things for you that you may not be aware of.
    1) She lives on a reserve. It is a remote island that can only be reached by plane or boat. Yes, these reserves are quite common in Canada. And most often, these are the most abused youth of the reserves because there is no where to escape it. Many of the "families" are very physically and mentally scarred by years of torture they have endured at the hands of their family and the gov't. Many start different addictions at ages as young as 9 yrs. to "escape" their life since they are unable to flee the reserve.
    There is a lot of incest that goes on, and while most people look at it as disgusting, they have no one there to talk to and trust about what is happening in their homes.

    2) From what I gathered, she is 19 and married and has to live on the reserve to save money. I have no idea how she got her dog, or anything like that. I wasn't paying close enough attention.

    3) When you grow up in this sort of environment with abuse aroudn you all the time you become immune to it. It doesn't bother you, and as long as you are not the one being hurt, you are not willing to risk your safety for others. This is a fact of life. Especially if she is a young woman that is not native living on the reserve.
    She most likely is scared and did not want to take pro-active stand until it happened to her, and she was affected by it first hand.

    The important thing is that she has decided to do something about it. It is VERY hard to get authorities to reserves to help at times. Especially if a person is not involved. These are horrors you and I will never know these realities in our life. The only reason I know what I do is I am studying to become a Social Worker, I volunteer with many youths, a large percentage are native, and I have many friends in the field who deal specifically with natives.
  19. klf

    klf New Member

    thank you bullylove 1 we may not change the thoughts of the people who live there, but we may help by donating to spay/alter clinics. As least then these animals won't be having babies to add to the abuse. Bullylove1, I was wondering if they have programs for the natives to help them if they want help? It seems so sad for children to growup in places like this. to live with turmoil all their lives hopeing for something else to absorb the abuse and pain. indica really needs to get out of there! I see why people from all over the world flee to the usa and europe! at least the dogs in PR are not abused like these. Vets are willing to go there to do free clinics. maybe something will turn up for the better....we can only hope!
  20. Jas

    Jas New Member

    This is a difficult subject and a touchy one. Some of Indica's topics have been closed because of controversial content and repeated threads. Only hearing partial opinions, views or half-truths of Native Indian culture paints an unfair picture. I am for humane treatment of animals (obviously) but when one choses to live amid another culture with different values, ways and beliefs naturally there are going to be differences that one has to face. It is unfortunate animals have to suffer, but really it occurs all over the world. With respect to Native ways, I can not begin to explain my understanding of their culture but if interested a web search "B.C. Native Indian", "Native life" or "Native Land Reserves" etc. should bring up info for those who would like to learn more. Auspet is not the place to bash cultures or make racist remarks, especially without a full understanding and a clear picture. There have been good suggestions and people offering assistance, if Indica really wants to get actively involved in animal welfare. If you would like to further discuss this with Indica, please PM her, as this TOPIC is now OFF TOPIC here. ALL further references will be deleted.


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