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Creatures of Habit

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by footsie, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. footsie

    footsie New Member

    Last night I had an unpleasent reminder of how dependant cats are on a routine.

    I've struggled for so long to get Footsie to let me sleep through the night. We have our own routine. I let him in after I'm done reading and ready to turn out the lights. He sleeps by my feet until sun-up, then moves to the window sill where he watches birds until my alarm goes off. Then he snuggles with me and sleeps in my face until I've hit the snooze a few times and actually get up.

    Well, last night I had a couple house guests and everything was mixed up. I let my grandma have my bed and I slept on the couch. Footsie was just beside himself all night long. He'd cuddle with me as long as I was petting him. But as soon as I dozed off he'd bite and wake me up to pet him some more, eventaully wandering the apartment. He attacked me several times pretty viciously in the night, until I realized that my grandma had closed the bathroom door, cutting him off from his food and water. When I opened that up he went in and chowed down so I thought he'd be OK. But as soon as the sun came up he crying outside the bedroom door becuase he wanted to look out the window. When I called him he'd come over and want to play. Between the noise and the attacks I think I got about 3 hours sleep.

    I don't really have a question. Just wanted to share. It shows how much cats get into a routine. Consistancy is the key when trying to get your cat to let you sleep through the night.
  2. vene

    vene New Member

    I feel bad for the both of you. Must have been very stressful for Footsie. Yes, cats are creatures of consistency and so are people. We don't like changes very much.
  3. nern

    nern New Member

    Poor Footsie, he must have been so confused. Poor you too for not getting much sleep during this.
  4. rcrgal31

    rcrgal31 New Member

    i can understand the routine thing perfectly....bc my jazzy basically only has me to luv..any time a person comes to the door, wether a friend or pizza deliver..she flips out and hides for a long time..she hates when i have people over she is terrified of them...i dont know why she is so scared...it makes it hard to have house guests.
  5. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    I enjoyed reading your post about Foosie. I've had this same thing happen to me. I'm sorry you didn't sleep well, but I hope you and Footsie get some much needed rest tonight. :D
  6. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    he loves you, though...i can tell :kiss_heart:

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