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Curious about pitbull stereotypes

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by mogsmom, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. mogsmom

    mogsmom New Member

    Why is it that drug dealers, and wannabe hardcore people choose pitbulls??

    My old friend from grade school decided it was cool to get one with her boyfriend, yeah, cool, no other reason... Pretty stupid if you ask me.
    I was so mad at her I couldn't talk to her for awhile...

    I watch Animal cops Detroit and some many pitbull rings are started, these poor little pitbull babies have gashes all over them, people cut their ears off, their tails... FOR LOOKS!!!

    How would you like it if your parents thought your ears were too big as a child so they snipped them??

    This absolutely infuriates me...

    Stupid irresponsible people unfortuneately don't have to take a test to have babies, and they don't have to take a test to have a dog or other animals..

    And this is the kind of crap that happens.

    I think it's high time responsible people JUST LIKE DRIVER'S are given liscences... But I guess even the stupidest of stupid are smart enough to manipulate a test.

    My heart goes out to these poor souls...

    If I could adopt all the pit bulls in the world I would, these are precious dogs who all to much get treated unfairly...

    Cutting their ears?!.... boy or boy....
  2. Freedom

    Freedom New Member

    "Why is it that drug dealers, and wannabe hardcore people choose pitbulls??"

    They choose this breed because they smart, strong, loyal, and will do anything to please their owner, plus they look intimidating. These people take this breed and turn these great attributes into something negative. Instead of using their loyalty and intelligence for something positive like being a great family dog, they turn them into vicious guard and attack dogs for their homes. No dog breed brings such fear into someone, when you tell someone you have a "pit bull" the first thing that person will likely is say is "OMG, why would you own a dog like that?!". Having this breed deters a lot of people, which is why drug dealers use them. It is very sad because we all know what great dogs these are and these people just abuse them and give them the negative stereotype that us responsible owners have to deal wtih.
  3. Piper's Mom

    Piper's Mom New Member

    Good answer, Freedom!
  4. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    My parents did do that, I was a little boy so you can use your imagination.

    I crop my dogs ears but didnt Circumcise my son, :lol:
  5. SugarLovesPits

    SugarLovesPits New Member

    Well for one they are really good at guarding my stash.......ummm ok seriously tho'. I used to be really against getting a pits ears clipped, but I have since found alot of info on why this is done. Yes it is partly for looks, but their are actuall functional reasons. If you are going to have a working dog, i.e. pulling, catch dog ect. It is posssible for the ears to get in the way and get torn which is much more painfull then clipping them at a young age. Also even if you are doing it for looks, the surgery is fairly simple and not very painfull. If done right the pup may have some general discomfort for a few days but the ears heal quickly, not to mention pits have a pretty high threshhold for pain. As far as tail docking, it is actually against breed standard and the only reason one would choose to get it done is if they intend to fight the dog. When fighting a pit with a tail it is possible the other dog could use the tail to it's advantage. So basically I see tail docking as completely useless and no good pittie owner would do such a thing.
  6. BronxthePit

    BronxthePit New Member


    IMO I think such indivduals are attracted to the breed BECAUSE of thier Bad Rap. Apply the same reputation to Golden Retrievers and I bet that would be their dog of choice. :lol:

    :roll: uh...i agree with max... i compare tail docking(depending on the breed), and ear cropping (also depending on the breed)...... comparable to Circum........ . But thats also a 50/50 issue i guess...

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