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Dead rabbit

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by horse_child, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    My 3 month old rabbit just died. He had nothing wrong with him and seemed healthy. I feed him the morning he died, then left. When I came home that night he was dead in the cage. I don't know what caused it. I would think if he ate something poisonus that he would get really sick then die, but he was just fine that morning when I fed him. What happened? :cry:
  2. nern

    nern New Member

    I have no idea what might have caused this untimely death but I am very sorry for your loss. :cry:
  3. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Hi. I'm so sorry about your bunny. :cry: I'm not saying this is what caused your bunny to pass away, but a lot of them die from their cages being in full sun, with no shade. The heat is just too much for them. Bunnies need lot's of shade and water.
  4. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    thanks for the condolences, and he lives in a 10' by 8' pen type thing with birds and he has houses to go into, boards to crawl under and 2 dog bowls full of water to drink. Also, i live in Montana, so it never gets deathly hot here. i was raining that whole week, but he never got wet. :?
  5. TSD

    TSD New Member

    So sorry for your loss
  6. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    First I have to say sorry for your loss and secondly, the loss could have been caused by a number of thing especially given his age! Nevertheless, I hope you find anyother bunny that is healthier and that if possible take the place of your lost one!
  7. Jody

    Jody New Member

    Hi, I'm sorry for your loss. My husbands mate owns a few rabbits, but it the last couple of weeks, he has lost 4 of them, all for unknown reasons.
  8. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    I really think that cases that these require professional investigation such as by a Vet. Usually rabbit breeders or new rabbit owners bring their bunnies to be checked by the Vet as soon as they possibly could.
  9. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    Hi there,
    You all have been SOOOO helpful with all your comments and suggestions, so thank you all very very much! :y_the_best: Ok now, i live in montana and there aren't many vets that i can take a rabbit to. my uncle who is a vet in pheonix will cut open a dead horse to find out what it died from, but can someone do that to a rabbit? it's to late now. he's been buries and i'm not going to dig him up. i was just wondering for future references.
  10. OneWolvesDream

    OneWolvesDream New Member

    i just wanted to say sorrym thats soooo sad. i would cry if that happend. Did you check on it every other hour to see how it was doing, food? water? shade?
  11. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    I wouldn't check on it hourly. I don't have time for that. I would check on it once or twice daily. it had plenty of food, water, and shade. He died in the shade. I think he just died. I was just wondering what you all thought. tahnks for your comment.
  12. DogLover

    DogLover New Member

    Sorry to bring up this old topic.

    Besides lack of water/food/shade, rabbits can be scared to death if something really frightened them. It could also be something generic or other types of disease that they pck up from other things.
  13. Laura05

    Laura05 New Member

    can rabbits get west nile? I don't know if you have had any cases where you live... just a thought.

    I am so sorry you lost your bunny. *hugs*
  14. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    Thanks, it's been a long time now. Time definatly heals! He could have gotten scared to death. We live in the mountains and he could have seen something that really scared him. And we haven't had many west nile cases where i live. some horses, but our part of the state is pretty mountainy and dry.
  15. DogLover

    DogLover New Member

    Rabbits' fur protect them from mosquito bite, supposedly that is. Therefore, West Nile is unlikely to be the case.

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