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Disciplines and why the animocity...

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by Sara, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Sara

    Sara New Member

    So I'm on another board and I posted about Jack and wanting to do English Training with him... His movement is naturally that direction...

    So we get off topic because some think he should go western... I say he can do both...and it gets heated because then they say he can do western better...or should or whatever... I say...better schmetter...he can do both WELL and even maybe the BEST...(we'll see eh?)... I say something about narrowmindedness in that statement because regardless of conformation movement is the deciding factor...and attitude and that even THEN I think the best of dressage could likely run witht he best reining folks etc... She comes back...says the best horses can do both but not people... I say yes they can and that I think everyone should strive to do the best at both for variety's sake... OOOOKAY...

    WHY is it so hard for some people to NOT see that riding is riding is riding...staying on top of a horse even with good form is a matter of skill and if the skill is good enough...the person on the horse will look good in either saddle...or CAN look good in either saddle...same with the horse...?

    I just don't get it honestly... BOTH schools of people are...snooty...I've been snubbed by both...English for my Cowboy boots and Western for my Black Riding Chaps or snaffle bit... Some seem to think like me...but it seems most do not...no matter what style.

    Any thoughts on WHY this is? I like both and don't think I offended anyone by my comments... I think they are both as classy as can be...and I also think western and English deserve respect either way...so...???
  2. CattleDogLover

    CattleDogLover New Member

    I don't know I just think some people are just so into the their right and everyone else is wrong mind set or something. Our horses are working horses never known a show english or western but we do ride western. We're looked down upon because of this alot im not sure if they think our horses are worked too hard but their not. Their a QH and a QH cross their doing what their bred for working cattle which they do awsome jobs at. I don't know really i think some people just can't be happy.
  3. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    I've got a story like that. I learned to ride in a show barn, where things aren't always fair to the horse to win in a show arena. I bought a 3 year-old that was about as ranchy as they get. I brought him to my barn and told people I was gonna show him. No one thought i could do it. "he's already a ranch horse, you can't change a horse like that" they all said. Well, we went on to win ALOT in the show arena and he proved to be excellent under BOTH english and western. now i'm gonna show and rodeo him. Everyone at the show barn say he can't do both, but he CAN. He cuts, ropes, shows english, western, and halter, cattle drives and trail rides, and does trail classes in show. they don't have all-around championships for NOTHING. Horses and riders CAN do both, my horse and i have proved that, now you can too.
  4. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    Sara, I wish I had an answer for you, but I don't. I went through the same thing 35 years ago. It was as stupid then as it is now.

    I went through it big time when I got my Tennessee Walker and started riding him in endurance rides. I wasn't competing so much as I just wanted to do the ride, and enjoy the time with my horse. Mind you, this was a plantation Walker, not a park horse. I still had to listen to everyone tell me Walkers are not appropriate horses for endurance rides because of their exaggerated high movement; I was going to kill him and myself in the process. Seems most horse people in that area weren't aware that plantation Walkers do not have the exaggerated movement that park horses have, and we were in no danger of killing each other. They simply do not trot, but rather do a running walk. Needless to say, we both survived.

    If you REALLY want to raise some eyebrows, try tossing a McLelland saddle or a plantation saddle on a horse sometime. People either want to know what planet it came from, or are calling to reserve a place for you in the ER or psych ward.
  5. someday

    someday New Member

    That's the horse industry...you just have to have thick skin...because someone always "knows better." I just don't let it bother me and I strive to do the best I can. You want to see some faces..I entered my 16.2 TB in a western pleasure class at the local saddle club just to get him out, since he was quite green and there weren't any cheap dressage shows around...I mean..come on, western people have it right..$5 entry fee? So ,yes, it was laughable..but the horse got out in a ring, saw more craziness than he would ever see at a dressage show and learned to deal with it.
    Since I go to an equestrian school, I don't get much of it any more since we're all forced to ride different seats while we're there. It's a very nice experience.
    Since Dressage is my seat I must encourage you to do it, it's a wonderful and useful sport. I will warn you though, that Dressage people are among the snootiest. So, don't be suprised if you aren't scored as well as you think you should have been, judges are notorious for scoring horses better that fit their "ideal"(usually it's between the light TBs and the warmbloods...some will always score the warmbloods much better), and apps usually aren't on that list..hehe. I knew a woman who had a paint, and she was at a show with me and ended up crying and cursing because her horse was scored horribly for a pretty decent ride, and it was a judge that was known to have "preferences." She swore she was done with dressage and was going to stick with cross country because dressage was wasting her money. I do find it sad that people are driven from the sport like that. From the few pictures I've seen of blackjack, he wouldn't be my dream dressage mount, and probably wouldn't have the build to be competitive in the higher levels, but, neither does my TB..so I would go for it! He would be plenty capable for the lower levels...and boy are shows a blast...you will see some of the craziest people you've ever seen in your life! Talk about more money and less brains than they know what to do with! :mrgreen:
  6. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Well I've got a girl from back east helping me out... She's got a farm back east (her parents she's in the AF here in town)... Anyway she keeps talking about Jack's movement and beleives that he's got good enough movement to get judges to look at stuff OTHER than his color... This is in Hunt Seat I beleive...not Dressage...more English Equitation...

    I beleive Dressage is a good foundation so I will stick with working on that for now... ALSO she bleives he could be deemed a pony with the right attitude etc... So that would put us a little bit in a better seat as far as placing could go... But I'm not looking to compete really... so...

    But I'm used to having wierdness but not so much lately...LOL... I remember out moving cows with the Arabian... WOW... And I raced barrels with him too... THAT was interresting...

    I just wish there could be more credit given to the FACT that BOTH styles can be done well and are worthy of respect...

    Oh well me and Jack will show them!...LOL

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