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Do you have too many animals?

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by FashionOffender, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. FashionOffender

    FashionOffender New Member

    Hello people who have too many animals. I have alot of animals myself (or just my mom thinks so). I have about 24 all together. And i cant stop getting more. It's like an addiction! I even call the pet stores just to hear the animals in the back ground. And when i call them i ask stupid questions like "do you guys have fish" or "how much is your feeder mice?". I mean stupid stuff like that. And here is where it gets bad, i have all the nearest pet stores on speed dial! My mom thinks im crazy, and she is going crazy because of all the animals in her house! And get this, every week we have to go to a pet shop just so i can look at the animals. I mean i will buy stuff when i get some money, and everyone there knows me! My goodness. Well enough about my addictions. Heres all of my pets

    -3 dogs(2 male, 1 female) Jazz, Duece, & Vali

    -7 cats(6 female, 1 male) Snickers, Cookie, Storm, Jumper, Suki, Sassy, & tiger

    -7 gerbils(4 male, 3 female) Bevis, Oddie, Burrow, Buger, Momma, Gracie, & Ommie

    - 2 green tree frogs(1 male, 1 female) Moe & Zoe

    -1 pacman frog (female) Albert, i thought it was a male but it turned out to be female!

    -1 southern ringneck snake (?) Fred

    -1 gecko(?) Dinna, like dinner but *uh* instead of *er*. It's name is dinna because it was suposed to be my snakes dinner but they became freinds!

    -2 fish(?) Leo, Jaws,
  2. Bente

    Bente New Member

    LOL ! That's too funny :lol:
  3. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    My mom says we have too many, but I don't think so.

    We have:

    -1 dog (Rocky - Yorkie)
    -4 Budgies (Kiwi, Buster and 2 new ones yet to be named)
    -1 Hamster (Gypsy)

    In my fish tanks:
    -1 Mickey Mouse Platy (Minnie)
    -4 or 5 Baby Platies (haven't seen one in a while so not sure)
    -4 Cory cats
    -3 oto cats
    -4 neon tetras
    -7 male bettas (in seperate tanks of course)
    -1 Cichlid named Lawrence
  4. faeriedust1127

    faeriedust1127 New Member

    Wow, FashionOffender.....thats a lotta POO!! How do you have time for all of them?!??
    I've got:

    1 Male German Shepard(Don)
    1 Female cat(Vianne)
    1 female mouse(Scout)
    2 hermit crabs(Matt and D'Hermit)
    1 Irr. Shark
    3 rats-1 neutered male and 2 females(Elliott, Noni, and Pixie)

    My dad sure thinks its a lot. My husband does too i guess. I probably won't get any more for awhile, except maybe 3 more rats cuz i got an enormous cage like 5 ft tall and i've been dying to get a couple of Siamese Dumbo babies.
  5. CockatielCrazy87

    CockatielCrazy87 New Member

    We own a rescue ranch just so you all know ahead of time lol.
    My Cats
    1. TidBit a 2 year male
    2. Moon a 4 year old Blue Male Abyssiian
    3. Rose a sorrel female 4 year old Abyssiian
    4. Magic my giant 8 year old male Black cat
    5. Pantera yes like the band our 10 month old Siamese/ Ocicat
    6.Pooch a 9 year old male Grey

    (Foster Cats)
    1.Addy a 3 year old female Ocicat
    and her 6 1 month old kittens

    My Dogs
    1.Sidney a 9 year old Golden Retriever Dalmation mix
    2.Topher a 3 year old black toy poodle
    3. Singer a 6 year old female BlueTick/ RedBone CoonHound mix
    4.Solix a 5 year old male Siberian Husky
    5. Bless a Terrier Mix we do not know his age
    6. Elijah a Pit Bull 9 week old puppy

    (Foster Dogs)
    1.Bambie a 6 year old Tan American FoxHound
    2.Rose a 6 year old Smooth Rat Terrier
    Rose's two 14 hour old puppies she will not accept
    5.Riddick a 4 year old Beagal/ Rough coated Hound mix

    My Horses/ Ponies

    1. Bud a 10 year old Bay American Walking Pony
    2.Dolly a 18 year old Mare Gray Connemara
    3.Skipper a 7 year old male Black Hackney Pony
    4. Skittles a 12 year old female Pinto Shetland
    5. Johnny Boy a 22 year old Brabant
    6.Dolly 13 year old Clydesdale Mare
    7. Topic a 5 year old male Chestnut Arabian
    8. Sisqo a 12 year old Arab/Dutch Warmblood Cross.
    9. Toots a Black 20 year old Irish Hunter Gelding
    10.Zeke our 9 year old male Missouri Fox Trotting Horse/ Quarter Horse

    (foster Horses)
    1.Aragorn a 4 year old Black Mustang Gelding
    2.Venus a 4 year old Paint Mustang Mare
    Venus has a 5 day old foal/ filly who is named
    3.Santa Baby/ Mercury a Paint
    4.Hurricane a two month old Blue Roan Irish Hunter Foal/colt
    5.Sunshine a 1 year old Rocky Mountian filly

    My Birds

    1. Scooter a 1 year old male Lutino Cockatiel
    2.Hope a 4 year old female Pearl Pied Cockatiel
    3.Cloudy a 6 month old male White Faced cockatiel
    4.Highlight 4 month old Australian Splendend Parakeet
    5.Cracker a 12 year old male African Grey
    6.Peachy a 5 year old Peach faced Loved Bird
    7. Scarlette my 3 year old Peach faced Loved Bird
    8. Swirl a 10 month old blue female Fancy Parakeet.
  6. dude412

    dude412 New Member

    jellybean fish
    2 redtailed sharks
    1 albino cory cat
    3 fruit loop tetras
    2 feeder guppies yes there pets
    2 shrimp
    1 dog
    1 house gecko i want some more fishies i will get tons more and i want another lizard to but i love wut i got 4 know
  7. equus

    equus New Member

    My dad says we have too many, but my mom supports me and says it's healthy for kids to have pets!!

    *Ginger - draft mare
    *Taco - mini
    *Casey - shetland
    *Freedom - Arabian
    *Yuskeya - Mustang
    *Dream - Thoroughbred
    *Kringle - Thoroughbred
    *Kaos- Thoroughbred
    *Doc - Quarter Horse
    *Snow White - Quarter Horse
    *Sadie - Quarter Horse
    *Fancy - Welsh x

    *Jupiter - rottie
    *Pumpkin - JRT
    *Jasper - rottie
    *Swift - Greyhound
    *Tally - dobe
    *Preshus - Aussie
    *Rene - Black Lab

    *Blackie*Fluffy*Square*Dishi*Fang*Belle*Carroll - barn cats
    *Shelby*Dude*Pax - house cats

    *Jaws*Oscar*Minnie*Vergo*J*Biggie*Frosty*Lumpy*Sarge*Muffy*Trader*Bucky*Fabio*Oscar II*Jillian*Coral*Chopper*



    4 hermit crabs, unnamed
    3 birds, all unnamed
    2 skunks, smelly and stinky LoL (they're sooo adorable!!)
  8. 3_second_memory

    3_second_memory New Member

    ok, well in my house wit my rents, we have:

    2 syrian hamsters (male+female)
    3 cats (2female, 1 male) ralph, Maise and Ebony.
    and fish wise:

    tetra's (cardinal and neon) x24
    Albino platies x 3
    glass catfish x 3
    discus x 1
    plecco's x 4 (common, sailfin, 2 hong kong plecco's)
    Guppies x (roughly) 30
    Mollies x (Roughly) 15
    congo frogs x 2
    shrimp X 3
    rainbow shark x 1
    clown loach x 1
    cories albino x 2
    angel fish x 1
    minnows (white cloud and gold) x 10
    Danio's x 5
    whether loach x 2
    oranda x 1
    fancy gold fish x 15
    koi x 5
  9. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    10.Budgies have not named them all.

    now have 6 cockatiels 1 pair has laid 3eggs.9names are maz my normal gray, meeko is my handraised cinnamon female, merlin is my 7month old cinnamon female, Pikachu is my 1year old cinnamon male.Raz is meekos mum and storm is her dog both parents cinnamon tiels.

    Peach faced lovebird (called tweety)

    3 Zebra finch's named sonny and cher the parents an beek a boo is the baby.

    1guinea pig named sally.

    2gerbils named woody and buzz and they have 6baby gerbils.

    german shepherds, Mitzy, max, storm, sheba, and not to forget turbo as he rus around like he has a turbo pack up his butt lol.

    Thats so far but i am supposed to be getting a german shelpher puppy well i hope i do partner says no more pets. lol

    But when do we ever listen to any of our owners lol
  10. seaecho

    seaecho New Member

    Wow! Cockatiel crazy has a LOT of pets! Lots of money in them too. Just the Rocky Mountain alone cost a pretty penny, I'm sure. I'm down to 22. I used to have over 30 (can't remember exactly how many). I have the property though, so I'm following a lifelong dream. My mother had the same dream about saving animals. Anyway, I have


    Crackers (POA cross old, blind pony gelding)
    Saber (Arabian gelding I've had for 15 years)
    Jake (Half Arab gelding that is my husband's horse)


    Sadie (Rott/St. Bernard cross)
    Penny (Boxer)
    Whoop (Pug)
    Lola (Pug, and Whoop's offspring)
    Jackson ( 7 month old 130 lb. harlequin Great Dane)


    Gus (orange domestic cat)


    Nicky (Patagonian conure)
    Bobby (Dusky conure)
    Malcolm (Vosameri Eclectus)
    Sammy (Congo African Grey)
    Elliott (Blue and Gold macaw)
    Koala (white face cockatiel)
    Niquellina (Normal grey cockatiel)
    Meagan (Gold Cap conure)
    Audrey (Meyer's parrot)
    Popeye (yelllow front amazon)


    Coconut (Snow corn)


    Hickory (Brindle tortoise shell)
    Baxter (Tri color American)

    It takes us two and a half to three hours every morning just caring for the animals. Honestly, we don't know what we'd do without them! We'd be lost!

    Yes, it does sound as if you have an addiction, but animal collecting is a very common addiction. But I must admit that calling a pet shop just to hear the animals in the background is a bit overboard, lol! I feel that as long as the animals get quality care, vet treatment when needed, good food, and the SANITATION is good, there is no reason to think you have too many. But there are limits - when you find you are spending more time cleaning up after animals than anything else, you have too many, in my opinion! Some of these people on Animal Precinct (the collectors) are really in need of help, but I think the majority of us here know our limits.

  11. BeatrixMom

    BeatrixMom New Member

    2 Bassets
    1 rabbit
    1 cockatiel
    10 gallon fish tank

    That is all I have at this time because that is the number of animals I can afford and properly care for.
  12. smileywaveygirl

    smileywaveygirl New Member

    i only have one cat who we found dumped so we rescued her (Arthur... is female, but my brother decided we should call her that). but i'm at uni during term time so i cant look after anymore, and my mum won't let me get anymore. i want some rats though... and loads more heh... i always wanted horses to but they're too expensive and i dont have the time.
  13. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    -Aspin (black lab 6 years old)
    -Ginger (chocolate lab 6 years old_

    Snowball - 8 months
    Gilmore- 13 years

    -Drifter 6 year old QH
    -14 lesson horses under my care in the summers

    1 betta

    14 cotournix quail I nicknamed 1 Chester cause he wouldn't stop calling and all my other birds got sick of it and beat him up, he is in the "recovery cage" alot these days :roll:

    -1 bantam hen Jenna

    and a rabbit on the way!
  14. sakura.seppun

    sakura.seppun New Member

    Perhaps does not touch on anyone elses here but I have:

    2 ferrets- Socrates and Pandora
    2 mice- Sebastian and Nhym
    2 gerbils- Mekari and Maharet
    and a 20 gallon tank full of fish including bala sharks
    Then my carine terrier at my parents house, Gizmo

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