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Do you hit your dog?

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Mix Breed lover, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. Mix Breed lover

    Mix Breed lover New Member

    I myself think that it is terrible to hit a dog. After a bitter argument with my friends husband on this subject (he actually punched his dog in the face) I was wondering. How many of you think that it's okay? Why is it okay or why not?
  2. Sarge'smom

    Sarge'smom New Member

    WHAT?!!! He punched his dog in the face! OMG! I would have called the dept. of animal control! No Way is it ok! Is it ok to physically abuse a child or the elderly? They also depend us and rely on us. Never is it alright to try and install respect through fear! You are not teaching when you are hitting. OMG! I am so mad right now!!!! :x
  3. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    :shock: I would never, ever, ever, ever hit my girls!!!! Or, ANY animal for that matter! I am just not someone who would ever think that is okay..
  4. Mix Breed lover

    Mix Breed lover New Member

    Actually I reported him to the rescue group they got him from. (same place I got my babies) I called the director right away. I am hopeing they will take this dog away from them. He is an adorable little Beagle. I just wish I could take him and show him what a real owner is like.
  5. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    I think punching a dog in the face is just horrible. I do spank jakes butt occasionally, like when he is counter surfing, because he is 100# solid and sometimes that what works. I give him a good whack on the butt, and he knows he has been bad

  6. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    Mixed breed lover, good for you for reporting it to the rescue group. I think they have much more power to do things than AC since they are the ones adopting the animal out.

  7. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    I have to agree!!! How awful!!!!

    Smokey recieved a nice little spanking from me last night. On the rear end, and for obvious reasons. Apparently the NO!!!! Bad DOG!!! was not working and I was defending myself. Had I not and not got the attention through his little head that I'm BOSS He could have seriously hurt me.

    WHy he did this, I'll never know, But I HIGHLY doubt he'll ever do it again. He'll remember the spanking. ANd It wasn't hard at all. Just enough to get his attention.

    As for that moron, I would have punched him in the face!!! I can't beleive that!!!!!

    As for any other animal, NO!!! I'll kind of cup my hand and "pop" it on Sassy or S.A's neck when they are bucking or mis behaving to get their attention, and it only makes noise. NO intention for pain!!!

    I'm completely flabergasted as to why anyone would do such a thing!!!
  8. Sarge'smom

    Sarge'smom New Member

    :eek: Bravo Mixbreedlover! I'm proud of you! I know that can be hard to do especially if you know the people. How awful for that dog and for you, a fur baby lover, to see it! I am so sorry!
  9. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    You did the right thing reporting him!! :eek:
  10. pamr61

    pamr61 New Member

    It's not okay.....same as with kids, violence only leads to more violence. Once a dog has been hit, I think there's a risk they will be more likely to bite. That's why so many dogs end up in shelters for being angry aggresive dogs...because they had owners that thought hitting them would teach them respect for them, or make them afraid and submissive--- but a dogs nature tells it to fight for survival, and when in fear of being hit, strike first.
  11. puggleowner

    puggleowner New Member

    We have never hit Cameron. Once in a great while when she's being very naughty and the voice commands aren't working, she will get a very light smack on the butt, but this is just to startle her, not hurt her in any means, because I do it so lightly honestly I think she thinks it's play :? Hitting to actually hurt the animal is so so so wrong- it will only teach them to be afraid of the human hand, and therefore they will turn to violence to defend themselves, and then end up being euthanized for being "aggressive." That just makes me sick- I hope this guy gets the dog taken away from him right away-- and an animal from a shelter, no less, that has probably been through so much already!!!!!
  12. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    No, I'm not physical in correcting my dogs bad behavior. A stern command is enough for them to know when I'm not pleased. Even if I smacked them on the butt which, would hurt my hand more than their butts, it still sends out a negative message. If done a lot I think it could turn dogs into fear biters. I smacked Reese on the back the other day because he choked on a dog cookie and I was trying to help him cough it up. He had a look of total terror on his face.

    Same thing with yelling and banging things or hitting with newspapers. It just sends the wrong message, makes the dogs fearful, and may make them bite out of fear. I think most dog bites happen because a dog is afraid, not because they're mean.

    This is only my opinion.
  13. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    I spank my dogs occassionally. The puppy mostly. Voice commands do NOT work with him, at least not at this point. I usually give him 2 or 3 warnings and then he goes out. If he fights me when I'm trying to get him to go out, that is when he gets popped. I choose to do it b/c the puppy's issue is that he never knows when to quit playing and acting like a fool. He gets carried away with himself. I spank him to sort of bring him back into reality and take me seriously.

    I don't think it makes them more violent if done in the right way. I never try to physically hurt them, more of hurting their feelings. I would never punch them in the face or anything along those lines. And I only use it as a last resort, not for every little thing he does wrong. It also depends on the dog. For the puppy, the spankings just put him off when he thinks he is having a really great time. It is different with my older dog, it really insults her but she rarely needs one.

    I would love to never have to spank them but with the puppy, when he gets in one of his moods, there is just nothing that will calm him down.
  14. Kathy74

    Kathy74 New Member

    I'm in the occasional tap on the butt to get their attention group. Most of Serene's issues are from her abused past, and I could NEVER do that to her, and would never want Jersey to end up with the same issues!! Most of the time "Do you want to go to your room?" in a firm voice works. Good for you for reporting this guy. He doesn't deserve the joy of a dog if he can't appreciate it.
  15. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    No punching.
    You know when I first got my mini poodle she was a visciuos little thing. There were a few times when she bit me soooooooo darned hard and made me bleed. When this would happen, I knew hitting her was out of the question of course. That would make everything way worse. Sometimes, I would just yell for a second becuase I was in pain and frustrated. Other times, when I was not bleeding but bit, I would grab hold of her muzzle firmly and look her in the eyes and tell her no, bad girl. Sometimes a tap on the muzzle with one finger. Then send her in the other room. Two seconds later she would be peeking out the door waiting for me to say she can come back. I'd melt pretty quick and back she was. I went thru so much with this poodle of mine. She is fine now, not been bit in quite some time. But boy did she test my pacents(sp) I think the last time she got me was the time I went to the E.R. for stitches. I could swear by the look on her face, she knew she did something really bad. I did not have time to do anything but tell her what I thought of her. I'm sure she saw blood.
    But I guess I'm just saying all this to show, that there are other things to do rather than punch a dog.
  16. nern

    nern New Member

    I have lightly tapped mine on the butt on occasion if they were'nt paying attention but would never do it as a means of punishment. It just is'nt neccessary to hit a dog IMO. Punching a dog in the face???? :shock: Now thats going a little far. I'm glad you reported him.
  17. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    Thank goodness you reported him for punching his dog in the face...utterly dispicable, unnecessary, and obviously not fit for dog ownership! (I sure hope that he doesn't have kids!) :x

    To answer the question at hand, no, I NEVER hit my dogs (nor any dog I work with) - I don't "believe" in it. Now, I am not a professional in this area, however, I've never been one to believe it is effective in any aspect (and I've been around, and worked with, a wide variety of dogs, behaviorally speaking).

    JMHO! :D
  18. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    I think that if nothing can be done from the hip back, it shouldn't be done at all. Yes i do pop my dog. We had a real scare last fall when she ran up the hill and ate a bunch of decon (rat poison) we almost lost her. I believe it fixing it hard once and then not ever having to fix it again. If she runs up the hill, when i catch her i make her think she is going to die for about 8 seconds, I yell, a pop on the butt, i get in her face and the look of fear she gives me is enough for me to want to break down and cry, but i still make her think she will die. when the 8 seconds is up i send her home with a final pop and a big loud GO HOME! I haven't had to do this in a long time. I never hurt her, i just invoke fear when she is up the hill. it may not be correct, but it works and it will save her life.
  19. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    what on earth do you mean by 'pop her on the butt then get her in the face?'
  20. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member


    As much as we would like to think so, dogs have no reasoning abilities. If you yell and pop her on the butt and evoke such fear, she doesn't fear the fact that she may be poisoned, she fears YOU!!!

    If she fears that she may die, in her mind it's not the poison, but it's YOU!!

    Eventually she will come to fear you and may turn into a fear biter. Once a dog becomes a fear biter, it's almost impossible to change them back.

    Firm commands should be all that's needed. A dog should know what"NO" means from being a puppy. A dog's first instinct is to please his/her owner, not fear him. Don't expect your dog to know why she/he is being hit or yelled at. She/He is not a person.

    You know it's poison on the hill, your dog just knows you're sending signals of anger her way and it's frightening her.

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