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Dog eating Corn Cob

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by SassyPatti, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. SassyPatti

    SassyPatti New Member

    My Doberman at a corn cob.... I was just wondering if there if there is anything i need to do? Anything i need to look out for? I understand that corn cobs are not good for dogs to eat.... So i need to know what to expect.... Any help would be much appriciated.... :)[/quote]
  2. Shady_Babygurl

    Shady_Babygurl New Member

    Well they she comsume it WHOLE or chew it up? My Pit once ate a corn boc but he chewed it up to little bits. He didnt get sick or anything. If she ate it WHOLE Id be watching for normal bowel movements etc. If she is drinking an unusual amount of water and not eating then call the vet asap. Make sure that she is on the norm. If anything is unusual then seek the attention of a vet. From what I understand this is an undigestable food BUT my dog had no problems with his nawty corn cob eating self. lol Signs that something is wrong is vomiting or diarrhea, dullness, apparent abdominal pain may be symptoms. Some dogs will have intermittent bouts of vomiting. A dog could vomit some of the offending material but still have some in his system. Just be cautious for awhile and GOOD LUCK hope she does ok.

  3. Nik

    Nik New Member

  4. Jules

    Jules New Member

    I don't think corn is bad for dogs as such, but I was under the immpression that the reason they couldn't have corn cobs is becasue they could get stuck. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I would assume actual corn is ok, because the warning are only ever for corn cobs.
  5. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    Corn is in dog food sometimes

    I really think I have seen corn in dog food ingredients list before so I wouldn't thik it would be such a problem. But watch your dog to make sure he doesn'T get sick

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