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dog not pooping everyday

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by heaven, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. heaven

    heaven New Member

    2 weeks ago my dog ate some of the covering off a tennis ball and we had to rush her to the vet, she pooped out the tennis ball covering and was throwing up...needless to say she spent 2 days at the vets and the xray showed that she didn't have a blockage

    we have been giving her very bland diet, chicken boiled and boiled veggies, started out very little to giver her insides to heal and little more each day, we took her off the dry dog food because the vet said would be too abrasive for her right now

    well, she's been eating good since we brought her home but she has a poop problem now, she didn't poop for 5 days after she pooped oput the tennisball cover, the vet said to give her 1 more day then bring her in..she pooped that night, day after that no poop, then for the next 3 days pooping fine, this past weekend she didn't poop at all and now i saw her poop a little bit , vet isn't worried but i am

    is this just because she's not on her reg dog food and her amount of food has been drastically cut down or could there be a more serious problem the vet isn't seeing? she's acting like her normal self, it's just the poop problem going on
  2. RabidRaccoon

    RabidRaccoon New Member

    I'm deffently not an expert on the matter, but maybe I can help a bit.

    How old is she? My 12-year-old dog sometimes won't poop for a day or so, then won't /stop/ pooping, usually after he's stolen some people food from the trash (Smart little booger can open our trash cans!).

    There also might be a blockage your vet isn't seeing, so you might want to take her to the vet and get another X-Ray if it doesn't clear up soon.
  3. heaven

    heaven New Member

    well she made a liar out of me and pooped right after i posted

    i'm just used to her pooping sometimes 2 times a day, morning and night

    now a day or so goes by woth nothing, so i worry

    she's not back to her regular amount of food or even her regular type of food so maybe thats it..i'm just gonna keep a close eye on her
  4. Sara

    Sara New Member

    I would bet it's the ammount of food she's getting that's making it different.

    Usually a bland diet is just boiled chicken and rice...maybe some Yogurt...what Veggies are you feeding??? I would skip the veggies, go to boiled chicken and rice and non fat yogurt to help out natural stuff in their digestive system to keep it working right, makes 'em quit farting too...check with your vet first, I'd just tell the vet you would feel better if you were feeding that and wondered if THAT bland diet would work as well as the one he put the dog on...that is if you decide to feed Yogurt and rice with the chicken. Dogs don't really need that many veggies in their diet...organ meat is where wild dogs and wolves get their vitamins and minerals...not veggies.

    AFTER you get to where you're adding in her regular food, if you're not already feeding Lamb and rice food I'd start... Lamb and rice tends to be nicer on the tummy than the Regular stuff. That part is up to you.

    My female Boerboel got REALLY sick awhile back, last year, and she ate her bland diet for quite awhile and was on very little at first...she also didn't poop as regularly, but when you're not putting as much food in as before they won't poop as much as before. Are you exercising your dog? Exercise often induces elimination so if you're worried about her insides not working so great try short walks and it might trigger a poop.

    Keep us updated.


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