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Dogs and Ghosts

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by StormyWinter, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. StormyWinter

    StormyWinter New Member

    I asked this in another forum I am a member of and I want to see what people here think as well.

    Do you think that animals can see things we can't?

    I personaly think they can. My dogs will bark and attack walls. Look into the air and wag their tails or growl. At times they will not walk down my hallway. One dog Barney will sit in front of my grandmothers chair (she passed away in the same chair) and howl and cry. Many things have happened in my house that no one can explain.

    So what is your take on this subject?
  2. kira1386

    kira1386 New Member

    I do think they can....all of my animals do the same thing. my moms cat actually jumps up ontop of where my laundry basket is and jumps up against the walls like shes chasing something...its actually really funny watching. but yes i believe they see things that we dont. all animals are very sensitive to those things
  3. GinaH

    GinaH New Member

    My grandmother has told this ghost story about a blue healer named Tuck that she had when she was a girl every since I was very little. This dog she says was the hardest working dog you ever saw he was up before the roosters crowed and was in the fields waiting for her daddy to wake up to get to work. MY grandmother says that the dog didn't listen to anyone but her daddy and he was mean to her momma even to the point of snapping at her so she never had anything to do with him. So the way the story goes is her daddy got sick and was bed ridden for months and during that time Tuck hardly ever moved from beside her daddy's bed and he never went to the fields or did much of anything. So a few months later her daddy passed away and a couple of days later her momma got out of bed got dressed and went out to attend to the cattle and there was Tuck running the cattle just like he had before her daddy had become sick. She said there was nothing you could do to get that dog out of that field he was there until her daddy's spirit retired for the night. She says he did the same thing for the next 5 years until he died of old age. Now guess where he laid down to die? Right next to where my grandmothers daddy had been buried 5 years earlier. My grandmother has told the story of Tuck as long as I can remember. She swears that dog was working those cattle with her daddy's spirit. So yes I can't help but believe that dogs see what we cannot. I also think little kids do to.
  4. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    OH i know thy can.

    I train horses as yall may very well know. Well I use an arena of a friend of ours to take the yearlings and stuff to to get exposure and diffrent settings. Well she bought the old racing stables behind her property and half of them had burned down in a fire. Many horses died along with two dogs and three stable workers.

    She's rebuilt most of it now and has turned it into a bording stable.

    The horses will often run over there and when two horses meet for the first time, it looks alot like dogs. Tail goes up, they strike their pose, talk and alot of times the horses will "strike" with their front legs (kinda like they are kicking a soccer ball) to insure dominance. They'll squeel an dance around each other.

    Sassy has done this many times. The part that burned down was the Stallions area. She'll run over there and front. She'll even get into a mating pose..... But there's nothing there!
  5. OneWolvesDream

    OneWolvesDream New Member

    yup, i say they can. most happenings dogs have been involved. Dogs are capible of many things.....why not that?
  6. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    Animals are more in tune with the world than we are. They haven't forgotten that everything is connected and I think they can communicate much better than humans, except in the most superficial ways.

  7. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    I don't know about dogs, but I always thought that cats are beings from another planet sent here to spy on us. Sometimes when you're moving around the house or something, the cats will be just stare at you like they're taking notes and transmitting back to another source somewhere. Either that or they're really actually ghosts of people we've know in our past. That's why I won't let the cats in the bathroom when I take a shower.
  8. pamr61

    pamr61 New Member

    I agree about the cats.... sometimes that way they look at us..... like we are some inferior race that they are disgusted, yet at the same time oddly amused by.........
    And yes, I really so believe animals are more tuned to things than us... their senses aren't so clouded by all the noise us humans create for ourselves. I've had animals that seemed to have a sense of things at times.
    But now Rusty, I have to say----- this little fellow cracks me up. I think he has a very vivid imaginaton. At times, a bit TOO vivid. I mean, I'm pretty sure he sees things that just aren't there--- PERIOD. I think he has a bit of a fear of the dark. He can create boogey men in his own mind just by staring at something too long! Especially at night.... when we go out for our last walk before bed, he can sometimes completely convince himself that a rock, or a crumpled up piece of paper..... anything he might see off in the distance...... is in reality a horrible, frightening menace that he must growl and bark at! :roll:
    One time he thought a gray rock was a squirrel.... I know because of the way he carried on and wanted to run up to it... until he got close, then he didn't know what it was so was afraid of it....
    And one other time m room mate threw a pair of pants and shirt from her car on the ground, and Rusty got all upset barking and afraid of it, because he was sure there was person somewhere in the middle of it all!
    Absolutely anything in any way out of the ordinary, especially after dark, REALLY sets his imagination rolling......
  9. Jules

    Jules New Member

    Lol pamr61!! Bender does that too- though not to that extent. When we are walking he'll spy something in the distance- could be a plastic bag- and I know he thinks it's a cat- he goes all tense until we get up to it- he'll realise it's not a cat, but he's looking around to see where the cat went!!
    I personally have no experience of my dogs sensing other things, but believe they are like children and children's minds are open to other things... they think and see in a unique way until society teaches them otherwise.
    My friend's sister has always seen colours around people (aura's) it's weird because I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't know her. Anyway, she doesn't see them for everyone... once when she was younger she saw a man on the beach and he was surrounded by blackness. Apparently the police were after the man because he was a rapist.
    But the thing is she sees auras around dogs too! She draws pictures of the dog or person and then draws the colours surrounding it. She goes on intution to what it all means, and explains it after she's drawn it. (Her pictures are quite funny because she can't draw, lol!) She drew my friends dog. The main thing I remember about the picture were these funny looking purple cyclone things coming from the dog. She said that these were the dogs connection to other "worlds" as dogs are connected to things that we don't know about.
    I'm going to visit my friend soon, and I'm taking Leela... maybe I can chase up her sister and get her aura read! That would be so cute!

    All the people I know that seem to have that extra sense have lost someone really close to them. This girl that sees the auras lost her sister. Her sister was probably about 2 years old.
  10. nern

    nern New Member

    I think they can too.
    Natalie scared me one night when she (out of nowhere) began staring and barking toward a wall in the dining room. She kept backing away and the way she was acting you would have though someone was standing there. I did'nt see anything and sat on the couch, frozen for a about an hour because I was too scared to move after her carrying on for so long. All I kept thinking was that there was a ghost in my house. She's goofy so it could have very well have just been a shadow or something. :mrgreen:
  11. StormyWinter

    StormyWinter New Member

    Well I have to thank everyone! This post here didn't end up like my other one in the other forum! 90 replys in just a few hours!! So...

    THANK YOU!!!
  12. asdmom

    asdmom New Member

    i believe in ghosts though i have actually never seen one myself. i do believe dogs and cats can sense things and see things that we sometimes cannot. it is said that a child's imaginary friend is actually a spirit/ghost.
    stormy, i am really impressed........ so far no arguments about this topic on this board. :shock:
  13. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    LOL, I can't imagine arguing about something like this. It's not like it is a threatening subject - just a curiosity. Sheesh. Some people will argue about anything.

    Nala thought one of the little plastic reindeer in a neighbor's yard last Christmas was evil. I don't know what she thought it was, but she definitely wanted to kill it - or run away from it. She couldn't quite decide. :)

  14. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    HAHAHAHA!! I went to that other forum, and what an awesome thread!! Some people had some really good stories about ghosts and dogs. That one profane poster was amusing because she was so incredibly ignorant in such a violent way that NO ONE took her seriously. All the civil and educated posts responding to her had me rolling.

    We don't get that much here because our wonderful administrators kick those people out. No one should EVER post something that says, "Your opinions are worthless and meaningless..." followed by profanity.

    LOL. Idiots. Can't leave home without seeing one. :0010:

  15. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi i have to say yes i agree animals are more intune with what is going on and can sense something out of balance or not quiet right.

    Even humans without knowing it all have physic connections most people pass this off as just a strange feeling.

    Now with cats i have to agree i think they are from another planet as they dont look at you they seem to look through you which i find scary lol.

    If you notice when your sat at home or out with the dogs they will stop dead and looks as if they are about to attack or they have that curious look on there faces i believe all dogs sence a presence that should not be there.

    They say an animal that can sence good can also sence evil and will growl and bark yet not go near the spot that this thing it sences is at.

    Sorry if i sound creepy but i love all things supernatural and i know it sounds strange but i can feel the pain hurt and upset of others that enter the same room as me.

    My 4year old brother can tell you who is calling before the phone rings and he can tell you something thats going to happen before it actually does creepy i know lol

    BUt yes all animals can feel sence and see things we dont.

  16. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    There is a book I am reading now called, "The Field". It is written by a reporter who interviewed top physicists and other scientists about their work in quantum physics and metaphysical things. It talks about how quantum physics can actually prove some of these things. Some of the physics is a little heavy, but the gist of it is that there is no "empty space" - we are surrounded by a field of energy that the physicists used to always subtract out of their equations because it made everything too complicated. Through this field, however, everything and everyone is connected and can interact.

    It's very interesting. Here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/t...f=sr_1_1/103-6153234-4925438?v=glance&s=books

  17. Sarge'smom

    Sarge'smom New Member

    :lol: I love that!

    When I was about 6 or 7, my parents bought this huge house in the historical are of our city. The house was about 100 years old. The basement had weirdest feeling. In this one corner, I never wanted to go down there, always felt like something was watching me from the corner. We had a Siamese back then and she would not, under any circumstances go into that basement. My mom had to move her litterbox, etc., upstairs. Later we added a all black domestic kitten to our family and she would not com eout of the basement! Always in that on back corner. We never saw her in the main house. EVER! Sometimes my mom and I would go down to do laundry and she would be tucked back in the corner and moving her head and purring like someone was petting her. Even freaked my mom out.

    We sold the house and soon after so did the people who bought it from us. It has been owned by the same people who bought it from them for about the past 20 years. A group of nuns!
  18. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Oh Sarge that is soooo spooky. I'll say most people either run for the hills or make friends with their ghost, so to speak. I do believe. I don't have any dog stories really. My dog rufus will do the same things as rusty, jump because he's afraid of a bag blowing in the wind or a flat reindeer on a lawn. I myself, have been to two places in my life where I had to leave because I got this overwhelming saddness about the place. I don't know what It was. But I felt saddness. Maybe spirits not sure. One of the places was an old stage coach horse and buggie house type of place. It was in the center of a beautiful botanical garden. I felt like something bad happened there. I really felt so sad I had to get out of there. It made me tear up. There other was at a place called Oliver st. In L.A. it was during October when the hispanics honor the dead. It was this room full of little shrines. Something felt evil and out of place. Same feeling I got as the other place.
  19. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    This isn't about a dog, but I had a friend in high school who said they used to have a poltergeist in their house. Poltergeists are supposed to be mischievous ghosts who like to play jokes and typically live in houses with small children.

    He said as a child he saw the silhouette of the ghost several times. Once at night it pulled him out of bed!!

    And one time, his mother was trying to shut the door to the basement, but she couldn't. She pushed and pushed, but it would not budge - and there was nothing blocking it! Finally she said, "Oh okay, come on upstairs!" and then the door shut easily.

    Creepy, eh? :shock:

  20. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    We have a little boy, Johnny. He's sooo normal now, I think it would be strange if he ever left. He plays games, toys with Emily (my little sisters best friend) and comes over to my parents house when ever Emily does.

    he apparently died and was buried under their house back in the 18th centry. He's really nice.

    The first time he came over to my parents it was kinda freeky. He played with my gold fish. (which was annoying, he wouldn't quit taking them out) And that night. My mother got up twice and griped us out because we kept bugging her in her sleep. SHe said she could here us walk down the hall, through her door and right next to her bed and shake her. But of course we were all asleep. Guess he was scared in a diffrent house.

    I think most people fear the after life, and those that are still here. I don't think you should be. Afterall, they can't hurt you. I've found that the best way to avoid contact when you don't want them around, is to calmly say "please go away" and they usually do!
    This conversation is goin on in the General forum. I've posted some of my daily experiances on there. Yall go check it out!

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