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Dogs best trick ??

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Samsintentions, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    So whats everyone's dogs best trick? pics welcome!!

    Smokey has a rather "Manly" disgusting trick that granvel taught him (go fiugure!)

    Granvel will tell him " Show me you nuts!" and the dog will flip over as fast as he can!!! Smokey will be running though the pasture 110 to nothing, and Granvel will yell that out to him, I swear, the dog will flip in mid stride, and slide 10 feet on his back!! LOL..

    Would post pics but that might be considered doggy pornogrophy!
  2. tuttifrutti

    tuttifrutti New Member

    lol! let's see...i guess ranger's best would b walk, beg, jump, or up. i want 2 teach him more, but first we are focusing on basic training, like come:)
  3. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    Rocky has "Smile" where he'll show you his front teeth (kind of like a growl but with no sound).

    He has a trick kind of like Smokey's but when you say "Belly" he'll run at you, stop dead in his tracks and then flip over so you can scratch his belly.
  4. someday

    someday New Member

    hmm..Annie's best are Stick 'em up! and she sticks her front paws straight up above her head...and "Quiet" which makes her make the most rediculous half whine, half growl sound...
  5. gwen13

    gwen13 New Member

    Aww my poor chi seems to know no tricks what so ever except sit and beg with the cutest face i've ever seen! He's such a little guy I haven't found much to teach him.
    But then again, the same goes for my husky, or not so much the fact that she doesnt KNOW them, simply the fact that she's a husky and she's too stubborn/lazy to actually do them. She'll go as far as sitting, staying, waiting, laying down or shaking hands/paws, but anything more elaborate she looks at me like I must be joking :roll:

    My best friend just found a stray dog that she's now adopted and he has to be the cutest thing ever! We were all hanging out last night talking about what our dogs can do, and she was mentioning how because her new dog is a stray he doesn't know how to do anything. So we sat and went through an entire list of every command we could think of while he just sat there and stared at us, until I pointed at him and said "bang bang!" he let out a little howl and then rolled over onto his back with his paws over his eyes! :lol: So someone at least taught him one trick, a very cute one at that!
  6. ChinookLover89

    ChinookLover89 New Member

    Well lets see Noah howls on command when you say Sing A Pretty Song! He's throw his head up in the air and howl and yap until you say Kill It and then he sits there looking just too happy.Bright doesent do anything special just her usual sit, lay down, roll over, speak, and shake. Shine does a cute trick if you tell her to Boogie she with spin in circles on her hind legs yapping I call it her dance lol. Its something she has done since she was a puppy. Safire doesent really do anything too special other then i tell her to go and look for company to come and she will go to the front window and sit there and watch for someone to come over. Hulk doesent do anything special really just the general stuff. Harley likes to get his bowl seriousely when its time to eat i go out Harley get me your bowl and he will and bring it right to me. This like Brights trip is something he started doing on his own when he was a puppy and i turned it into a trick. Zena sings like Noah and also will sit up and beg on command but i tell her to say her prayers lol.
  7. kate

    kate New Member

    i tried to teach kate to "sit pretty" but i gave up because she would get about half way to all the way up then lose her balence and topple over (often hitting her head or coming verry close to it), it made me nervous so i stopped. other than that she knows "on the mat" which is a sit stay on the mat after coming inside, we use this so she doesnt run all over the house with muddy feet, or go to bed which is her crate, for dinner or if shes being a pain.

    we are a little behind on alot of developmental stages and training with her medicins making her so lethargic. But we are past that now, kate never got in to socks or underwear untill recently, and now when you tell her to stay on the mat she will wait like 2 minutes till your busy then scamper across the living room purpously not making eyecontact, and when you tell her "no" she barks and jumps around. We have a long way to go...
  8. abbeys-mom

    abbeys-mom New Member

    I guess right now, the best thing Abbey can do is, retrieve different toys by specific name.
    I think that is pretty good, I am not sure if it is a trick though???

    One thing Abbey does when playing that I think it so cute, she will be doing the doggie wrestle with another dog, and then she kinda backs up towards the other dog, and donkey kicks them! She is so cute. She will kick us like that if she wants to play.
    Anyone elses dog do this?
  9. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    Luther does all the basics sit stay roll over that stuff, but his newest trick is "do you like cats" and he shakes his head no (although he loves cats, maybe too much) I figure from there next I'll teach him more "head" tricks ie putting his paws over his ears and stuff like that.

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