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don't know what's wrong with kitty, please help!

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by blaklilac, May 20, 2004.

  1. blaklilac

    blaklilac New Member

    Hey everyone...I've posted about Thomas before (the little troublemaker) and he's putting me through the ringer again. well, here's the current situation: he's got a limp in his front paw, and I checked for scratches, etc., but don't see any...it's not a severe limp, he can still jump, but enough for me to notice..also, his fur coat is extremely dull and seems kindof greasy, slightly matted. it's supposed to be shiny and healthy looking. anyways, he's very active and eats/drinks normally and doesn't seem sick at all, but his fur does not look very healthy. could this be a sign of something serious? any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    thanx so much!!!
  2. russianbluefanatic

    russianbluefanatic New Member

    I would suggest having him seen by a vet for both reasons, the limp and the coat.
    Have you wormed him recently ?
  3. Obelix

    Obelix New Member

    I agree with russianblue, though it doesnt seem 2 serious i would let your vet give him a once-over. good luck
  4. footsie

    footsie New Member

    how long has he been limping?
  5. blaklilac

    blaklilac New Member

    hey again..I'm gonna try to take him to the vet tomorow. it's a top priority with me, but I gotta check the checkbook first. :? i first noticed the limp about 3 weeks ago. it was very slight, so I figured it would get better quickly. then I went out of town for a week, and it's gotten worse, not better. hopefully, it's nothing too serious..do cats get pulled muscles or sprains?
  6. halaroo

    halaroo New Member

    One of my cats strained her muscles a few years ago from jumping off a really high ledge. She was sore for a few days. This doesn't really sound like the case with Thomas as it's been 3 weeks (but of course I'm no vet!). Good luck with your vet visit and let us know what they say!
  7. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    when i had otis, he sprained his back leg jumping off a balcony. he wouldnt even walk on it. had to be in a soft cast for weeks. then, had a limp for many years. in his older years, he seemed to loose the limp but had arthritis in his leg and back. probably good to get it checked. i know vets can be costly, though
  8. blaklilac

    blaklilac New Member


    Ok, I took Thomas to the vet this morning..here's what's going on: he has a limp cuz there's an infection in his body..(a lymphnode near his paw was swollen). that's the good news cause an infection is easy to fix..also, which isn't so good, is that most of the muscle around his backbone was gone..(probably the reason why i thought he was so sickly lookin)..i hadn't even noticed till dr. smith pointed it out. anyways, i'm still waiting for the blood test results. and doc said it might be feline diabetes..I will be SO thankful if it's nothing worse than that!!! (it's still pretty awful, but Thomas has had a lot of near death experiences and diabetes can be treated)...I'm holding my breath till Monday.
  9. blaklilac

    blaklilac New Member

    Oops, almost forgot...does anybody know anything about, or ever had experience with a cat that had muscle loss? is there anything that can help rebuild it?

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