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Eddington meets Whopper Bloodline

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by sgk mistress, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. sgk mistress

    sgk mistress New Member

    SGK's "Powder Puff" -deep Eddington /Goeringer blood-- [EDIT] ---heavy Whopper blood-!!!! [EDIT] anyone else have these bloodlines???
  2. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    Sara, I finally get it.. LOL, Whopper~ Oklahoma bulldog!!

    SGK, You are in Oklahoma City, right??

    Im in Edmond.....
  3. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I dont think most here know their dogs bloodlines as many have rescues or dogs without papers. I know mine. But hell no do I have those mutt lines. I stay as far away from that as I can. I thought this was a no ad board? So how can they even post this? Did I miss something? This person is in OK? I've never seen them post before. Have I missed that much on the forum.
  4. sgk mistress

    sgk mistress New Member

    MaxKellyAST, yep yep.....Chickasha Lake baby!!!!!

    and if i was financially able, True Pits, i would have a rescue...already in the plans for the "DREAM" but right now i have to focus on raising three teenagers and get them out into the world before i can afford to start the rescue we want. Don't look down upon us just because we breed purebred registered pitbulls....
  5. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    I think youll find that the sentiment around here is Whopper/Eddington blood is in fact not pure, though registered as such. This will likely not be the most accepting forum you could choose. I myself have AST, Im not as familiar with the pedigrees of APBT as I am with their general conformation. It would seem that most Whopper/Eddington blood falls short, or rather grossly out of range of the APBT standard. Judging from your dogs they would likely never win a conformation event however they may do well at pulling work. Your dogs would be considered more of a bandog, around here anyway...

    You also wont find many people who encourage breeding esp. between none titled dogs (ch., gr ch, ace, ace of ace, ect..) and even then not without proper health testing.

    Dont think me critical or attacking, im just trying to prepare you...
  6. sgk mistress

    sgk mistress New Member

    well the sire is working on ace-yes, we focus on larger pulling dogs, and we do health test....monday our dam will be taken in and blood drawn for any stds, infections, etc BEFORE we breed.....Whopper is a solid bloodline, as is Eddington....and our 45 lb bitch is the perfect conformation dog thank you...she is still young is the ONLY reason she hasnt been in any shows.....time takes time.......

    i have mad respect for anyone who has the ability to take in strays!!!! someday i will be able to but for now our focus is breeding what our clientele looks for....size, temperment, personality, socialization ability, loyalty,etc.....

    never heard the word 'bandog' whats it mean???
  7. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    How old is she?
    She is too young to show but not too young to be bred?

    I appologize if I have insulted your girls conformation out of turn.

    Do you think it wise to let "clientele" direct your breeding program?

    A bandog is usually associated with a mixed dog used for working purposes. typically an APBT and mastiff type... Much like the whopper blood.

    Would someone please post that pic of that whopper dog again, and maybe follow it up with a redboy,jeep,bingo,crenshaw something,

    Its not much of an accomplishment to aquire two registered APBT's and breed them, its unfortunately all too common and all too easy...

    What about the genetic problems? Cardio and hip among others....
  8. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Thats well and good, I guess I'm glad to hear that. Too busy with my life and my own dogs to start a rescue or anything. Maybe I'll become a foster home in the future. I have respect for people who can do rescue or who want to in the future as yourself. I don't want to sound selfish or like I don't care about dogs in need, I think rescue is great, but just not for everyone and it would be wrong for me try and become one which is WORSE for the dogs.

    Now I'm getting a little confused? Where did this statement come from? Out of nowhere. Who is looking down upon now and for what? I’m confused here.

    Also some FYI you have registered dogs not purebred APBTs, you have dogs with hung papers in the background. And not just hung paper but mutts with mastiff crossed in the lines. Purebred doesn't just mean papered, it means that for generations the dogs have been bred only to other dogs of the same set breed without crossing to something else. Papers doesn't make a dog pure, its true background dictates that.

    Its nice to hear that your dog is working towards ACE that will be a nice accomplishment, I wish you luck, there is nothing wrong with pulling these bandogs its just really messed up that they have papers as APBTs. When they could still be pulled in other registries without having the hung papers. Although I'm not sure what would be the remedy, I don't think it would be fair to pull papers now. When you breed these bandogs with eachother your concentrating the blood, but it wouldn't be fair if a dog had Whopper way back in the pedigree and people are breeding it out. So there is no way to really deal with it.

    Whopper line is in fact a crossed line with mastiff blood. Eddington on the other hand is a very good line, very nice working dogs. Nice background, he had more then just this Whopper line, purebred dogs who are excellent examples of the breed.

    I don't think Max was insulting your bitch, he was speaking of Whopper dogs in general. If she isn't a Whopper dog or is one that looks nice they have no way of knowing because they haven't seen your dog. At 45lbs I would assume the dog full grown so how could it be too young to show? Don't think people on this board are stupid!! If she is old enough to breed (2yrs) then she is old enough to show. If she is under 4 months old and not old enough to show then you have a long time to even consider breeding her, but I doubt a 2-3 month old pup is 45lbs or that you doing all this breeding talk about her. So who is to say she has perfect conformation? Without proving such, your kennel blindness or opinion? From what I gather nearly no dog has perfect conformation. Breeders know this and are HONEST about their dogs faults. Responsible breeders don't make empty claims or excuses that don't make sense, they show and prove their dogs and cull accordingly.

    Responsible breeders don't look for what sells well, whats a fad or what other people want. They breed to and uphold the standard, keeping integrity within the breed. They breed to improve upon what they have and keep their prospects for their OWN breeding program, or send them to other trusted kennels and pet homes if need be.

    I don't think max was trying to insult you or your female at all. Just pointing things out. Its better not to insult people, just gets feelings hurt or them angered. Its always nice if they can improve and learn, but I doubt anyone would be openminded to learning something if they were being attacked.

    Max I can also post the pics.

    This is the bandog known as Whopper, not too bad looking, I actually like his look I'll admit it. Maybe not so great conformationally but not that bad either.

    This is Redboy(Bingo)/Turtlebuster/(Crenshaws)Jeep/(Crenshaws)Rascal
    Same female that’s in my avatar.
  9. sgk mistress

    sgk mistress New Member

    Indi-my small bitch-has NEVER bred.....she was abused before we got her and we are trying to socialize her but as of now, she only tolerates being around family-so she will probably never be anything but a pet but thats ok with us... we don't have any Whopper blood....we are breeding to it.....our foundation female is heavy eddington blood in back...and we like our program breeding..just ask anyone who has ever bought a pup from us--it works.....so far so good...i know what a bloodline is and means.we have pedigrees on all our dogs.....read JUNIORS WORDS on our website and it says more about us and what we do.....

    this will be the last time i post here.....i apologize to everyone for coming here to advertise....thats all it was in the beginning...i never looked for a debate......i just wanted traffic to my site, maybe a few CONSTRUCTIVE comments in the guestbook....sell a shirt or two to pitbull people...

    peace out y'all
  10. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    What, now I'm even more confused then ever. I looked at the site. I have some of the same blood, but when I see a black mark in a pedigree I breed AWAY from it, not to it. We don't know which female is your foundation female. We were just assuming thats the female you are breeding. If you aren't breeding her and she has behovaioral problems then it doens't matter if she has perfect conformation or not. Don't have any Whopper blood? Like I said I looked at the site, like the only dog who had a pedigree up was "Powder Puff" and Dirty White Boy is 2 times Whopper, and you even mention Whopper when talking about her pedigree. And if you are trying to breed purebred APBTs why would you breed to a bloodline that isn't pure? Thats what I don't understand. I don't mean with "Powder Puff" thats understandable, I mean breeding to a dog who is Whopper line, or heavy Whopper. Working your male to ACE is a good thing, more then I can say for most people, but its not everything. I didn't say you didn't know what a bloodline was. I was commenting on your bloodline choice (Whopper) that is a mutt bloodline, and talking about breeding purebred dogs all bloodlines aside. A purebred dog hasn't had other breeds crossed in it. I said I didn't have a problem with people still using these dogs to pull, there is really no fair way around it. But I don't see how someone can be so contradicatory in their own words. I read "Juniors Words" which I really don't understand all of it. I wasn't trying to give negative feed back and please believe maxkelly wasn't either. All kennels will get good/bad feedback even good reputable ones. I don't see anything wrong with the T-Shirt, some people just like to start stuff over nothing. I also agree with being constructive if you are giving information or stating your opinion thats what I was trying to say ealier. You are saying all these true dog men/women, ect see your site and dogs and approve? Thats just your word against anyone elses. Of course the people who count would only be the ones who agree. I always try to read sites, get a feel for it, look at pedigrees and pictures the whole works before making a judgement. My only point was the Whopper line being mutts and that this is a no advertising board doesn't support puppy peddlers. I also don't understand no negative pics on your site? Well I didn't see anything but what about the rest of the paragraph. "I don't own a spring pole, I don't own a break stick. No choker chains, no treadmills, no "rapemaster". We have no knotted ropes hanging from trees." And what is wrong with people who own springpoles? You know for their dogs entertainment and excersize. Well if you don't own a breaking stick and are a breeder with a yard full of APBTs then I call you irresponsible. I also don't believe in choke chains! Way to go there! So what is negative about treadmills again? I always saw them as a positive thing, in which you can condition your dog, burn up energy, some can't get enough of running it and of course excersize them even when its freezing out. So what true dogmen/women have you talked to who say treadmills are a negative tool.

    Next time just follow forum rules where ever you go, such as.
    "Posting here is for personal/non-commercial use only (promoting your website or products is considered commercial)."
    Oh well guess you won't be reading this anyway.
  11. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    It's awful funny to me that I can't have a banner in my signature line that is a collage of some of my dogs with the words SPENCER PITS laid over the pics, but someone can post their upcoming litter. Mine (even though Spencer Pits is my handle on the forum) is an advertisement, but yours isn't. All I can say is LMFAO! And True is right - this is the most accepting forum you'll find. If you were to post that on some of the forums I frequent, you'd get nothing but negative responses. Personally, I think those lines of dogs need their own registry. They are not pure APBTs. JMO.
  12. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    You think your dogs are a product with marketability and merchandise. With all the bad stuff happening to this breed you are selling T-shirts that glorify the already skewed image of our glorious dogs. "Personal Protection Device" geez... Why dont you learn Karate and leave the dogs alone. You breed and endorse man bitting cur dogs and its going to come back around and bite YOU. Relook your direction and loose the illusions of grandeur. Your not going to be the next "Razors Edge" brand APBT.... I know you're breeding bitches too young, not health testing and only in it for the money, we all know you and your type. Do you think you can come on here and throw around names like Whopper and Eddington, breed a few dogs and thats all the dues you have to pay, and everyone here is stupid enough to buy that? Go to the flea market... Alot of people here have been swindled in the past by Back yard Breeders peddling sub par dogs to people with "HYPE" in their eyes. I was going to be civil but after being you being untruthful and exposing your true agenda, I say.....Get a grip, good bye and good riddance.

    If ive pegged you wrong get your story straight and please enlighten us...
  13. Jas

    Jas New Member

    You have been PM'ed about this. This is a message board for people and their pets not for selling dogs, products or using the board in this manner. True pits is correct in posting the list RULES:
    "Posting here is for personal/non-commercial use only (promoting your website or products is considered commercial)." You ARE welcome to stick around & talk about your dogs (with exception to breeding/selling pups etc). If you do intend on staying around please respect the list rules and lets all remember to keep discussions respectful and civil. Not everyone is going to agree on everything!
  14. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Haha well what I was going to say spencerpits is when admin sees this they will probably edit and delete it. So they have, it just takes time.

    I didn't want to judge people when they came on here, or insult them. Just giving "FYI", but they do seem a little shady after all, I'm not so much bothered by the T-Shirt like some. Its just everything else in general.

    *Their 45lbs bitch has perfect conformation. She just hasn't been shown because she's too young.

    No dog has perfect conformation. The dog is old enough to show since it was 4 months old.

    change of story

    *She has aggression problems because she was abused previously. She can't be shown she only trust the family. Furthermore she is a pet not a show dog.
    Well then its irrelevent whether or not she has perfect conformation, if she isn't breeding stock. She can't be shown and won't be bred. And this is the only dog out of a whole yard that has good conformation.

    *I don't have Whopper blood we are breeding to it.

    Then I check out Powder Puffs pedigree and see she has Whopper. Super J looks like he is Whopper bred too, but I couldn't say his pedigree isn't up, well actually nobody else but Powder Puffs is up. He might not be anywhere near Whopper blood maybe he just has the build for it. Again it really doesn't matter if they have no Whopper blood at all, you're freaking breeding to it so you will have it shorly and be breeding that into your dogs. You picked a stud that was Whopper.

    I read Juniors words.

    Which guy that signed the guest book, I didn't understand that part. Noticed all what titled dogs in her pedigree. Wow the whole 5 titled dogs she has. Thats very unimpressive, I have had culls with better pedigrees. I don't say that to be rude, a dog can have a poor pedigree and be a good dog or a super pedigree and be a poor dog. However if a dog doesn't have a super pedigree why try to boast on something that isn't there? Doesn't make sense to me at all. It makes you look silly and shows how kennel blind you really are. If you want to see a pedigree to boast about I can surely post a few up. None of those dogs (that I know of with the exception of ONE) is a game dog and ONE I know is a CUR. One dog out of an entire pedigree being game, GAME DOGS I don't think so. Actually I feel rather like that is insulting my dogs breeding and their breeders by calling those dogs game dogs when they are not. Just the same as when people say their dogs are show dogs because THEY think their OWN dogs are pretty. I can show you game dogs too if thats what you want to see. You talk about true dogmen who would probably laugh in your face and tell you off about your curs or mutts or whatever. I might not agree with them being hateful, but no one here was ever trying to be rude to you, and its positivly nothing compared to how I've seen most dogmen lay into dogs like yours. Not just dogs who are mixed, like Whopper dogs but weight pull dogs period. Some are pretty hateful about but I guess they have their reasons when people are ruining the breed and then trying to pass the dogs off as gamebred or actual game dogs.

    I had a chance, big offer to trade my (true) GAMEBRED dog for a weightpull bred chevy something or other of which I quickly declined. Why would I trade this wonderful, gamebred, nicely conformed, great temperament working dog for something like that I don't know. I was told however that I could make a lot of money off her pups if I traded as she was about to come in heat. Of course I could care less, my dogs are not a product, I'm not in business, I'm not worried about supplying clientele with a product. Well I guess I don't have that clientele but if I did I would be breeding dark brindle dogs that look like the devil with short cropped ears, big red nose dogs, giant solid blue dogs or blue brindles (went through the flashy blue now they want the solids), pure white dogs, little black dogs, people aggressive ASTs, breeding without a cause, not to mention all the people who want me to breed with thier dogs from strangers, to friends or family who think I'm going to breed my CH quality males to their cull females or their friends cull females with hung papers. They get pretty pissy when you decline and explain.

    I wanted to just get along and think the best, but maybe I missed judge and I don't mean I was thinking negative and I was wrong. I was actually trying to stay positive. But true colors show through. It seems some people really live in an alternate world, where their dogs are the best thing that walked the earth, they are all perfect with the best pedigrees. They are above anyone else who aquires a registered dog and breeds it to another registered dog (seems very simply to me). Now they are even respected by dogmen with game dog pedigrees and oh so many CHs in the pedigree. I guess in the end people expose themselves.

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