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fightting parrot so call parkket

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by beautfulmine, May 15, 2004.

  1. beautfulmine

    beautfulmine New Member

    my bird fight averyday i had them since when there were 5 month old i brough it from petsmart in ga is male and fmale for sure but the fmale wants to fight male all the time and male just trying to get away from her
    why are they fighting like this? when fmale start she makes crazy sound
    that's making me mad. i had cokkatil befor i broght this two my cokkatil dide amost 3 month ago why he dide i don't wily know i wily like that bird he's name is pedy he make beautful sound moning and nitght i injoy him so much only thing about him is that he will bit you if you try to handfeed
    but he just like to injoy me walking around and talk to him after he dide i miss him so much and i didn't want to look at empy cage so i buy some thing just to fill the cage some thing to remine me of him i know i pay 159.00 for that cokkatil that's 3 years ago so who know how much it cost now i though cokkatil can live long time...... makes me mad :x
    don't give me worng i do injoy this parkket set i just don't understan way fight all the time....... :cry: [/img][​IMG]
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi i am sorry to hear about your cockatiel dying.

    With budgies ( parakeets) the females tend to be the agressive of the sexes especially when they are not ready to mate.
    The problem with birds is that prefer to choose there mate and will not bond of they dont like the mate chosen for them.

    Is it possible you could seperate the birds see how she reacts it could be that he is trying to mate with her and because she is not in breeding condition she will get very angry and attack him.

    Male birds are very pushy and will attempt to mate anytime of the year wether the hen ( female ) is ready or not.

    If seperating them is not possible keep a very close eye on the and aslong as there is no feathers being pulled out or any blood being drawn then everything should sort itself out.

  3. beautfulmine

    beautfulmine New Member

    thank you..... 8) how do you tell about bird age they are about 8 month old :?: and when do they start trying mate thing :oops:
    far as i know i haven seen any blood yet so that's good news :wink:
  4. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    HI birds usually will start mating at the age of 6months old but its best to wait till they are atleast 12-18 months old this way both are mature to raise a family.

    From the look of the birds in your picture the male looks about 1year old as he has a very prominant blue cere. The female looks around 6-8months old due to the barring on her head.

  5. Obelix

    Obelix New Member

    I wouldn't worry much, sounds like their just beaing their peskey and birdy selves :p

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