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Goldy past away yesterday

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by Nameless, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    Unfortunetly, my feeder goldfish passed away. The goldfish was a feeder that I put in my oscar tank, but the oscars ignored it and he was friends with the oscar. The goldfish survived the D-Day ( post in September ) but has now unfortunetly died. The reason for its death from water my father told me is that my feeer goldfish (about 6'') was in my convict/ senegal bichir tank and was fine, but then my father put one of his giant danios in the tank. Giant danios are one of the most annoying and fastest moving fish I know, they never stop moving, they are just insane, since my father got them I have never seen one swim remotely still, ever ( with no exaggeration). Anyways, what he told me was that the giant danio keeping bumping and following the goldfish and the goldfish was trying to get away from him, but the danio kept following him, and I don't think any fish can outtire a giant danio, and the goldfish I guess got tired of being harassed and died. Anyways, I am over it now, so I guess within a couple months either the convicts will turn on the danio or the danio will take the convicts out one by one, meh, if that happens I can add fish to my senegal bichir tank. So R.I.P goldfish.
  2. dude412

    dude412 New Member

    It sucks to lose a fish but he was a lucky one that he surrvived that thong as a feeder with the predators but none the less im sorry to hear that :(
  3. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    Thanks, but its true what you said, not a lot of feeder goldfish last as long as he did, so I guess he is lucky, I am just mad at the giant danio, I think I am going to have to sell him or bring him to an lfs to exchange for something else.

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